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Universal Pronouncing Dictionary of Biography and Mythology (Volume 2)

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Universal Pronouncing Dictionary of Biography and Mythology (Volume 2)

Universal Pronouncing Dictionary of Biography and Mythology (Volume 2)

Source : Internet Archive

Universal Pronouncing Dictionary of Biography and Mythology (Volume 2)

Universal Pronouncing Dictionary of Biography and Mythology (Volume 2)

Source : Internet Archive

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Page 46

Houchard, oo'shi R',* (Jean Nicolas,) a French general, bom at Forbach in 1742 He served in the anny

Page 54

Huat MW9 (Joseph Nicolas,) a French philosopher, born at Mattaincourt in 1690 , died in 1769.

Page 66

Huot, .48V, (Uan Jacques Nicolas,) a French naturalÎ81,born in Paris fn 1790, published a M Complete Manual of

Page 69

Huyot, fà'jNicolas.) a French architect, bom in Paris m 1780. He passed several years in

Page 89

Isnard, ès'ni V, (Achille Nicolas,) a French political economist and writer, bom in Paris , died about 1803.

Page 98

Jaley, zhf là', (Jban Louis Nicolas,) a skilfol French statuary, born in Paris in 1803. Among his works are

Page 236

Laugier, (Jean Nicolas,) a French engraver, bom mt Toulon in 1785, worked in Paris. Among his

Page 245

Leoat, lçh1cf, (Claude Nicolas,) an eminent French surgeon, born in Picardy ln 1700. He settled about 1739

Page 248

.Ledoux, Içh-c W, (Claude Nicolas,) a French architect, bom at Dormans in 1736. The most remark-able monuments of

Page 262

Lenoury, lfh-noo're', (Denis Nicolas,) a learned French monk, born at Dieppe in 14647. He devoted many yeara

Page 406

Marquet, mislc}', (François Nicolas,) a French hotanist, and physidan to Leopold, Duke of Lorraine, was born at

Page 428

Maultrot, mô't Ro', (Gabriel Nicolas,) a French jurist, born in Paris in 1714, published numerous treat-Ses on canon

Page 495

Monmerqué, mÔN'mêR'kà', (Louis Jean Nicolas,) a French littérateur, bom in Paris in 1782 He wrote many articles for

Page 511

Moreau, (Jacob Nicolas,) a French writer, bom at Saint-Florentin in 1717, was appointed historiographer of France

Page 524

Mouchet, nux/shi', (François Nicolas,) a skilful French painter of history and portraits, was born in Franche-Comté in

Page 569

Nloollet, ne/ko/lft/, Joseph Nicolas,) a French a§-tronomer and explorer, born in Savoy in 1786, or, as i

Page 569

ne'ko-lee'nee, the assumed name of Ernest Nicolas, a French vocalist, bom at Tours in 1834. After making successfal appearances in

Page 576

Noel, no'êl', (Alexis Nicolas,) a French landscape-painter and designer, bom near Paris in 1792, was a pupil

Page 580

Normand, no R'mo N', (Alfred Nicolas,) a French architect, bom in Paris in 1822. He obtained a medal of

Page 605

Ordinaire, or'de'nàR', (Claude Nicolas,) a French naturalisa born at Salins in 1736, published a ° Natural History

Page 622

Pache, ptsh, (Jean Nicolas,) a French revolutionist, born in Paris in 1746. He was controller of the

Page 626

Montabert, pf yo' deh mÔN'ti'bai*', (Jean Nicolas,) a French painter, bom at Troyes in 1771. He wrote a Complete Treatise

Page 699

Pis, pe'tf, (Philippe Nicolas,) a French chenriat, born in Paris in 1721. He introduced reforma in public

Page 704

Pigeau, pe'zhô', (Eustache Nicolas,) a French

Page 705

Pigoreau, pe'go W, (Alexandre Nicolas,) bom tai Paris in 1765, published a M Dictionnaire des Romanciers," or a

Page 766

Quatranère-Rolasy, ktt R'mai R' Rwi'se', (Jean Nicolas,) a French writer of biography and taies, born in Paris in 1754, was

Page 776

Rambaud, (Alfred Nicolas,) a French historian, bom at Besançon in 1842. He became minister of public

Page 780

Rapettl.ri-pet'tee, (Louis Nicolas,) a distingulshed jurist and biographer, bom at Bergamo in 1812. He wrote for

Page 786

Rasout, rf zoo', (Jean Nicolas,) a French general, born at Paris in 1772. He distinguished himself as general

Page 819

Sée Sta N. Harris Nicolas" " Life and Letter" of J. Ritaon," 1833: Haslrwooo, Life of J. Ritson,"

Page 822

Robert-Fleury, ro'bai R' fluh're7, (Joseph Nicolas,) + popular French historical painter, was born at Cologne in 1797. He was

Page 824

de, dçh ro'belÔN', ? (Esprit Benoît Nicolas,) an engineer and writer on metallurgy, etc, bom at Turin in 1724. He

Page 832

Rolle, (Pierre Nicolas,) a French writer, bom at Chitillon-sur-Seine in 1770, was author of " Researches

Page 1,042

Tardieu, (Jacques Nicolas,) a son of Nicolas Henri, noticed below, was born in Paris in 1716,

Page 1,140

Vaudrey, vô'd R}', (Claude Nicolas,) a French general, born at Dijon Sn f 782. He was a colonel

Page 1,141

Vauquelin, (Louïs Nicolas,) an eminent French chemist, bom near Pont-PÊvêque (Calvados) in May, 1763. He was