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Fyodor SOLOVIEW (fsoloview) Latest Connection: August 4, 2018
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This is a family tree of the descendants and their relatives of my great-great-great-grandparents Friedrich Wilhelm KÖNEMANN and his wife Johanna Adelheid PELTZER. They moved to Moscow, Russia with their children in 1820s from Eupen - a German-speaking city with the Netherlands?s history, annexed by revolutionary France from Austria in 1794, transferred to Prussia in 1815, and to Belgium in 1919. Their children were so confused when they filled official Russian documents asking to tell about their nationality, that some times they wrote they were Prussians, some time - from Netherlands, and some of them even signed in as "the foreign nationals" to avoid more questions.

Three of their children built several textile plants in Moscow and around it ? Eduard in the village Sobolevo, Bogorodsk Uyezd, Victor ? nearby in the village Kablukovo, and Albert ? in Lefortovo, Moscow, where he lived with his parents in his own house. Together with their cousins by mother?s side from Peltzer family, who also settled in Moscow province in 1820s, they established a new era in the textile, fabric, wrapping paper and clothing manufacturing in Russia,- all what was taken over by the Russian soviet state after 1917.

The children of Albert Könemann moved back to Prussia in 1850s-60s and settled in Wiesbaden, Muehlenbacher, Berlin and Bonn. The descendants of Victor and Eduard Könemann live in Russian cities Moscow, Klimovsk, Sankt-Peterburg, in Bulgaria, and I moved to Anchorage, Alaska, USA in 1990. Most of my cousins are now engineers; there are two priests, the art, history and French teachers, there was a Russian composer and accompanist of Feodor Chaliapin - Feodor Koenemann - I was graduated as a journalist at Moscow State University in 1986, and now working as a Notary Public in Alaska, webmaster and biographer of composer Feodor Koenemann.

The great interest in the family genealogy helped me to invent and publish the genealogical card game ?Six Generations?
. This pack of cards teaches children and adults to understand the structure of the family tree, and the players can also play different card games with the same deck, like ?The Heirs? - a chess-style genealogical adventure for two players. The cards help the experienced genealogists to explain what they are doing to others.

We are interested to discover more about our ancestors, and currently are seeking help to find the birth and marriage certificates of Friedrich Wilhelm KÖNEMANN, Johanna Adelheid PELTZER from Eupen, and their children Victor, Eduard, Albert, and their other brothers and sisters born in 1800s in Eupen. One of their brothers was Gustav Könemann, and I want to believe that his descendants live in Eupen now!

Thank you.

Fyodor Soloview
Anchorage, Alaska, USA

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