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Darwall : 1: in Kent perhaps from Darwell (earlier Darvell) in Mountfield (Sussex) recorded as la Derefold in 1320 and denoting a deer fold (Old English dēor + fald). However the time gap between the medieval surname and the modern is too great to be confident of a likely genealogical connection. 2: perhaps from Dorhall (Farm) in Chaddesley Corbett (Worcs). The place is recorded in 1505 as Dorewall and probably denoted a spring where deer or wild animals drank (Old English dēor + Old English wælle). However the lack of medieval forms for either the place-name or the surname makes this explanation doubtful.alternatively a reduced form of the lost surname Derwalshawe. It originated in Grappenhall (Cheshire) and according to Place-Names of Cheshire 2 p. 141 it is attested there and in Chester from 1288 to 1360. The final element is Middle English shawe ‘wood’ so presumably the surname derives from a lost place-name ‘wood at the spring used by wild animals’ or ‘Dēorweald's wood’ depending on whether Derwal- has the same etymology as the place-name in (i) or represents the personal name in (iii).perhaps from the Middle English personal name Derwald Old English Dēorweald (the elements of which denoted either ‘wild animal’ or ‘dear’ + ‘power’). As a surname it appears in Suffolk and Norfolk: Simon Derwall' 1211 in Feet of Fines (Suffolk); Herueus Derwald 1327 1332 in Subsidy Rolls (Norfolk); Herveius Derwald 1379 in Poll Tax (Fring Norfolk). However in Worcs Cheshire and Lancs where Darwall and Darwell are well evidenced from the 16th century no medieval evidence for Derwal(d) has yet been found except perhaps in the locative surname in (ii). 3: see Darvill.

Source : FANBI : The Oxford Dictionary if Family Names in Britain and Ireland, ©2016, University of the West of England

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