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Historical encyclopedia of Illinois

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Historical encyclopedia of Illinois

Historical encyclopedia of Illinois

Source : Internet Archive

Historical encyclopedia of Illinois

Historical encyclopedia of Illinois

Source : Internet Archive

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Page 159

defeating his former preceptor, Hon. John T. Stuart, being re-elected in 1866, and again in 1868, the latter year over

Page 169

Congress, but was defeated by John T. Stuart, his Whig opponent, was appointed Secretary of State in December, 1840, and,

Page 301

Governor, Nathaniel Pope, Secretary, and Alexander Stuart, Obadiah Jones and Jesse B. Thomas, Territorial Judges. (See Edwards, Ninian.) Stuart having

Page 308

Semple, afterwards United States Senator, John T. Stuart, Lincoln's law preceptor and partner, and later a Member of Congress, to

Page 310

after a bitter struggle, of John T. Stuart over Stephen A. Douglas from the Third District, by a majority of

Page 379

O. L. Mann, and Colonel Owen Stuart. General Lieb also led a company of veterans enlisted by himself, and General

Page 460

passed into the hands of William Stuart & Co., and, on April 9, 1839, its publishers began the issue of

Page 581

the son of Robert Stuart, a Presbyterian minister and Professor of Languages in Transylvania LTniversity, and related, on

Page 581

had been studying law under Mr. Stuart's advice and instruction, became his partner, the relationship continuing until 1841. He served

Page 581

STUART, John Todd, lawyer and Congressman, born near Lexington, Ky., Nov. 10, 1807

Page 615

borrowed from the late Hon. John T. Stuart of Springfield , was elected first County Recorder of Christian County and,

Page 680

the time a partner of John T. Stuart, who afterwards became the first partner in law of Abraham Lincoln. Mr.

Page 746

voted as a separate county. John T. Stuart, Whig, of Springfield, and Stephen A. Douglas, Democrat, were the opposing candidates

Page 772

George Gillman, Daniel Coan, Chester Stuart, Henry C. Dodge and Charles Ferson.