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Russell : 1: English Scottish and Irish: of Norman origin from Old French and Anglo-Norman French r(o)ussel a diminutive of Old French rous(e) ‘red reddish’ used either as a nickname for someone with red hair or a ruddy complexion or as a personal name. Compare Rouse. This Norman name has been established in Ireland since the 12th century. It has been reinforced in Britain and Ireland by Huguenot bearers of the name Roussel of the same Old French origin.2: English: habitational name from any of several places called Rushall (Norfolk Staffordshire Wiltshire) or possibly sometimes from Rusthall in Speldhurst (Kent). Rushall in Staffordshire derives from Old English rysc ‘rush rushes’ + halh ‘nook corner of land’. Rushall in Norfolk derives from an uncertain first element + Old English halh. Rushall in Wiltshire derives from an Old English personal name Rust (genitive Rustes) + halh. Rusthall in Speldhurst (Kent) probably derives from Old English rust ‘rust rust color’ + wella ‘well spring stream’ but with a change in the final element due to influence from Middle English Old English hall ‘hall residence’ perhaps referring to a nearby building.3: Americanized form of German Rüssel: from a pet form of any of various personal names formed with the ancient Germanic element hrōd ‘fame renown’.4: In some cases also an Americanized form (actually an adoption of the name in 1 or 2 above) of French Racine.


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