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The life of Florence Nightingale (Volume 2)

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The life of Florence Nightingale (Volume 2)

The life of Florence Nightingale (Volume 2)

Source : Internet Archive

The life of Florence Nightingale (Volume 2)

The life of Florence Nightingale (Volume 2)

Source : Internet Archive


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Miss Nightingale and Arthur Hugh Clough-His assistance to her-His death (Nov. 1861) -Her grief-Letters of

Page 12

-Abstract of the evidence by Miss Nightingale and Dr.

Page 13

champion-Lord Panmure's attack on the Herbert Hospital-Miss Nightingale's case for the defence. V. Wide range of subjects referred to her

Page 13

862-1 866) The years of Miss Nightingale's most trying work. Her helpers -

Page 14

Miss Nightingale's resolve to use the Liverpool experiment as a lever for reform in London-Workhouse

Page 14

Workhouse Infirmary at Liverpool-Negotiations with Miss Nightingale-Her friend, Miss Agnes Jones, appointed Lady Superintendent-Reforms effected by her (1865). III.

Page 14

Villiers-Committee appointed by Mr. Hardy-Miss Nightingale invited to express her views : outlines her scheme in a Memorandum.

Page 15

Lawrence-His return to England-Visit to Miss Nightingale .... 144

Page 16

of Germany-Red Cross Societies. VI. Miss Nightingale's continued ill-health-Dr. Sutherland's constant help . . 185

Page 17

a " Home Sister." H. Miss Nightingale's interviews with the probationers-Her character-sketches and other records-Her sense of humour. IH. District

Page 18

Question-Miss Paulina Irby. VII. Was Miss Nightingale's a happy life ?-Letters from Mr. Jowett . . . 300

Page 19

Lansdowne succeeds Lord Dufferin. VI. Miss Nightingale and village sanitation in India-Scheme for providing funds submitted to Lord Cross-Her letter

Page 19

her sister-Sir Harry Verney and Miss Nightingale-Her visits to Claydon-Her scheme of Health Missioners adopted by the Bucks County Council

Page 20

PAGE of Miss Nightingale's powers-^Loss of sight-Her companions -

Page 21

K.C.B., R.A.) . . [Frontispiece Florence Nightingale in her Room at South Street. {From a photograph by Miss E. F.

Page 23

Florence Nightingale : How People may live and not die in India, 1864.

Page 25

busiest and most useful in Miss Nightingale's life. She was engaged during them in carrying their " joint work unfinished

Page 26

and overwhelming affliction entirely precludes Miss Nightingale "

Page 27

Herbert. He was acquainted with Miss Nightingale. The power of an Under-Secretary is very small, but what he could do,

Page 28

the building to proceed, and Miss Nightingale's suggestion was adopted that it should be christened " The Herbert Hospital." Lord

Page 30

a new form came in Miss Nightingale's way. She had returned to London in November, chiefly in order to be

Page 30

CIVIL WAR pt. v of Florence Nightingale be still-as it ought to be-a name of power with the people. If

Page 31

and in short, much of Miss Nightingale's Crimean work was reproduced. ^ Presently she became more directly concerned. At the

Page 31

the name and work of Florence Nightingale have been an encouragement and inspiration." In the same year the plans of

Page 32

lost to her country when Florence Nightingale was born a woman. Her suggestions in the case of the Canadian reinforcements

Page 32

shirking the responsibility." Memoranda among Miss Nightingale's papers show the grasp of detail with which she worked out the problems.

Page 33

wrote her cousin Beatrice to Mr. Nightingale (Dec. 4), "to speak only of Arthur, as only she can speak. She

Page 33

He was intent, he told Miss Nightingale, upon " doing plain work " , he had " studied and taught,"

Page 34

{Benjamin Jowett to Miss Nightingale.) Balliol, Nov. 19

Page 35

{Sir John Mc Neill to Miss Nightingale.) Edinburgh, November ig. I should find it difficult to tell you how much

Page 38

of her constant activity in Miss Nightingale's service , but in later years aunt and niece took much counsel together

Page 39

turn of the year, 1861-62, Miss Nightingale had been very ill , and two physicians. Dr. Williams and Dr.

Page 40

Sir Charles Trevelyan {Letter to Florence Nightingale, Aug. II, 1862).

Page 41

as already related, spoke of Florence Nightingale as " the Providence of the English Army," She was no less the

Page 41

Commission is directly traceable to Miss Nightingale, that by her the greater part of its Report was written, and that

Page 42

Everything that Miss Nightingale thus said should be done, was done , and to the doing of

Page 43

Commission agreed to in principle. Miss Nightingale's reference to Lord Stanley as her " unjust judge "

Page 44

occasion prove very resourceful , Miss Nightingale sent in the name of an officer. Colonel E. H. Greathed, who had

Page 45

Herbert in the chair, but Miss Nightingale's grip upon the Commission was not relaxed. Two of the Commissioners,

Page 46

former Royal Commission, so now Miss Nightingale saw some of the witnesses before they gave their evidence. Among her visitors

Page 47

1862. The " Observations by Miss Nightingale," which occupy twenty-three pages of the Report, are among the most remarkable of

Page 48

inscription is : To Miss Florence Nightingale in recollection of the greatest and best of Princes from the beloved Prince's

Page 48

services in the cause." " Miss Nightingale's Paper," wrote Dr. Farr to Dr. Sutherland (Dec. i), " is a masterpiece,

Page 49

will be remembered that Miss Florence Nightingale came to this country and was impressed with the idea that if India

Page 49

be obliged for any hints," Miss Nightingale responded by sending him papers enough to occupy all his time on the

Page 50

as in much else of Miss Nightingale's work, she collected all the better opinions , she picked out from the

Page 51

Miss Nightingale's " Observations " show a fear lest too much reliance should be placed

Page 52

of Lord de Grey. But Miss Nightingale took other measures. She wrote a letter to Lord Palmerston, and to his

Page 52

From Florence Nightingale to Harriet Martineau.-Agitate, agitate, for Lord de Grey to succeed Sir George Lewis.

Page 53

Miss Nightingale thus felt assured that when the Indian Report came out she would have

Page 54

, though here and there Miss Nightingale's touch may be felt. The magnitude of the evils which needed to be

Page 55

Office. As the secondbest plan, Miss Nightingale wanted the standing Sanitary Committee at the War Office,^ reinforced by one or

Page 56

every expedition and to let Miss Nightingale have some of the very earliest copies. She sent them off immediately ,

Page 57

National Review, and the Spectator. Miss Nightingale was diligent also in coaching Harriet Martineau, writing at great length to explain

Page 58

But Miss Nightingale herself was more concerned with the wide circulation of the Blue-books themselves. First,

Page 59

achieved her purpose was characteristic. Miss Nightingale had a personal grievance in this matter , and she used it, as

Page 60

a preface was added to Miss Nightingale's edition of the Report, in which the Secretary for War explained that it

Page 62

the last chapter we traced Miss Nightingale's hand throughout the famous Report of the Indian Sanitary Commission. We saw how

Page 62

Sir Charles Trevelyan {Letter to Florence Nightingale, Aug. 24, 1862).

Page 63

with each other. And then Miss Nightingale had no longer her " dear master." Lord Stanley, the Chairman of the

Page 64

{Lord Stanley to Miss Nightingale.) July 24. I have had several conversations with Sir C. Wood, and from

Page 65

impugned, was in the country. Miss Nightingale

Page 66

{Lord Stanley to Miss Nightingale.) Dec. 1. I saw Sir C. Wood yesterday. The sanitary question was gone

Page 67

had received a letter from Florence Nightingale : it was like the ringing of a bell to call for sanitary

Page 67

discussed the sanitary question with Miss Nightingale in all its bearings, and they exchanged views further by correspondence before he

Page 68

{Sir John Lawrence to Miss Nightingale.) Calcutta, Feb. 5

Page 69

Wood, it was explained to Miss Nightingale, had " snubbed " Lord de Grey. The War Office was sulking in

Page 70

to guide the Indian authorities, Miss Nightingale now resolved that the delay should come to an end. She had drafted

Page 71

copies were sent,^ and meanwhile Miss Nightingale was able to get in another gibe. She heard from Sir John Law

Page 72

Strachey.^ He, too, had made Miss Nightingale's acquaintance, and they corresponded at great length. Dr. J. P. Walker, a surgeon

Page 74

bless you.-I am yoms devotedly, Florence Nightingale.

Page 75

by " Three Cheers for Florence Nightingale." She now (Aug. 1864) republished the Paper, with a Preface, in which, as

Page 75

two reforms specially near to Miss Nightingale's desires : he introduced regimental workshops and soldiers' gardens in cantonments. The War

Page 76

in India were, however, as Miss Nightingale went on to say, want of drainage, want of proper watersupply, want of

Page 77

" Don't be discouraged, dear Miss Nightingale," he wrote (Jan. 22) when the Government of India's dispatch arrived ,

Page 79

from the Presidencies, obtained by Miss Nightingale some years later (p. 155), were submitted for her " Observations " ,

Page 80

between Sir John Lawrence and Florence Nightingale was as beneficent in its results upon the welfare of the British Army

Page 80

savages " in their red-tape, Miss Nightingale wrote thus to Captain Gaiton (June 23, 1864) :

Page 81

Though Miss Nightingale's main work during these years was connected with the Army in India, she

Page 81

Florence Nightingale {Letter to Julius Mohl, Jan i. 1864).

Page 82

War Ofhce at this time Miss Nightingale was regarded as the first expert of the day. One sees this in

Page 83

raised copious objections. " Would Miss Nightingale oblige the Political Under-Secretary by suggesting an answer to Hawes's points ? "

Page 84

removed from the War Office Miss Nightingale's old opponent Sir Benjamin Hawes, the Permanent Under-Secretary. She had tried to reorganize

Page 85

The high hopes which Miss Nightingale entertained from this slight reorganization were doomed to disappointment. Neither as Under-Secretary, nor

Page 86

for the future , but Miss Nightingale thought that Lord de Grey and Captain Galton did the administrative work well.

Page 87

Secretary, Mr. J. Frederick, Miss Nightingale was on very friendly terms, and Dr. Sutherland was its most active member.

Page 88

66 ARMY HORSES pt. v Miss Nightingale had learnt to love the army horse in the Crimea. Many years later,

Page 89

semi-official correspondence is concerned with Miss Nightingale's favourite child, the Army Medical School, and with the position of the Army

Page 90

greatly interested, and personally affected. Miss Nightingale. Early in March Lord Dalhousie (the Lord Panmure of earlier days) ^ gave

Page 91

attack that might be made. Miss Nightingale turned to organize a second line of defence. Sir Harry Vemey was dispatched

Page 91

according to Miss Nightingale-was so courteous, yet so 1 Mr. R. Monckton Milnes had been created Baron

Page 92

of the prejudices against which Miss Nightingale as a Hospital Reformer had to contend. A little later in the year

Page 93

Service. The Crimean War and Miss Nightingale's crusade had raised the expenditure from £97,000 in 1853-54 to £295,000 in 1864-65.

Page 94

not the only weapon which Miss Nightingale employed in order to get things done. Sometimes she appealed to the motive

Page 96

VI A subject, in which Miss Nightingale took great and painful interest during these years, was the State regulation of

Page 97

favour of the continental system. Miss Nightingale thereupon supplied Harriet Martineau with facts and figures, and the Times was answered

Page 98

an opportunity to be seized, Miss Nightingale was appealed to.

Page 99

which had been served by Miss Nightingale in the Crimea, sent thanks, through their commanding officers, to " that noble

Page 100

tell the whole tale of Miss Nightingale's labours during this time. It was not only the British soldiers at home

Page 101

colonies, and the results of Miss Nightingale's researches in this obscure field were somewhat disappointing.

Page 102

show that such appeals as Miss Nightingale's have been wholly successful. It seems to be, as Mr. Froude said, that

Page 103

described in this chapter did Miss Nightingale labour, but especially in the cause of the British Army. The role of

Page 104

loving and grateful, F, N. Miss Nightingale never lost sight of the end in the means.

Page 106

The years of Miss Nightingale's life, described in this Part, were perhaps those of her hardest and most

Page 106

Florence Nightingale: Suggestions for Thought (1860).

Page 107

do nothing." Yet all that Miss Nightingale did was done forcefully. " I am completely reassured as to the state

Page 108

some of the Mediterranean Stations. Miss Nightingale was greatly perturbed. " We are full of Indian business," she wrote (Nov.

Page 109

congenital, or long service under Miss Nightingale would have cured it.

Page 110

house from Finchley to Norwood. Miss Nightingale complained of this remoteness. Dr. Sutherland dated his letters from

Page 111

and sometimes turned away, explain Miss Nightingale's point of view :

Page 112

one distinguished visitor to London, Miss Nightingale made an exception. This was Garibaldi. She was a sworn Garibaldian, as we

Page 113

Miss Nightingale, we may safely infer, did not inspire Garibaldi with divine fervour for sanitary

Page 114

Ill Miss Nightingale's interest in the working classes led her in 1865 to draft a scheme

Page 114

a deep sympathy. Sincerely yours, Florence Nightingale.

Page 115

much the better. Such were Miss Nightingale's ideas, and under different forms and by different methods they have occupied the

Page 116

Miss Nightingale's large circle of correspondents kept her in touch with the literary, as well

Page 117

themes the correspondent to whom Miss Nightingale wrote most fully from her heart was from this time forth Mr. Jowett.

Page 118

my two brothers in India." Miss Nightingale, as we have heard, was interested in nothing else so intently at this

Page 119

a very high opinion of Miss Nightingale's genius, the most sincere admiration for her self-devotion, and a deep affection for

Page 120

" Miss Nightingale, perhaps in some justification for her eagerness in action, opened her heart fully

Page 121

the spring of action. If Miss Nightingale had been less eager and impetuous, she might, after her return from the

Page 122

Miss Nightingale's greatest consolation in these strenuous years. She was immersed in official drudgery, never

Page 123

we have now arrived (1866), Miss Nightingale read through the hundreds of letters she had received and kept from Mr.

Page 124

in italics are those which Miss Nightingale had specially marked. " Can we help one another," he wrote in the

Page 125

passages show in what way Miss Nightingale found in Mr. Jowett's friendship a source of comfort, and a fresh inspiration

Page 126

them to causes in which Miss Nightingale was deeply interested, whilst others made direct demands on her exertions.

Page 129

Of the events over which Miss Nightingale cried alas ! in this letter, the one which came first was the

Page 130

" are uniformly costly works." Miss Nightingale's view was that whether advance was to be slower or quicker, the organization

Page 131

be one who knew not Miss Nightingale. She entreated that a further search should be made. On May 5 she

Page 132

the India Office, he told Miss Nightingale, a Minute ^ closely following the lines of her Memorandum. If his successor

Page 133

or in his manuscripts among Miss Nightingale's papers-without perceiving how well based was the reliance which she placed upon his

Page 134

good stroke of business, however, Miss Nightingale had been able to do during Dr. Sutherland's absence. She reported it to

Page 135

kept up a correspondence with Miss Nightingale about them.

Page 135

impersonal creature," replied Miss Nightingale (July 3) , I wish he wuz ! "

Page 136

{Lord Stanley to Miss Nightingale.) St.-James's Square, July 6. I shall see Lord Cranborne to-day (we go down

Page 137

{Lord Cranborne to Miss Nightingale.) India Office, July ly.

Page 138

Meanwhile Miss Nightingale had been very busily engaged with the correspondence and other tasks thrown upon

Page 139

felt that there were compensations. Miss Nightingale also joined the Committee of the " Ladies' Association " formed in this

Page 140

Crown Princess of Prussia to Miss Nightingale.) New Palace, Potsdam, Sept. 29. I was delighted to receive your long and

Page 141

gold medal was awarded to Miss Nightingale by the Conference of Red Cross Societies at Paris. In 1870 (March

Page 143

Benjamin Jowett {Letter to Miss Nightingale,

Page 145

the state of things which Miss Nightingale had seen, and cured, in the mi Utary hospitals during the Crimean War

Page 145

sort of fixed faith that Florence Nightingale could do anything, and that faith is still fresh in me , and

Page 146

He used to speak of Miss Nightingale as his " beloved Chief " ,

Page 146

the legislation of 1867, was Florence Nightingale.

Page 147

patients in their own homes. Miss Nightingale gave to all Mr. Rathbone's plans as close and constant consideration " as

Page 148

been as much diplomacy," wrote Miss Nightingale to the Mother of the Bermondsey Convent (Sept. 3, 1864),

Page 149

by a pretty attention to Miss Nightingale. " I beg," he wrote (May 12, Miss Nightingale's birthday), " to be

Page 150

was the title given by Miss Nightingale to her account of Agnes Jones and her paupers, " far more untameable

Page 151

and how unfailing was Miss Nightingale's help. And in every detail she was consulted. There was all the friction

Page 151

and all were referred to Miss Nightingale-sometimes by Mr. Rathbone, sometimes by Miss Jones, sometimes by both. When things seemed

Page 152

be thrown upon the rates. Miss Nightingale has good cause to be pleased. She has been throwing herself into the

Page 153

would like to communicate with Miss Nightingale personally on the subject. In January the interview took place, and this was

Page 154

filled up in duplicate, and Miss Nightingale's set of them is preserved amongst her Papers. Throughout the year she and

Page 155

of his Flag." So, then, Miss Nightingale set to work, with the help of Mr. Farnall and Dr. Sutherland, in

Page 156

Miss Nightingale elaborated her views in detail, going into the questions of Hospitals, Nursing, Workhouse

Page 157

to trip his successor up. Miss Nightingale did not fail to add fuel to the flame. Mr. Villiers corresponded with

Page 158

accordance with her usual custom. Miss Nightingale had copies of her Paper struck off separately, and circulated them among influential

Page 159

As the session drew near, Miss Nightingale became anxious and she poured in letters and memoranda upon him.

Page 160

be taken by administrative enthusiasts. Miss Nightingale's administrative mind saw chiefly, and at first saw only, the points at which,

Page 161

and Asylum Rate " of Miss Nightingale's Memorandum) was established, and to it were charged the maintenance of the "

Page 162

Words in the following June Miss Nightingale contributed a touching paper in memory of her friend and disciple :

Page 162

indeed continued, and throughout 1867 Miss Nightingale was still busy in giving encouragement and advice , but the results of

Page 163

death of Miss Jones involved Miss Nightingale in much anxiety and additional responsibility. " The whole work of finding her

Page 164

Now they give their w^." Miss Nightingale's first concern was to put heart and strength into the nurses who were

Page 165

been continuously improved. ^ To Miss Nightingale, here as in all her undertakings, each point gained was only a step

Page 166

Sir Bartle Frere (Letter to Miss Nightingale, May 6, 1869).

Page 167

in India must be inserted. Miss Nightingale had a clear policy in her mind, and she secured most of her

Page 168

it had been found and Miss Nightingale had drafted the reply, Lord de Grey had gone out of ofhce before

Page 169

very much like staying in. Miss Nightingale determined to wait no longer. She announced her determination in a letter to

Page 170

friends too of Mr. and Mrs. Nightingale, whom they visited at Embley.

Page 170

Miss Nightingale must have impressed Sir Bartle Frere as greatly as he had impressed her.

Page 171

by Sir Bartle Frere's sympathy, Miss Nightingale set to work in earnest. The first thing was to obtain a colourable

Page 172

substance of successive letters which Miss Nightingale now sent to the Secretary of State. The first of them is an

Page 173

for " a little conversation." Miss Nightingale told Mr. Jowett of this new opening. " I am delighted to hear,"

Page 175

The minister next handed to Miss Nightingale a dispatch dated August 16, which he had received from the Government of

Page 176

State left the dispatch with Miss Nightingale, and requested her to favour him in writing with her views on the

Page 177

this dispatch constitute one of Miss Nightingale's best services to the cause of Pub Hc Health in India. It begins

Page 178

immediately have the effect which Miss Nightingale hoped so far as the Supreme Government was concerned. The Government of India

Page 179

instead of falling back upon Miss Nightingale's proposals, vetoed the whole thing. Sir John Mc Neill, who had assisted her

Page 180

" Dr. Farquhar's Notes on Miss Nightingale's Questions relative to Sanitation in Algeria and India, April 20, 1867." ^ Miss

Page 181

Miss Nightingale found cold comfort in this promised friend at court, for Sir John Lawrence

Page 183

Dr. John Sutherland {Letter to Miss Nightingale, August 16, 1871).

Page 184

Mohl, had told severely upon Miss Nightingale's strength, and at the end of December 1867 she went, leaving no address

Page 184

Mr. Jowett wrote privately to Mrs. Nightingale, who arranged her plans accordingly, and begged her daughter to come and be

Page 185

For many years to come. Miss Nightingale repeated such visits to the country homes of her parents.

Page 186

and the article was ready. Miss Nightingale was as timid and perplexed as any literary beginner about placing her paper.

Page 187

as it is to-day, and Miss Nightingale's " Note " attracted much attention. Among those who read it with hearty

Page 188

Miss Nightingale had sent some of her correspondence on colonization to an old friend at

Page 189

Ill Miss Nightingale's main work during these years may be described as that of a Health

Page 190

and a few days later Miss Nightingale saw Lady Mayo also. On the morning of the 28th Dr. Sutherland was

Page 191

her relations with successive Viceroys, Miss Nightingale says that Lord Mayo's policy in sanitary and agricultural matters was in accord

Page 192

{Lord Napier to Miss Nightingale.) Kodaikanal, Sept. 22

Page 193

" Florence Nightingale's Notes on Lying-in Institutions.

Page 193

{Lord Napier to Miss Nightingale.) Madras, June 3 [1869].

Page 194

followed by private letters from Miss Nightingale. The Sanitary Blue-books of successive years contain copious reports and discussions upon this

Page 195

work upon the Cholera Instructions, Miss Nightingale heard a report (on good authority) which filled her with anger and consternation.

Page 196

In December 1869 Miss Nightingale made a new friend.

Page 197

of paying his respects to Miss Nightingale before he left." Sir Bartle begged Miss Nightingale to grant the favour, as

Page 197

came to see Miss Nightingale (July 8

Page 198

of Magdala came to see Miss Nightingale again in the following year (March 18, 1870), spending in conversation with her

Page 199

Dr. J. W. Cunningham to Miss Nightingale, and they became great allies. When he returned to resume his duties as

Page 200

of them came also to Miss Nightingale.

Page 201

contribution,^ sent in June 1870, Miss Nightingale did what Sir Bartle Frere desired : she addressed the Village Elder. "

Page 202

in India." The importance which Miss Nightingale attached to the pub Hcation of such an annual has been explained in

Page 203

VIII Ten years before Miss Nightingale had popularized the Report of her Royal Commission in a paper entitled "

Page 204

during the years covered by Miss Nightingale's review " had no parallel in the history of the world " ,

Page 205

Ten years before, Miss Nightingale had reported to the Royal Commission that no one of the seats of

Page 206

India three-fourths are due to Miss Nightingale." ^ But here, as in all things, her gaze was fixed upon the

Page 207

Chief.-Miss Agnes Jones {Letter to Miss Nightingale).

Page 208

nursing went on concurrently, and Miss Nightingale used her influence in each department to improve the other.

Page 209

the women who sought out Miss Nightingale for advice were Queens and Princesses. She guarded very jealously, however, the seclusion

Page 210

who was able to inform Miss Nightingale that " the Princess has been to see most of the hospitals in

Page 211

Crown Princess of Prussia to Miss Nightingale.) Osborne, Dec. 24 [1868]. I don't wish to lose a minute in thanking

Page 212

you again. I remain, dear Miss Nightingale, yours gratefully, Victoria.

Page 213

as a cousin devoted to Miss Nightingale personally, gave his time and zeal without stint to the work , but

Page 214

from Sir William Jenner to Miss Nightingale (July 4, 1868) saying, " I have received the Queen's commands to tell

Page 215

reporting progress or difficulties to Miss Nightingale, who replied with advice, books, presents.

Page 216

appointments at South Street, and Miss Nightingale did not recover equanimity till she recalled to herself a saying of Mr.

Page 217

of them came up to Miss Nightingale for solution or advice. When a very long-winded letter arrived, she would often

Page 218

the Nightingale Fund which led Miss Nightingale to write a new book, than which none ever cost her more labour.

Page 219

women to the medical profession. Miss Nightingale in a letter addressed " Dear Sisters," suggested that there w^as " a

Page 220

of the Empire show that Florence Nightingale had already become somewhat of a legendary figure. It was known that scenes

Page 220

FRANCO-GERMAN WAR addition to Miss Nightingale's labours. There is a huge pile of documents on the subject amongst her

Page 221

was Chairman, was to consult Miss Nightingale, and a letter from her was read to the public meeting at which

Page 222

Through all these personal connections. Miss Nightingale kept close touch with the Society's work. She thought that there was a

Page 223

have hitherto shown themselves incapable." Miss Nightingale, here as in other matters, hoped more of human perfectibility than she was

Page 224

them, and many letters to Miss Nightingale are eloquent of the inspiration which was derived from her example in the

Page 225

let me tell her," wrote Miss Nightingale,^ " a good deal of behind the scenes of Prussian Ambulance work. I

Page 226

account." But upon the facts Miss Nightingale spoke freely, as she was requested to do, and the Princess asked her

Page 227

was the work of Miss Florence Nightingale in the Crimea." ^ VI It will have been seen that during the

Page 227

be traced back to Miss Nightingale. The " Red Cross "

Page 229

be good." In years when Miss Nightingale was much in the country (as in 1870 and 1871), Dr. Sutherland's daily

Page 230

often, and in letters occasionally. Miss Nightingale spoke of herself as a " vampyre." When she wrote in some such

Page 231

Florence Nightingale (from a letter to her father, 1869).

Page 233

Benjamin Jow ETT (Letters to Miss Nightingale, 1871, 1872).

Page 234

and happiness." The intention which Miss Nightingale had formed and from which Mr. Jowett dissuaded her was not a passing

Page 235

^ At any rate what Miss Nightingale cared for and was fitted for, she said to herself, was only administration

Page 236

{Lord Northbrook to Miss Nightingale.) Calcutta, Jan. 3

Page 237

[John Stuart Mill to Miss Nightingale.) Blackheath Park, August 9 [1867]. As I know how fully you appreciate a

Page 241

elsewhere.^ With his reply to Miss Nightingale's humble but argumentative questions, we are not here concerned. Though she never took

Page 241

Sir, ever your faithful servant, Florence Nightingale.

Page 242

The first literary task which Miss Nightingale set herself under this impulse took the form of a series of magazine

Page 243

, in which latter connection Miss Nightingale paid a glowing tribute to the pioneer of East-end " settlers." ^ These

Page 244

pt. vh so favourably impressed. Miss Nightingale's second Paper, he said, was like " a lost lamb bleating on the

Page 245

a stop." The practice which Miss Nightingale thus satirised has not become less frequent in later days when the newspapers

Page 246

It was characteristic of Miss Nightingale that she entered into correspondence with Mr. Chadwick on the sanitary state of

Page 247

and her Aunt, Mrs. Smith. Miss Nightingale's other Essays led to much correspondence with Mr. Jowett, but as they failed

Page 249

{Benjamin Jowett to Miss Nightingale.) Torquay, Oct. 4. . . .

Page 250

mean calumny, my son," wrote Miss Nightingale ,

Page 251

again how largely, and closely. Miss Nightingale's criticisms were accepted. She dealt similarly -giving precise references for every statement-with the

Page 252

collaborator with Mr. Jowett was Miss Nightingale. Mr. Swinburne's help was in one respect disappointing. " I wanted you," said

Page 254

occupied a great deal of Miss Nightingale's time-more time, as she sometimes said to herself, than could rightly be spared

Page 255

in an earlier chapter that Miss Nightingale was fond of reading the books of Catholic devotion which the Reverend Mother

Page 255

Florence Nightingale.

Page 256

existing opinions becomes too great." Miss Nightingale's close study of Plato and of the Bible, described in the last chapter,

Page 257

notes and rough drafts in Miss Nightingale's hand :

Page 259

inquiry. M. Mohl noted among Mr. Nightingale's engaging characteristics " a modest curiosity about everything, a surprised, innocent, incredulous smile

Page 259

Verney were with him and Mrs. Nightingale at Embley. He was 80 , but, though his strength of body and

Page 259

The authors whom Miss Nightingale read for the purpose of her selection ineluded St.-Angela of Foligno, Madame de

Page 259

Chosen, and Freely Translated by Florence Nightingale.

Page 260

before (July 18, 1872), and Miss Nightingale had said : He and she have been the creators of my life.

Page 261

the end of her life Miss Nightingale cherished the memory of these faithful and helpful friends. " To my beloved

Page 263

Hved it. No words of Florence Nightingale's that have been quoted in the course of this Memoir are more intensely

Page 263

IV So, then, Miss Nightingale never finished her book on the Mystics , but she did something which,

Page 264

in the private meditations of Florence Nightingale. Once in the middle of the night she started up and saw pictures

Page 264

with God or without God." Miss Nightingale's heading to this passage was " Drains." She applied her religion to every

Page 265

estimating what was morbid in Miss Nightingale's moods. But for the most part the despondency and the self-abasement which coloured

Page 268

was the creed by which Miss Nightingale guided her life , this, the path to perfection along which she ever

Page 269

Miss Nightingale's meditations, written in the purgatorial stage, are many and poignant. But there were

Page 270

Miss Nightingale did not do as she had planned, and go in her own person

Page 270

Florence Nightingale.

Page 271

defects which needed remedy.^ Then Miss Nightingale took in hand the education, technical and moral, of her own Nightingale School.

Page 272

he submitted the syllabus to Miss Nightingale, and at her request drew up a " Course of Reading for Probationers."

Page 273

joined in the letters to Miss Nightingale from the Home Sister and Matron-letters telling on one page of the progress

Page 274

or a Nurse took leave. Miss Nightingale wrote down a memorandum of the attainments, knowledge, and character of each. The

Page 275

to, herself," The notes which Miss Nightingale took of conversations with Probationers did not refer only to those ladies themselves.

Page 276

Miss Nightingale, when she came to know me, had a hearty laugh at this cheeky

Page 277

however, was unnecessary. It was Miss Nightingale's published Suggestions ^ upon which the promoters of the movement acted. Foremost among

Page 278

many responsible appointments, over which Miss Nightingale took infinite pains in order to place the right person in the right

Page 279

Miss Nightingale had a large heart and an unprejudiced mind , she was open to

Page 280

post in order to win Miss Nightingale's approval. There were few important posts in the nursing world which were not

Page 281

movement of the waters, which Miss Nightingale was able to start after her return from the Crimea, extended in an

Page 282

a luncheon-basket in the carriage. Miss Nightingale was an old hand at purveying, and amongst her papers are careful lists

Page 283

to reform the whole system." Miss Nightingale put a high value, too, upon esprit de corps as an aid to

Page 284

taking up a new post, Miss Nightingale sent to her room " a wreath of everlastings and corn to be

Page 286

in which the total of Miss Nightingale's nursing correspondence has to be counted in thousands. As the years passed the

Page 287

IV Miss Nightingale did not rely only upon individual intercourse for the exercise of influence. She

Page 289

are the leading ideas which Miss Nightingale develops in her series of Hospital Sermons. I have heard it said that

Page 291

the Nurses looked up to Florence Nightingale as their " honoured Chief " or " Queen." But when she thus

Page 291

gorgeous apparel when off duty. Miss Nightingale avers that to her eye no women's dress was so becoming as that

Page 292

of the " Address from Miss Nightingale "

Page 293

a kind of trade union. Miss Nightingale was never inelined to go, and, as we shall hear in a later

Page 293

lady " volunteers. But to Miss Nightingale Nursing was a Sacred Calling, only to be followed by those who felt

Page 295

Holding these convictions, Miss Nightingale believed much in individual influence, and little in organized institutions. " For my

Page 296

less ambitious Societies." So, then, Miss Nightingale had little faith in forms and institutions, and in one of her later

Page 297

Miss Nightingale was in one sense never more in office than when she was "

Page 297

Florence Nightingale {1877).

Page 298

the best sources of information. Miss Nightingale, to a considerable extent, had access to the same sources. She corresponded with

Page 299

part of her life's work Miss Nightingale suffered from some confusion of aim. Her official connections, though they gave her

Page 300

II Miss Nightingale's primary interest in India was in connection with sanitation, and I shall give

Page 301

(Miss Nightingale to Lord Salisbury.) Lea Hurst, Oct. 28

Page 302

[Lord Salisbury to Miss Nightingale.) Arlington Street, Nov. 4 [1874]. Dear Miss NightingaleI assure you we are not

Page 302

Street, Nov. 4 [1874]. Dear Miss Nightingale-I assure you we are not blind to the importance of the objects which

Page 303

1875, Lord Salisbury forwarded to Miss Nightingale, with a private note, the reply which he had received from the Governor-General

Page 304

&c., follow. . . . Miss Nightingale has evidently carefully studied some of the details of our requirements, and is

Page 305

have kissed Lord Cranborne," exclaimed Miss Nightingale once, " for saying that in the approaching elections for a Parliament which

Page 306

in Madras it was rising.^ Miss Nightingale, like every other sanitary expert who had examined the facts, ascribed the high

Page 307

the receipt of this letter Miss Nightingale's opinion of Lord Salisbury fell ,

Page 308

in progress twentyfive years, IV Miss Nightingale's interest in details of sanitary reform was gradually merged into larger questions. Recurrent

Page 309

of the most voluminous of Miss Nightingale's correspondents. She was fully alive to the faults of manner which hindered the

Page 310

Miss Nightingale began her Irrigation campaign with an appeal to Lord Salisbury, and she approached

Page 311

Miss Nightingale then tried to obtain information in another way. There were, she was told,

Page 312

Prinsep began making researches on Miss Nightingale's behalf. Unfortunately for her success, she had the correctitude to ask Lord Salisbury's

Page 313

Miss Nightingale was much disheartened, but she persevered. She corresponded with everybody of importance whom

Page 314

The piece by Miss Nightingale which attracted most attention was an article on " The People of India

Page 315

your faithful and grateful servant, Florence Nightingale.

Page 315

Office, August 13 [1878]. Dear Miss Nightingale-Having been out of town for two days your note only reached me this

Page 315

[Miss Nightingale to Lord Cranbrook.) August 10 [1878].

Page 316

VI Miss Nightingale in her propagandist zeal now turned to Mr. Gladstone. She made an article

Page 317

Miss Nightingale continued the correspondence, and presently Mr. Gladstone called upon her to talk over

Page 319

Life or Death in India. Miss Nightingale had first written the book in 1874, and she had several copies privately

Page 321

of his last letters to Miss Nightingale contained a full discussion of many of the points involved in it. Clearly

Page 322

years after the date of Miss Nightingale's paper on " The People of India," the area irrigated by " productive

Page 323

a definite direction. In 1879 Miss Nightingale thought that her work as an Indian Reformer had failed , but she

Page 324

and Ettrick, in calling upon Miss Nightingale one day, " between a Palace and a Park, and have one of

Page 324

tablet recording the residence of Florence Nightingale in it, will not see the Palace, and may wonder how she can

Page 326

II Miss Nightingale's manner of Hfe made her messenger an important member of the South Street

Page 327

mincing makes hard meat harder." Miss Nightingale was a small, though delicate, eater , it was for her visitors that

Page 328

in residence at No. 4, Miss Nightingale laid them under contribution for our entertainment, and right kindly did they both

Page 329

often very fine , for Miss Nightingale was of the old-fashioned persuasion that a gentlewoman cannot wear imitation lace. Some

Page 330

was either the drawing-room, or Miss Nightingale's bedroom on the second floor-both at the back of the house.

Page 333

Occasionally Miss Nightingale would be seen standing or moving about in her room , what was

Page 334

308 HER CONVERSATION pt. vn Miss Nightingale's talk was rather earnest, inquiring, sometimes searching, than sparkling or eloquent. " She

Page 335

delighted with her interview, but Miss Nightingale, she said, " laughed at High Church curates a good deal : she

Page 336

following her father's death (1874), Miss Nightingale devoted much time to the society of her mother, and this took her

Page 337

became fixed. The care of Mrs. Nightingale in London was undertaken by her nephew, Mr. Shore Smith, and his wife.

Page 337

country, as in South Street, Miss Nightingale constantly had nursing friends to stay with her.

Page 338

by herself in the garden. Miss Nightingale thought one of us was tired, and said she was not to get

Page 339

judgment in her actions.' " Miss Nightingale was not well pleased by this letter. She felt something of the sort

Page 340

same impression was made by Miss Nightingale upon all who visited her, whether at Lea Hurst or in her upper

Page 341

VI The friends to whom Miss Nightingale wrote most regularly on matters other than business, and in whose visits she

Page 343

woman after it , to Miss Nightingale also a heavy loss.

Page 344

Medical School had written to Miss Nightingale in alarm at a report in the newspapers that the institution was once

Page 345

and said he might tell Miss Nightingale that he would make the appointments she had suggested.

Page 346

a friend of Mr. and Mrs. Nightingale, and Florence had first met her at Embley in 1869. She was one

Page 346

who revered the name of Florence Nightingale, and she had spent some months at Kaiserswerth. She was enraptured by making

Page 346

out their own salvation ! Miss Nightingale's interest in the Eastern Question, moved by the Turkish atrocities in Bulgaria, had

Page 347

Was Miss Nightingale's life happy or unhappy ? Her sister used to say to her, thinking

Page 349

I was commanded.' " ^ Miss Nightingale's mother had almost completed her 93rd year. Queen Victoria sent a message of

Page 349

Florence Nightingale (1884).

Page 350

had been personally concerned, and Miss Nightingale made use of the fact when she next had an opportunity of addressing

Page 350

sister's society, and now that Mrs. Nightingale's death made visits to Lea Hurst less imperative they hoped that Florence "

Page 350

visit to Claydon, where " Florence Nightingale's room "

Page 351

In the spring of 1880, Miss Nightingale was intensely interested in the elections. Her dislike of Lord Beaconsfield's policy, her

Page 352

was during this period that Miss Nightingale paid her first visit to the new St.-Thomas's Hospital. She drove there on

Page 353

notable addition was made to Miss Nightingale's hero friends. General Gordon introduced himself to her in order to introduce his

Page 354

than the Highest regardeth it." Miss Nightingale took the matter up at once. She put the case into form, and

Page 355

unto many. For the present. Miss Nightingale hoped for the Cape or some other Colonial duty rather than Syria ,

Page 356

see you in spirit-you and Miss Nightingale." And from Khartoum (Feb. 26) : I am among the ruins of a

Page 357

Ripon's policy, hardly less so. Miss Nightingale was behind the scenes both at Calcutta or Simla and in London :

Page 358

Miss Nightingale was among those with whom hope ran highest. Her fundamental doctrine of human

Page 359

Miss Nightingale was particularly interested in agricultural development and education. She saw much of Sir

Page 360

Then Miss Nightingale discussed with Mr. Toynbee the importance of familiarizing the students with the agrarian

Page 361

sent from them " to Florence Nightingale." In November 1882 the Guards began to return from Egypt. A regiment of

Page 361

called for female nurses, and Miss Nightingale worked at high pressure in selecting them, and arranging details of their outfit.

Page 362

So Miss Nightingale noted at the time, and presently she ineluded her description in one of

Page 363

grave defects, and Miss Nightingale played an active part both in bringing them to light and in striving

Page 364

will have originated with you." Miss Nightingale foimd in the evidence a justification of her forebodings during past years. It

Page 365

In the middle of 1883 Miss Nightingale was in the thick of her two main preoccupations -the defence of Lord

Page 366

Magistracies of the Presidency towns," Miss Nightingale then went on to refer to the Queen's " noble proclamation " of

Page 367

remedy the evils to which Miss Nightingale had called attention. In the following year Miss Nightingale obtained, through Lord Wantage,

Page 368

precisely the doctrine preached by Miss Nightingale when she said that the most important function of the female nurse was

Page 369

proposals. The Viceroy's letters showed Miss Nightingale that his policy would need all the support that those in England who

Page 370

will be able to imagine Miss Nightingale's wrath. Notes and telegrams, now withering, now pleading, followed fast upon each other.

Page 370

Nov. 13 [1884]. My dear Miss Nightingale-I duly received the papers you were good enough to send me, §.nd you

Page 371

November Mr. Gladstone called upon Miss Nightingale. He had come without an appointment, and she was unable to see him

Page 372

publish anything to which Miss Florence Nightingale would give her name, but for articles in praise of Lord Ripon's policy

Page 372

and the Government was tottering. Miss Nightingale was as keenly interested as any one else in those things , but

Page 373

pillars." But Miss Nightingale's religion enjoined, as we know, " working with God." The ultimate issue did

Page 374

note for Sister Philippa from Miss Nightingale," he said. The request it contained was characteristic of the writer -

Page 375

which was " God-speed from Florence Nightingale." Six months after, in the glare and heat of an August afternoon, when

Page 375

I was to breakfast with Miss Nightingale at half-past seven. It was rather a rush to manage it, but it

Page 377

out. " Send to Cairo," Miss Nightingale answered, " for any quantity you like, and l'll pay, but only if

Page 377

Florence Nightingale was living her Crimean life again in the life of her pupils. Many

Page 379

The period of Miss Nightingale's life covered in this chapter ineludes the year of Queen Victoria's Jubilee ,

Page 379

Florence Nightingale {1890).

Page 380

And in this month, too, Florence Nightingale was to die , but nearly a quarter of a century of life

Page 380

tragedy as it seemed to Miss Nightingale. Mrs. Wardroper had done her work, and there were younger women competent to

Page 381

Nightingale School , she and Miss Nightingale speedily became the best of friends, and things went on much as before

Page 382

giving account of these matters,^ Miss Nightingale struck a warning note. " The tendency is now to make a formula

Page 383

us," said Mr. Rathbone to Miss Nightingale , and undoubtedly it did. There were courtly personages even among Miss Nightingale's

Page 384

other side, as developed by Miss Nightingale and her allies, was that the apparent advantages of a Register were deceptive.

Page 385

" register." Miss Nightingale analysed it, and found that in the case of nurses " trained "

Page 386

the least trouble of training." Miss Nightingale could not, then, regard the dispute as a trifle. It caused her days

Page 386

must have been with her, Florence Nightingale, who had misused her opportunities, and had failed to impress her ideal on

Page 387

time the test for registration. Miss Nightingale and her allies took up the challenge. Through Sir Harry Verney she approached

Page 388

pages, was headed by " Florence Nightingale." In the preparation of these documents. Miss Nightingale had a large share, though

Page 388

the preparation of these documents. Miss Nightingale had a large share, though much of the work-especially in the instruction of

Page 390

The anti-Registrationists, headed by Miss Nightingale and the Duke of Westminster, put their interpretation in a quiet letter to

Page 391

were no years in which Miss Nightingale herself gave more thought and trouble, than in 1891-3, to personal care for

Page 392

the smaller. This seemed to Miss Nightingale a mistake , and she noted other details in which the scheme appeared

Page 393

any rate, with another of Miss Nightingale's fundamental doctrines, which in its application to the controversy had a severely practical

Page 394

fear of the other, was Miss Nightingale. The Minister need not be identified , for these things, though true also

Page 395

the wave is against India." Miss Nightingale, however, did not allow herself to be tempted into inactivity by this wave-theory.

Page 396

month had several interviews with Miss Nightingale. Thus, after twenty-two years, was the scheme which she had put before Sir

Page 397

circumstances and partly of necessity. Miss Nightingale was presently engaged in a vigorous campaign. There is a large bundle of

Page 398

had been burnt in upon Miss Nightingale's mind a few years before. In discussing some matter of army nursing with

Page 399

{Lord Dufferin to Miss Nightingale.) Simla, August 20

Page 400

a while in confusion, and Miss Nightingale in despair.

Page 401

Mr. Stanhope, after interviews "wdth Miss Nightingale, reconstituted the Committee (June 1890). Sir Douglas Galton remained upon it. Dr. J.

Page 402

Dufferin had already communicated to Miss Nightingale (p. 373). By Resolution, dated July 27, 1888, the Government of India provided

Page 403

periods of Indian cosmogony," and Miss Nightingale watched their formation and their proceedings carefully, putting in words of encouragement, expostulation,

Page 404

pt. vh an Indian section. Miss Nightingale then circularized the Native Association in Bombay, begging that representatives might be sent

Page 405

among those who signed it. Miss Nightingale then forwarded the Memorandum, with a covering letter going more fully into the

Page 406

offers." A covering letter to Miss Nightingale from the Secretary of State (May 9, 1894), while informing her that Mr.

Page 406

it than to you, dear Miss Nightingale-to you whose life has been a long devotion to the stricken ones of

Page 407

" Miss Nightingale saw in the Queen's Proclamation of 1858 a text and a living principle

Page 408

native gentlemen it is that Miss Nightingale appeals. She appeals to them also on the Sanitary point. And first of

Page 409

her. The butler always put Miss Nightingale's letter on the top of his master's morning pile, and no mouthful of

Page 410

simple one, but it involved Miss Nightingale, as huge bundles of documents attest, in much labour for two or three

Page 411

chapter was largely concerned with Miss Nightingale's activity in public affairs and with acquaintanceships which she formed in connection with

Page 412

felt the sympathetic touch of Miss Nightingale's manner. The name of Mr. J. J. Frederick has been mentioned in earlier

Page 413

he craved to know that Miss Nightingale had not forgotten him. She sent him a message of fervent gratitude. "

Page 414

of high and holy thought." Miss Nightingale was not one of those persons who keep their tact and kindly consideration

Page 415

Miss Nightingale was godmother to Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Bonham Carter's son, Malcolm. With Norman,

Page 416

Not really a niece, but Miss Nightingale was " Aunt Florence to all her cousins in the second generation ,

Page 417

and loving old (co-operative) Aunt, Florence Nightingale.

Page 418

{To Louis Shore Nightingale.^) 10 South Street, Dec. 21

Page 419

will be seen how faithfully Miss Nightingale followed the words placed at the head of this chapter-words which she had

Page 419

{To Louis Shore Nightingale.) lo South St., Dec. 23

Page 420

as we have heard, when Miss Nightingale's friendship with Mr. Jowett, though it did not diminish, yet became sensible, on

Page 421

he was taken ill. Miss Nightingale found him " a very wilful patient " , he would not take

Page 423

whom I have ever known." Miss Nightingale on her side called into council Mr. Francis Galton, who took up the

Page 424

with Sir Harry Verney and Miss Nightingale. On returning to Oxford he was worse. " You will be tired of

Page 425

dictated his last letter to Miss Nightingale :

Page 426

time administered the Sacrament to Miss Nightingale in her room, and in whose work in South London she came to

Page 427

was precisely and profoundly what Miss Nightingale felt about her friend. Of all men whom she had known, none seemed

Page 428

Benjamin Jowett {Letter to Miss Nightingale, Dec. 30,

Page 429

Miss Nightingale's fervour in preaching the gospel that a man's latter years should be his

Page 430

the religious press stating that Miss Nightingale having contracted a spinal complaint from her long hours of standing in the

Page 431

only real thing." And, besides. Miss Nightingale had now to accept limitations in what she could any longer hope to

Page 432

Ill In the Army, too. Miss Nightingale continued to take a lively interest, and Sir Douglas Galton was still within

Page 433

and Sir Douglas suggested to Miss Nightingale that the old soldier might be pleased by a letter from her. "

Page 434

Another matter which much occupied Miss Nightingale's mind at this time was the effect of the repeal of the Contagious

Page 435

took up the idea, and Miss Nightingale was besieged from many quarters to let herself be " represented " by

Page 435

So the " bust of Florence Nightingale " was lent, and her old " Crimean carriage," brought down from a

Page 436

I must ask you," wrote Miss Nightingale to her cousin Louis (Oct. 16, 1897), when the Exhibition was to be

Page 437

Miss Nightingale's interest in the work of her old pupils all over the country, in

Page 438

the world, however-Buenos Ayres-of which Miss Nightingale began to wash her hands. " Of the last party, all were married

Page 439

an Angel." In such thoughts Miss Nightingale had a constant sympathizer in the Grand Duchess of Baden, who wrote to

Page 440

Gradually Miss Nightingale's powers failed. For the last fifteen years of her life she seldom left

Page 441

writing failed all at once. Miss Nightingale's handwriting, of which a facsimile has already been given, was very characteristic :

Page 442

1902 Miss Nightingale was persuaded to accept the services of a companion. Miss Cochrane , who,

Page 443

had almost an hieratic impressiveness. Miss Nightingale liked best those visitors who had an abundant flow of vigorous talk. A

Page 444

" " Oh, no," replied Miss Nightingale quickly,

Page 447

It was not so with Miss Nightingale. To her it was given to become in her lifetime a tradition and

Page 447

United States the name of Florence Nightingale was even more widely known and loved than in Great Britain, and already

Page 448

to have the name of Florence Nightingale added to the list." The German Emperor, a little later, had a kindly

Page 448

The Nightingales." There were " Florence Nightingale Societies " in America. " Birthday letters to Florence Nightingale " became a

Page 449

the entire American people for Florence Nightingale's great record and noble life." The meeting, assembled in honour of the Jubilee

Page 450

sides are inscriptions, composed by Miss Nightingale, recording the burial there of her father and mother , on the third,

Page 452

artist painted a portrait of Miss Nightingale in her prime, and I must do as best I may with my

Page 452

Florence Nightingale was by no means a Plaster Saint.

Page 453

consideration, Mr. Jowett said of Miss Nightingale that she was the only woman he had ever known who put public

Page 454

these were the conditions which Miss Nightingale required in friendship.

Page 455

who accused Miss Nightingale roundly of having " no idea of friendship." The accusation was not true,

Page 456

Kingdom of Heaven within." ^ Miss Nightingale's own peculiar genius was for administration and order , and she had to

Page 457

have read this Memoir that Miss Nightingale interpreted her mandates in a spacious sense admitting of much initiative. Yet it

Page 458

Miss Nightingale devoted her life to it , in equal measure, with careful adjustment of

Page 459

of a generation later than Florence Nightingale's may require, perhaps, to make some effort of sympathetic imagination in order to

Page 460

early womanhood were already past. Miss Nightingale was thirty-four when she went out to the Crimean war. In the later

Page 461

gone. That inspiration never forsook Miss Nightingale in her pursuit of the art of life.

Page 462

of Balaclava. But it is Miss Nightingale herself who, unconsciously, has said the last words on her Life and Character.

Page 463

A. List of Writings by Miss Nightingale, B. List of Writings about Her.

Page 465

(see Vol. I. p. 176). Miss Nightingale's evidence is at pp.

Page 466

the Voluntary Contributions received by Miss Nightingale for the use of the British War Hospitals in the East, with the

Page 467

the Army in 18^7. By Florence Nightingale. London :

Page 467

were prepared by him for Miss Nightingale (see Vol. I. p. 376).

Page 468

Congress (Second Section, Sanitary Statistics) Miss Nightingale contributed Papers, which were printed in various forms in its Proceedings, etc.

Page 468

che non lo e. Di Florence Nightingale. Tradotto da W

Page 469

for the Labouring Classes. By Florence Nightingale. London : Harrison, 1861.

Page 469

p. 500), was devoted to Miss Nightingale.

Page 470

Orphanage at Beyrout. Signed " Florence Nightingale, London, September ig, 1862." On a fly-sheet, fo Ho.

Page 470

Department. A Memorial Letter by Miss Nightingale, printed in the Weekly Scotsman, September 13, the Lancet, September 27, 1862, and

Page 471

country, it appears desirable that Miss Nightingale's views should be placed in the hands of the public, both in England

Page 471

(37) Notes on Hospitals. By Florence Nightingale. Third edition, enlarged and for the most part rewritten. London : Longmans,

Page 472

By Florence Nightingale. London : 1863. A pamphlet (lilaccoloured paper wrappers), pp. 67.

Page 472

They were written mainly by Miss Nightingale. The MS. of the Suggestions as first sent to the printers, preserved among

Page 473

an Introduction, and Notes, by Florence Nightingale. Liverpool, 1865. Octavo, pp. 103.

Page 473

Miss Nightingale's Introduction occupies pp. 9-16. The book also'j I

Page 474

(5th, 1872). The use of Miss Nightingale's Paper in that book was unauthorized, and she objected to the Memorials as

Page 475

the former of these Papers, Miss Nightingale criticized the introduction of conflicting disease-theories into sanitary reports, as tending to confuse

Page 475

Midwives and Midwifery Nurses. By Florence Nightingale. London : Longmans, Green & Co., 1871. Octavo, pp. no.

Page 476

a (66) A ddress from Miss Nightingale to the Probationer Nurses in the " Nightingale Fund " School at St.-Thomas's

Page 476

(73) Address from Florence Nightingale to the Probationer Nurses in the " Nightingale Fund " School at St.-Thomas's

Page 477

Proof-copies, among Miss Nightingale's papers, show many variations in the title, e.g. for Part I., " The

Page 477

(78) Address from Florence Nightingale to the Probationer Nurses in the " Nightingale Fund " School at St.-Thomas's

Page 478

Hurst on July 17, 1877. Miss Nightingale was in the house at the time and had two trained nurses in

Page 478

Hopkins]. With a Preface by Florence Nightingale. Ninth Thousand.

Page 479

Ireland & Co., Manchester) , Florence Nightingale's opinion (dated July 1878) occupies p. i :

Page 480

in Natal." A letter from Miss Nightingale (dated Nov. 22, 1879) to Mr. James Heywood, printed in the Aborigines' Friend,

Page 480

memory of Frances and William Edward Nightingale (F. N.'s mother and father).

Page 480

(104) Letter from Florence Nightingale, May 6, 18Sj [to the Nurses at St.-Thomas's Hospital]. Lithographed, pp. 16.

Page 480

the articles were revised by Florence Nightingale Boyd. Extracts from the original articles were printed on a card for use

Page 481

(108) From Florence Nightingale to the Probationer-Nurses in the

Page 482

in India. " Letter from Miss Nightingale," dated " London, July 27, 1888," pub Ushed in the Journal of the

Page 482

School at St.-Thomas's Hospital from Florence Nightingale, May 16, 1888. For Private Use only. Lithographed, pp. 20 (with yellow wrappers).

Page 482

V Assistenza ai Malati di Miss Nightingale Tradotto e Abbreviate da A. C.[Comparetti]. Lucca: Topografia Giusti, 1887.

Page 483

Sir W. W. Hunter. " Miss Nightingale's letter forms," he said, " a brief, but practical code of village sanitation."

Page 484

Miss Nightingale's Introduction was also separately printed as a small fly-leaf, pp. 2, headed Health

Page 484

Health and Local Government, by Florence Nightingale.

Page 485

(140) A Letter from Florence Nightingale about the Victorian Order of Nurses in Canada. A small pamphlet, in white

Page 485

Miss Nightingale's hand-writing in this letter shows little sign of age.

Page 486

The letter, though signed Florence Nightingale, bears no mark of her style, and is not quite accurate in its

Page 486

to have been written for Miss Nightingale by Mrs. Dicey. The institution, re-christened " The Florence Nightingale Hospital for Gentlewomen,"

Page 486

The institution, re-christened " The Florence Nightingale Hospital for Gentlewomen," is now in new quarters in Lisson-grove.

Page 487

of some Writings about Miss Florence Nightingale {For the limited scope of this list, see the Preface, Vol. I. p.

Page 487

" One who has known Miss Nightingale." (2)

Page 488

Broadsheets, Popular Songs, etc., about Miss Nightingale (see Vol. I. p. 266). A collection of them is preserved amongst her

Page 489

Lovelace, on her friend Miss Florence Nightingale. Written in the year 1851. Music composed by W. H. Montgomery. London :

Page 489

An excellent appreciation of Miss Nightingale, with many particulars of her work at Scutari.

Page 490

" What Florence Nightingale has done and is doing." An article [by Mrs. S. C. Hall] in

Page 490

Constantinople . . . and Miss Nightingale at Scutari Hospital. By L. Dunne. London :

Page 491

(24) Florence Nightingale. A Lecture delivered in the Theatre of the Medical College, Novembet 9, 1865.

Page 491

of the Bermondsey Nuns under Miss Nightingale.

Page 492

(38) Tooley. The Life of Florence Nightingale. By Sarah A, Tooley. London : S. H. Bousfield & Co., 1904.

Page 492

Contains some letters from Miss Nightingale.

Page 493

some of the Writings of Florence Nightingale in the Educational Museum of Teachers' College, Columbia University, May 16 to June

Page 493

correspondence between Sidney Herbert and Miss Nightingale is here given.

Page 494

Some Personal Recollections of Miss Florence Nightingale," by " Lamorna " [with a series of letters from F. N.]. In

Page 494

An excellent appreciation of Miss Nightingale's work as the founder of modem nursing, as sanitarian, and as army reformer.

Page 494

contains a few letters from Miss Nightingale-chiefly to the FUedner family.

Page 495

by Wil Uam White, of Florence Nightingale (sitting) and her sister, Parthenope, standing. In possession of Mrs. Coltman.

Page 495

(2) 1828. Water-colour drawing of Mrs. Nightingale with her two daughters (Florence is on her mother's knee). In the possession

Page 495

Florence Nightingale Authentic likenesses of Miss Nightingale, except in her earlier years, are very few. When she had become famous,

Page 495

of Portraits, Photographs, etc., of Florence Nightingale Authentic likenesses of Miss Nightingale, except in her earlier years, are very few.

Page 496

& Sons, lettered " Miss Florence Nightingale, the Good Samaritan of Derbyshire, reading the accounts of the dreadful sufferings of

Page 496

468 PORTRAITS app. c Miss Nightingale never wore ear-rings. If the portrait be indeed of her, and by a

Page 497

There is a letter to Miss Nightingale from Mrs. Sutherland (June 1866), in which she says :

Page 506

her at, ii. 422 n. Florence Nightingale Hospital for Gentlewomen, ii. 458. See Harley Street Florences, named after F. N.,

Page 508

" Going to Miss Nightingale," i. 348, 350

Page 515

Bracebridge, ii. 236 , on Mr. Nightingale, ii. 235 , on Omar Khayyam, ii. 95 , various references, i. 433,

Page 516

Nightingale, Florence, (i) Chronological, movements, incidents, etc.

Page 518

be relieved of Nightingale Fund (March), i. 457 , issues Notes on the Army, i. 384 , and A Contribution,

Page 520

" going to Miss Nightingale," i. 231, 232 , idolized by the men, i. 237, 238 , letters

Page 523

(11) Letters from Florence Nightingale to :

Page 524

Louis Shore Nightingale, ii. 392, 393, 410

Page 524

496 INDEX Mrs. Nightingale, i. 112, 113, 114, ii. 16, 82

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Nightingale, William Edward (father of F. N.) : changes his name from Shore to Nightingale (18

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Nightingale, Frances Parthenope. See

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Nightingale, Peter, of Lea, i. 3

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Nightingale, Mrs. W. E. (Frances Smith), her father, i. 4 , brothers and sisters, i. 4,

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N.'s " Uncle Sam "), Mrs. Nightingale's brother, married to Mr. Nightingale's sister, i. 30 , gets consent of her

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Mrs. Nightingale's brother, married to Mr. Nightingale's sister, i. 30 , gets consent of her parents to F, N.'s Crimean

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W. J., The Story of Florence Nightingale, ii. 466 , quoted or referred to, i. 236, 237