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The history of England (vol. 3)

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The history of England (vol. 3)

The history of England (vol. 3)

Source : Internet Archive

The history of England (vol. 3)

The history of England (vol. 3)

Source : Internet Archive

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Page 38

Marriage of Mary Stuart to the Dauphin , Philip's jealousy of France henceforward rendered it his Policy

Page 40

Marriage of Mary Stuart to the Dauphin, and their Assumption of a Right to the Throne of

Page 41

James Stuart, Earl Moray, withdraws" from Court , Merits of his Administration 91

Page 41

Henry Stuart, Lord Darnley, is next proposed 88

Page 59

them was the marriage of Mary Stuart to the dauphin. At the death of Mary Tudor, the queen dauphiness assumed

Page 65

the duke of Anjou to Mary Stuart, as he had done before to Elizabeth. But the Austrian marriage, on the

Page 70

mind to an union with Mary Stuart, he should willingly consent to the marriage of his son, the heir of

Page 84

ambassador of the Protestants was James Stuart, prior of St.-Andrew's, a natural son of James V. by Margaret Erskine (a

Page 84

engrossed. In the mean time Mary Stuart, in the flower of her youthful beauty, accustomed to sway in a gallant

Page 86

adorned it. After this conversation, James Stuart, commendator of the monastery of St.-Colm,f was dispatched to London. He left Abbeville

Page 94

almost instantaneous success. This was Henry Stuart, lord Darnley, the son of the earl of Lennox, by lady Margaret Douglas,

Page 97


Page 105

" Marie Stuart reine d'Ecosse avait un beau mari, et delectabatur turpibus adulteris. Lorsque j'y etois,

Page 284

the style and title of Mary Stuart, daughter and heir of James VI. king of Scots, and commonly called queen