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Who'S Who 1914

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Who'S Who 1914

Who'S Who 1914

Source : Internet Archive

Who'S Who 1914

Who'S Who 1914

Source : Internet Archive

Results : OGILVY

Page 61

Bruce Arthur Ashley Ogilvy, q.v. Address:

Page 131

Andrews, and Eliza Ogilvy Henot Maitland of Ramomie, Fife , m. Jeanie Amelia, d. of Dr.

Page 153

Minister, 1891 , Sentimental Tommy, Margaret Ogilvy, 1896, Tommy and Gnzel, 1900 , The Little White Bird, 1902 , Peter

Page 186

Katharine Sarah, d. of late Walter Ogilvy Ross , one d. Educ. : Felstead Uppmgham. Employed on surveys of Jamaica

Page 212

of J. S. Bevendge and Helen Ogilvy , m,. 1SS9, Mary, d. of George Spencer Walker. Educ. : Kensington, Edm.

Page 212

BEVERIDGE. Lieut.-Colonel Wilfred William Ogilvy, D.S 0. 1902, E.AM.C., M.B., M Ch. Edm. , D P.H. Camb. ,

Page 235

Dulwich, Surrey , m. Helen Laura Ogilvy, d. of late Captain David Steuart Ogilvy of Cornmony, N B. Educ. :-

Page 235

Ogilvy, d. of late Captain David Steuart Ogilvy of Cornmony, N B. Educ. :- Dulwich College.

Page 395

since 1910 , m. 1895, (Mary Ogilvy, d. of late Major M. 0. Boyd, Deputy Comm. of Cachar , threes,

Page 422

m. 1897, Lady Gnselda Johanna Helen Ogilvy, y. d. of 7th Earl of Airlie , one s. one d. Address

Page 436

3rd Dragoon Gds., and Lady Blanche Ogilvy, d. of 7th Earl of Airhe : one s. one d. Educ. :

Page 552

e. s. of late Capt. James Ogilvy Dalgleish, B.N., Woodburne and Baltilly, Fife , m. Elizabeth, o. c. of late

Page 716

, Bid s of late James Ogilvy Fanlie, J.P, D.L., 2nd Life Guards, of Coodham, Ayrshire, and Elizabeth Constance, o.

Page 908

and heir of late Augustus George Ogilvy, of Cove, Co. Dumfries , one d. Edue, : Harrow , Heidel berg

Page 1,782

, m. Lady Clementine Gertrude Helen Ogilvy, d. of7th Earl of Airhe, 1874 , five s. four d. Educ. :

Page 1,837

Lisette Ella, d. of F. M. Ogilvy, two s. JEMwc. : Marlborough College , St.-John's College, Cambridge (Scholar and Fellow),

Page 1,868

Juliana, e. d. of Sir John Ogilvy, 9th Bt. , of Inverquharity , S. father

Page 1,913

D.L. Ban ITshire , [Sir Walter Ogilvy was Lord Treasurer of Scotland (1455) , his g. g. s. was Steward

Page 2,240

golf, travelling. Heir kinsman, John Andrew Wedderburn-Ogilvy [6