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James Michael Curley Scrapbook (Volume B7)

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James Michael Curley Scrapbook (Volume B7)

James Michael Curley Scrapbook (Volume B7)

Source : Internet Archive

James Michael Curley Scrapbook (Volume B7)

James Michael Curley Scrapbook (Volume B7)

Source : Internet Archive

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Page 6

Telegram tells the story of James Curley, the stock plunger. Very soon The Telegram will tell the story of James

Page 6

Telegram would like to have Mr. Curley tell the people where he makes his money. The people are interested and

Page 8

and a half million doh' James M. Curley, The , that despite these small! lar Massachusetts corporation. It has fact

Page 8

Ban The financial operations of.Mmes M. Curley in State Street, where he plunged in stocks like a millionaire,are no more

Page 9

John Curley as director?Or Is James M. Curley a at(Hi -holder? Surely he knows of .t"txe.,-orporation because his brother is.0

Page 9

it the Beacon Trust thatnamed John Curley as director?Or Is James M. Curley a at(Hi -holder? Surely he knows of

Page 10

Camp Devens, July 18-Mayor James H. Curley of Boston, Mayor Edward W. Quinn of Cambridge and Mayor John J.

Page 13

- Peters administration,- Mr Curley ex+ + + ,

Page 15

+ Take the history of James M. Curley.In business he made no impression, he never attempted to ,erter a profession.

Page 16

Did Mayor Curley, who last, Wednesday was on his way to Campi 'bevens by auto

Page 18

But John Curley is a dired:or and trustee! How does this happen?

Page 20

of Somerville. This concern has John J. Curley,brother of the mayor,and city treasurer, one director, and it has Henry Pierce

Page 20

Mayor James M. Curley of Boston ar'rived in camp about 1:30 today and passed most of

Page 21

does not, and yet J Mr Curley said that e ad been1

Page 22 mayors, what's the use? Mr. Curley night for a week-end sail on a yacht. is and so could not

Page 23

During Mr Curley's absence at Hull yesterday the Mayor's office wcr: ,he aspect or "moving day,"

Page 27

-....pail IMM.1+11111011MMII Mayor James M. Curley returned to City Rah today, considerably re- HYDE PARK TOfreshed after his

Page 30

ed by Mayor lain, s M. Curley. Pawl%Met , Canoe l'Int) of l'cov iderwe was second I with an aggrertte

Page 36

ts. I. Mayor James M. Curley, 'ts + will be presented on beret' et' the city.

Page 38

conference at City Hall bottle/1%, James M. Curley and George H. er, general manager of the New England Telephone Company.

Page 39

he is at the. stun. Mr Curley, whose parents cam Brighton T

Page 40

Mr Curley named 'Joseph A:

Page 51

in Id ar-:of inunielby Mayor,James M. Curley, w 0 y directed, Francis P. Rock, suer endent ofsupplies, to revive the

Page 53

squarely up to Mayor .lames M. Curley when he asked the mayor if he could advance any reason why the

Page 53

Presidentd. whenmi 1 ilmiing And Mr. Curley were wtrm '-.+...

Page 59

was Thlit Is the Mayor James M. Curley Trophy to Be Given to the Winner of the A. A. U.

Page 60

as one of May., Jamea M. Curley's strongest soh porters In the Peninsula dieof:, diatuc..0 is laid.

Page 62

Mustapha Hett. ed the )isitors. Mr Curley gave a key to he city, whereupon the titian ra,sed oth bands'aloft and

Page 65

night, arriving early Wednesdav morning. Mrs. Curley will accompany her husband to the funeral.

Page 68

and his gallant allusion to Mrs Curley, whose inspiring fortitude he llecened to that of Mrs. Harding.

Page 82

l'' +,...1 the thing for Mrs Curley ,. . and no sell, then. l'll show YOU toy cerit S Member-hip

Page 82

nominatioo when 1 art'.',''art'.','' tt Mr Curley told Mrs Jolly.

Page 91

motor transport ow* MAYOR JAMES M. CURLEY, who will try to deceive a few Braves batters today at the Home

Page 92

Mr Curley characterizes the present labor difneultieo in the anthracite field as a + Irameup"

Page 99

jy Samuel Italesky, representing Mayor James M. Curley: lion Mho D. Stone, Isaac Harris, Abraham Alpert and Alexander BHT), The

Page 108

Increases of $100 except two. William F. Mayor Curley sent out a call for a Cronin., blueprinter, who is advapced

Page 116

indorsed the action of Mayor James M. Curley in endeavoring to secure the Army Base.

Page 117

Mr Curley was uncertain last night whether supplementary legislation would be needed for execution of

Page 135

Mayor James M. Curley, to recover an alleged balance of $15,486, due on stock transaction, put

Page 136

''t lionor :fames M. Curley for two things,'' - Mr. Kingdon declared. One of .

Page 137

Hamlin Company, suin3 Mayor James! M. Curley for $N,19,3 for money alleged Lc: due them on Curley's r+ tocki transactions

Page 141

200- Lb.Tackle James Michael Curley, Jr, son of Hastorp Mayor, tried to tackle a 200-pootta Boston Latin School'

Page 144

covering this change in policy. Mr Curley asserts, however, that he acts upon recommend-Ram of the trustees, and also upon

Page 145

4 at tne reeacet of Meyer Curley.

Page 146

best tradition betitre it lets Mr. Curley Wereesterize Boston. If C'urley cannot protect the right of free speech the tiovernoe

Page 147

and property now 'Therefore, I, James M. Curley, mayor of the city of Boston, do hereby declare and, proclaim the

Page 148

organization-which i has bitterly opposed Mr Curley In the past, which looks at him now with "o pedantic squint," and

Page 151

political purposes, and thus startitrouble," Mr Curley told reporters.I am now planning next year'sbudget, and special projects like the Fire

Page 151

ale Thomas Mr Curley told his visitor.

Page 153

ebeen at least a linzen. Mr Curley has Indicated that he Is willing to make aneffort to provide 14111tlerq-a funds

Page 158

Says Peters those of Mayor James M. Curley and to the building of the Strandway in, Ex-Mayor Peters said it

Page 158

upon Mayoralty succession in office, Mr Curley thought that If a Mae-or made good In one admin Istra Hon he

Page 165

history of Boston, and then Mr Curley gavli her husband a key to the city of Boston. remarking, incidentally, that

Page 166

for the mass ef citizens. Mr Curley thinkm that, in nistice, the rates should be readjusted downward very soon.

Page 169

Mr Curley has not received any rett-(Ion yet from the firemen, but has sim-ply been

Page 170

Be Unable to Play Football James M. Curley, Jr., Di-year-old son of the Mayor, is today confined to his home

Page 176

I Mr Curley hoe aglialed all along for this transfer, and feels that, in view of

Page 179

averse to accepting compliments from Meyer Curley and takee exception to a paragraph in the Mayor's letter replying to ,

Page 180

Club, Saturday at 1:15 P. M. Mayor Curley, Congressman Tague and Admiral + De Stelguer will be i nneakers at

Page 196

read a. letter from Mayor James M. Curley, which said in part-Roston University has lived up to the Ameri Can