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Si : 1: Chinese: Mandarin and Cantonese form of the surname 司 meaning ‘take charge’ or ‘department’ in Chinese: (i) borne by descendants of Si Chen (司臣) an official who lived in the state of Zheng during the Spring and Autumn period (770–476 BC). (ii) shortened form of several Chinese compound surnames including Si-Ma (司馬) Si-Kou (司寇) Si-Tu (司徒) Si-Cheng (司城) most of which were originally names of official posts in ancient China.2: Chinese: Mandarin or Cantonese form of the surname 斯 meaning ‘this’ in ancient Chinese: (i) from the first element of the placename Si Guan (斯觀) where Xia Jie last king of the Xia dynasty (2070–1600 BC) hid. (ii) adopted in place of the surname Shi (史) by an official named Shi Hao in order to avoid persecution during the Three Kingdoms period (220–280 AD). (iii) traced back to minority ethnic groups in ancient southern China.3: Chinese: Cantonese form of the surnames 史 施 師 and 時. See Shi (2–5).4: Vietnamese: variant of the Chinese surname 郗 see Xi 5. Compare Hy.


Source : DAFN2 : Dictionary of American Family Names 2nd edition, ©2022 by Patrick Hanks and Oxford University Press

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