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The Geneanet Chrome Extension

Geneanet Labs is a place where you can try new features currently in beta test. Let’s take a look at what our teams are currently working on, and feel free to report a bug and to make a suggestion in our forum!

Geneanet has launched a Chrome extension to easily access multiple services.

Install the Geneanet Chrome Extension

Search “Geneanet” in the Chrome Web Store or click the button below, then click the button “Add to Chrome”.

Install the Geneanet Chrome Extension

When the extension is installed, a new icon is added at the top right of your web browser.

The extension is compatible with Google Chrome, Chromium and Vivaldi. There are no plans to provide an extension for other web browsers.

Log in to your Geneanet account

If you are not already logged in to your Geneanet account, click the head icon then enter your username and password.

Search the Geneanet database

To search an individual in the Geneanet database, click the magnifying glass icon then enter a name.

Search from outside Geneanet

When browsing the web, highlight any name then right click to search this person in the Geneanet database.


You can be notified when receiving a message through Geneanet and when a matching process is completed.

Click the wheel icon to enable or disable the notifications.

Note that the notification for a new message is only shown for 3 days.Developed by: Christophe Boucaut