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Universal pronouncing dictionary of biography and mythology

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Universal pronouncing dictionary of biography and mythology

Universal pronouncing dictionary of biography and mythology

Source : Internet Archive

Universal pronouncing dictionary of biography and mythology

Universal pronouncing dictionary of biography and mythology

Source : Internet Archive

Results : NICOLAS

Page 122

AUou, floo', (Charles Nicolas,) a French arch-aeologist, bom in Paris in 1787, wrote an " Essay on

Page 135

Houssaye, iin'lo' deh li hoo's4', (Abraham Nicolas,) a French historical writer and translater, bom at Orléans in 1634. He was

Page 159

Annot, ifno', (Pierre Nicolas,) a French writer, bom fn 1762-, died in 1823.

Page 204

Arriquibar, ir-re-kee'bi R, (Don Nicolas.) a Spso-ish merchant of Bilboa, who about 1770 composéd " work of some

Page 256

Azara, de, (Don José Nicolas,) a brother of the preceding, distinguished as a writer, diplomatist, and patron of

Page 280

Baléchou, bî'là'shoo', (Jean Joseph Nicolas.) a celebrated French engraver, born at Arles in 1715. His full-length portrait of

Page 304

32rras. de, (Paul François Jean Nicolas,) Count, : of the lïrst five Directors of the French Republic, s bom

Page 315

Bassenge, bi'sfl', (Jean Nicolas.) a F poet bom at Liege in 175- He published, in co tion

Page 322

Baudot, bô'do', (Auguste Nicolas.) a French gène-n1, bom at Rennes in 1765, served under Moreau and Kleber,

Page 336

iregard, (Jean Nicolas,) a French Jesuit and

Page 337

Beauvallet, (Pierre Nicolas,) a French sculptor, bom at Havre in 1749, studied under Pajou. Among his

Page 340

pron. bl'zhai R' bi'kai R',1 (Léonard Nicolas,) Comte de Mons, a French general, bom at Obernheim in 1772 He was

Page 352

are at Rome. 'ene, bà'li'vin', (Jacques Nicolas.) Baron, ierdun in 1770, was appointed by Napoleon in

Page 353

Bellin, b J'll N"', (Jacques Nicolas,) a French h, grapher and enginecr of the marine, bom in Par 1703.

Page 379

legitiniist party, a "on of Pierre Nicolas, notieed below, bom in Paris on the 4th of January, 1790. lle studied

Page 384

Bescherelle, bàsh'rél', (Louis Nicolas,) an eminent French grammarian and lexicographer, born in Paris in 1502. Me tra.

Page 397

BUIerey, bél'rj' or be'ye-rà', (Claude Nicolas,) a French physician, born about 1667 at Besançon, where he was professor of

Page 399

Binninger, bin'ning-çr, (Jean Nicolas,) born a Montbelliard in 1628, was physician to the Duke of * Wurtemberg.

Page 429

Bonamy, (Pierre Nicolas,) a French historical writer, bom at Louvres in 1694 , died in 1770.

Page 454

and Puy-de-Dôme. Died 1878. Bouillet, (Marie Nicolas,) a French lexicographer, became inspector of the University of Paris, where he .ras

Page 462

Boyer, ( Baptiste Nicolas,) a French physi-cîan. bom at Marseilles in 1693, was conspicuous for his skill

Page 524

Cabat, kfbi', (Louis Nicolas,) a skilful French landscape-painter, bom in Paris in 1812. He produced in 1840

Page 604

Céré, si'ri', (Jean Nicolas,) a meritorious French naturalist, bom in the Ile de France in 1737, finished

Page 613

Chamfort, shôN'fo R', (Sébastien Roch Nicolas,) a succcssful and satirical French author, bom near Clermont in Auvergne in 1741,

Page 663

kli'mÔNzh', or Clémangis, klà'-m ON'zhèss', (Mathieu Nicolas,) a French theologian, was bom at Clamenges, near Châlons, about 1360. He was

Page 685

Cochin, ko'shâN', (Charles Nicolas,) a skilful French artist, born in Paris in 16SS. He engraved with

Page 686

Cochin, (Charles Nicolas,) an eminent French designer and engiavcr, bom in Paris in 1715, was the

Page 690

died in 1690. His brother, Jacques Nicolas, bom in Paris in 1654, became Archbishop of Rouen. He was admitted into

Page 729

Corvisart-Deamareta, kor've'zi R' dj'nil'ri', (Jean Nicolas,) an eminent French physician, born in Champagne in 1755. Having attended the lectures

Page 740

from his sons Antoine and Noël Nicolas, he was sometimes called Coypel le Poussin." Died in 1707.

Page 748

Crevaux, krçh-vô', (Jules Nicolas,) a French trav-eller, bom at Lorquin, in Lorraine, April i, 1847. He entered

Page 791

Davout, pronounced alike a S'voo', (Louis Nicolas,) Duke of Auerstadt and Prince of Eckmiihl, an able and successful French marshal,

Page 798

Delahaye, d'If hi', (Guillaume Nicolas,) a French map-engraver, bom in Paris in 1725, engraved all the works of

Page 801

Delisle, (Joseph Nicolas,) an eminent French as-tronomer, bom in Paris in 1688, was the son of

Page 823

His son, Antoine Nicolas, published Lives of Architects and Sculptors," (1787,) which is said to be incomplète

Page 864

Duchesne, (Antoine Nicolas,) a learned French nam r.ilist, bom at Versailles in 1747, wrote a "

Page 886

dii'zô'sh wl'dçh b&Rzh'-diô.n', (Joscf H François Nicolas,) a French littérateur, bom at Toul in 1761. He edited several journal" between

Page 960

Fabvier, fi've-à', (Charles Nicolas.) Baron, a French general, bom at Pont-à-Mousson in 17S2. He served'wiih distinction in

Page 966

los'ti N' di'zo'do'i R', (Antoine Étienne Nicolas,) a French historian, bom at Pont-de-Beauvoisin in 1738. Among his works is a

Page 1,052

Fririon, f Re're'ÔN', (François Nicolas,) Baron, a French general, bom in Lorraine in 1766. Ile distin-guished himself in

Page 1,058

Funk, , Lat. Func/cius A (Johann Nicolas,) a German philologist, bom at Marburg in 1693. Ile became professor of éloquence

Page 1,098

Gendrin, zhfi N'dal N', (Auguste Nicolas,) a French physician, bom at Châteaudun in 1796. Ite received the Montyon prize

Page 1,148

Gosse, (Louïs François Nicolas,) a French historical painter, born in Paris in 1787. Among his works are

Page 1,196

Guyot, (Joseph Nicolas,) a French jurist, bom in Lorraine in 1728, published, besides other wprks, a

Page 1,236

Sre Sm N. Haukis Nicolas, " Life and Times of Sil

Page 1,259

/SÔN're'ÔN' dçh pÔN's J', (Pierre Paul Nicolas,) a leamed French judge and