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Page : 1: English and French: occupational or status name for a young servant Middle English page paige Old French page (from Italian paggio ultimately from Greek paidion a diminutive of pais ‘boy child’). The surname has also been established in Ireland since the 16th century. In North America this surname is also a shortened form of the French cognate Lepage.2: French Canadian (Pagé): altered form of French Paget a diminutive of 1. Compare Pashia.3: North German: metonymic occupational name for a horse dealer from Middle Low German page ‘horse’.


Source : DAFN2 : Dictionary of American Family Names 2nd edition, ©2022 by Patrick Hanks and Oxford University Press
FANBI : The Concise Oxford Dictionary of Family Names in Britain, ©2021, University of the West of England
FANBI : The Oxford Dictionary if Family Names in Britain and Ireland, ©2016, University of the West of England

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