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History of Venango County, Pennsylvania : its past and present, including

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History of Venango County, Pennsylvania : its past and present, including

History of Venango County, Pennsylvania : its past and present, including

Source : Internet Archive

History of Venango County, Pennsylvania : its past and present, including

History of Venango County, Pennsylvania : its past and present, including

Source : Internet Archive

Results : DUFFIELD

Page 102

Cooper, 1797 or 1798 , William Duffield, a native of Ireland, who came here from Centre county in 1798 ,

Page 103

to 1805 , John Hastings, John Duffield, Samuel and Alexander Ray, Jacob Lupher, John Cooper, William and John Boughner, W.

Page 108

Donaldson, Thomas Donaldson, Johu Duffield, William Duffield, John Eakin, William Eakin, Samuel Eakin, Wil L iam Evans, James Pearis, John

Page 153

November, 1854, to November, 1857, James Duffield, November, 1855, to October, 1858, John Willings, November, 1856, to October, 1859, James

Page 155

January, 1839, to January, 1842, James Duffield, January, 1840, to January, 1843, Isaac Griffin, January 1841, to January, "

Page 165

John Keely, supervisors: Francis Carter, John Duffield, overseers: Thomas Carter, I. Mc Fadden.

Page 166

Mc Calmont, supervisors: James Mason, John Duffield, overseers: Samuel Rhoads, James Shaw, appraisers:

Page 168

Aaron Mc Kissick, William Duffield, overseers: J. Gilliland, John Martin, appraisers: A. Dewoody, James Bennett.

Page 169

Levi Dodd, supervisors: Isaac Smith, William Duffield, overseers: William Connely, Samuel Hays, fence viewers: A. Dewoody, James Bennett.

Page 214

Nathaniel Duffield Snowden began his professional career in this county in 1828 at Emlenton, two

Page 216

Snowden, eldest son of Doctor Nathaniel Duffield Snowden, was born at Franklin, Pennsylvania, December 21, 1837. He obtained his early

Page 305

Dewoody (substitute for Andrew Dewoody), John Duffield, William Pelton, John Foster, John Gilmore, Samuel Graham, William Greenlee, John L. Hasson,

Page 305

John Mc Quaid (substitute for William Duffield), John Ramsey, David Runninger, Jacob Runninger, Gustavus Shaw, George Shoemaker, Alexander Siggins, Samuel

Page 323

N. Diirrin, John Dick, Josiah Duffield, William Duffriel, George Dewoody, Asa Eastman, C. H. Fahnestock, W. M. Graham, George

Page 470

in the second story of John Duffield's building on Liberty street, and afterward at the old academy on Buffalo street.

Page 626

deep forests of French creek. Mr. Duffield was a native of Ireland and a descendant of a large and intelligent

Page 633

street commissioner, council: William Fancher, Philip Duffield, Edward Hughes, Thomas Nesbit, and Louis Hassenfritz.

Page 635

few years as did also John G. Duffield, who carried on the mercantile business from 1860 to

Page 641

by R. L. Cochran and John Duffield, and in 1871 the present temple of worship, representing a capital of four

Page 641

wife, John Duffield and wife, Philip Duffield and wife, and Samuel Jackson and wife.

Page 642

Sarah Gilmore, Jane Greer, James Duffield, Jane Duf&eld, Margaret Greer, Eliza Adams, Francis Dunn, Ann Dunn, Margaret Dunn, Elizabeth

Page 669

19, 1881, James Davison, William Duffield, and Crawford Billig, October 9, 1885. The following clergymen have had charge of

Page 708

near the Sugar Creek line. John Duffield moved from French Creek township in an early day and developed a farm

Page 851

1828. In 1824 he married Elizabeth Duffield, a member of the large family of that name residing near Utica. Five

Page 1,129

and freight agent at Polk. Mr. Duffield united with the Presbyterian church of Franklin in 1859, and is now a

Page 1,129

John G. Duffield was born in Venango county. May 24, 1823, and grew to manhood

Page 1,130

Ddpfield, farmer, eldest son of James and Jane (Lindsay) Duffield, was born in Venango county, Pennsylvania, June 25, 1823. His

Page 1,130

deceased, James, Charles, and Harvey. John L. Duffield was reared on the home place in French Creek township, and received

Page 1,130

and Cora Politically Mr. Duffield is a Democrat and cast his first ballot for James K. Polk for

Page 1,133

of the following children: Mrs. Elizabeth Duffield, Mrs. Mary Mc Cracken, James E. , Mrs. Jane Williamson, John, and Rachel,

Page 1,167

He married Isabella, daughter of William Duffield, and by this union they had thirteen children, six of whom grew to

Page 1,171

His second wife was Mary Duffield. Our subject was reared in Sugar Creek township, and has always followed farming

Page 1,192

12, '1781, eldest son of William and Elizabeth (Hasson) Duffield, of whom mention is made in the biographical department of

Page 1,192

Canal township, where he married Eliza Duffield in 1832. They were the parents of five sons and six daughters: John,

Page 1,192

Crawford county. The death of John Duffield occurred June 20, 1849, his widow survived him until 1866 and died on

Page 1,192

died on the old homestead. Mr. Duffield was a successful business man and left to each of his children an

Page 1,193

April 6, 1849, son of John and Eliza (Duffield) Mawhinney. He was reared upon the homestead farm, and was educated

Page 1,194

1816, to Margaret, daughter of William and Elizabeth (Hasson) Duffield, early settlers of French Creek township, and reared a family

Page 1,310

Duffield, John L 1011