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Who'S Who 1935

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Who'S Who 1935

Who'S Who 1935

Source : Internet Archive

Who'S Who 1935

Who'S Who 1935

Source : Internet Archive

Results : OGILVY

Page 199

Mount Melville, Strathkinness, St.-Andrews, and Eliza Ogilvy Heriot Maitland of Ramornie, Fife , w~ 1st, Jeanie Amelia, d. of Dr.

Page 233

Margaret Ogilvy, 1896, Tommy and Grizel

Page 235

E. Barrowclough, Dunedin, m, 1921, Mary Ogilvy, d. of James S. Duthie, Dunediii , two a, one d. JSdwc. :

Page 281

Katharine Sarah, d. of late Walter Ogilvy Ross , one d, Educ. : Felstead , Uppingham. Employed on surveys of

Page 319

Edinburgh-86422.* BBVERIDGE, Maj.-Gen. Sir Wilfred William Ogilvy, K.B.E., cr. 1924 , C.B.

Page 319

James Beveridge of Tilliochie and Helen Ogilvy , m. Mary,

Page 382

d. of late Col. William Lewis Kinloch Ogilvy, C.B., 60th Rifles.

Page 617

b. 1868 , m,1895, Mary Ogilvy, d. of late Major M. O. Boyd, Deputy Commissioner of Cachar , two

Page 659

m. 1897, Lady Griselda Johanna Helen Ogilvy (d. 1934), y. d. of 7th Earl of Airlie , two s. one

Page 678

3rd Dragoon Guards, and Lady Blanche Ogilvy, d. of 7th Earl of Airlie , one s. three d. Edu-c.: Harrow,

Page 1,174

e. d. of Hon. Donald Ogilvy of Balnaboth and Clova, m. 1894, Clara Emma (d. 1921), 2nd d. of

Page 1,232

FREEMAN-MITFORD. Capt. Hon John Power Bertram Ogilvy : 4th s. of 1st Lord Kedesdale , b. 81 Jan. 1885. Joined

Page 1,740

s. of 1st Bt. and Jane Moir Ogilvy, d. of late Alexander Ogilvy Spence, banker, &. 28 Feb. 1897, S.

Page 1,740

Moir Ogilvy, d. of late Alexander Ogilvy Spence, banker, &. 28 Feb. 1897, S. father, 1925 , m.

Page 2,563

, 4th s. of Sir Reginald Ogilvy, 10th Bt., of Inverquharity, and Olivia, of d 9th Baron Kinnaird, m. 1912,

Page 2,564

1918. Heir: s. John Peter Ogilvy-Wedder-Perthsh'r * 8 P' m7' Address :

Page 2,806

Diplomatic Agent in Cairo, and Maud Ogilvy. Educ. :

Page 2,836

Redesdale and Lady Clementine Gertrude Helen Ogilvy (d 1932), d. of 7th Earl of Alrlie , S. father, 1916, TO,

Page 2,836

2nd Baron (or. 1902), David Bertram Ogilvy Preeman-Mitford, late Capt. Northumberland Fusiliers, 6. 13 Mar. 1878, s. of 1st Lord

Page 2,927

Lisette Eila, d. of F. M. Ogilvy, ones.

Page 3,444

late Emily Isabel, d. of Alexander Ogilvy Webster, Kirriemuir, m. Kathleen Aimee, 3rd

Page 3,473

Clare, wk 1st, 1906, Lady Kitty Ogilvy (see Lady Kitty Eitson), d. of 8th Earl of Airlie , 2nd, 1925