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Dictionary of national biography

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Dictionary of national biography

Dictionary of national biography

Source : Internet Archive

Dictionary of national biography

Dictionary of national biography

Source : Internet Archive

Results : MORLEY

Page 269

of 4 Bunyan' for Mr. John Morley's ' English Men of Letters' series, and in 1879 published his ' Caesar'

Page 324

rescue S Gordon, and Mr. John Morley proposed an amendment against the policy of over- i throwing the mnhdi. Gladstone

Page 324

Gladstone said very little against Mr. Morley"s amendment, which, indeed, the government, though it was defeated by a large majority,

Page 325

dissatisfied the radicals, and Mr. John Morley gave notice that he would oppose any such measure. He had, however, no

Page 326

urged Lord Salisbury, of Mr. John Morley, who became chief secre-through Mr. Balfour, to take up the Irish tary for

Page 328

unionists to liberals was from Mr. Morley. On 7 June Gladstone among the peers five-sixths, it was among rose to

Page 329

Sheffield, Sir William Harcourt and Mr. Morley, who were present, informed Gladstone that, in the unanimous opinion of the liberal

Page 331

charge of it, assisted by Mr. Morley as chief secretary, and by the law officers of the crown in England.

Page 338

labours in force, and Mr. John Morley. Gladstone can-promoting the freedom of commerce he con- > not be called '

Page 342

John Bright, Charles Buxton, and Samuel Morley, to proceed to Jamaica with a view to getting up evidence against Governor

Page 392

he migrated to London on Mr. Morley's nomination, he was placed on and entered the civil service as a temporary

Page 423

Sir William Har-court and Mr. John Morley, represented the supporters of Gladstone's home-rule policy at the abortive ' round-table' conference,