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Men and women of the time, a dictionary of contemporaries

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Men and women of the time, a dictionary of contemporaries

Men and women of the time, a dictionary of contemporaries

Source : Internet Archive

Men and women of the time, a dictionary of contemporaries

Men and women of the time, a dictionary of contemporaries

Source : Internet Archive

Results : CHARLES

Page 50

Garden* ARDAGH , Major-General Sir John Charles, K.C.I.E., C.B., son of the Rev.

Page 97

poems, , BERL, Theliev . George Charles, M.A., fifth in the succession as Master of Marlborough College, is the eldest

Page 126

the personal Adjutant of Prince Frederic Charles. On July 2, 1860, he became Colonel and Commander of the 31st, later

Page 151

BBODBIOK , The Hon. George Charles, LL.B., D.C.L., Warden of Merton + College, Oxford, is the second son of

Page 185

Hon. Field-Marshal H.R.H. George William Frederick Charles, KG., K.P., G.C.M.G., G.C.H., G.C.B., G.C.S.L.son of Adolphus Frederick, the 1st Duke, grandson

Page 211

youngest son of the late Robert Charles, Esq., of London and Carisbrooke, I.W., and was. born in 1539. He received

Page 215

OHSBMSIDE, Major-Oeneral Sir Herbert Charles, G.C.M.G., C.B., late of the Royal Engineers, was born at Wilton, near Salisbury,

Page 243

daughter of the late Prince Frederick Charles, and grand-niece of the late Smperor William of Germany. Her Royal Highness has

Page 246

Kensington, W. COOK, Charles Henry (John Bickerdyke "), M.A., novelist and journalist, was born in London in 1858. He was

Page 299

D A Y , Sir John Charles, son of Captain John Day, of the 49th Regiment, by Emily, daughter of

Page 319

Sir Charles Wentworth Dilke, Bart. Lady Dilke was long a writer in the Saturday and Westminster Reviews, and afterwards

Page 450

GORDON-LENNOX, The Bight Hon. Lord Walter Charles, was born in London on July 29, 1865, and is the youngest son

Page 482

of a great Cambridge man-Charles Darwin.

Page 536

RANDOLPH , The Rev. Prebendary Francis Charles, M.A., born at Truro, March 31, 1833, is the only son of the

Page 700

- NA8SAU , Orand-Duke o£ Adolphus-William Charles-Augustus-Frederick, was born at Bieb-rich, July 24, 1817, and married, at Dessau, April 23,

Page 876

PICKERING, Professor Edward Charles, American astronomer, was born at Boston, Massachusetts, July 19, 1846.

Page 931

Court, in the place of Mr. Justice Charles, resigned, and was knighted in May. He is favourably known to scholars

Page 936

1848, suc-ceeded his father, Duke Ferdinand Charles

Page 967

RYLE , The Sight Rev. John Charles, D.D., Bishop of Liverpool, eldest son of the late John Ryle, Esq., M.P.,

Page 1,034

Henry Bichard Charles, J.£., D.L, was born on Deo. 7, 1849, and is the second

Page 1,050

Lady Mary Keppel, daughter of William Charles, 4th Earl of Albemarle. He was educated privately and at Cains College, Cambridge,

Page 1,069

Charles Harbord, Bart., K.C.B., was born at Gunton Park, on Jan. 2, 1830, and is the son

Page 1,086

TERBY , Francois Joseph Charles, was born on Aug. 9, 1846, at Louvain, Belgium, in which city he

Page 1,103

TIRARD , Nestor Isidore Charles, M.D., F.RC.P., received his medical education at King's College Hospital, and obtained, amongst

Page 1,130

Agnes, third daughter of Prince Frederick Charles of Prussia , 8, H.RH. Prince Leopold George Duncan Albert, Duke of Albany,

Page 1,180

Edward Charles, D.D., Dean of Lincoln, was born on Dec. 7, 1854, at Brook Green,

Page 1,180

Charles Hudson, Mr. Hadow, and Lord Francis Douglas, and one of the guides.

Page 1,249

W. Martin, Cook, Charles Henry (John Bickerdyke), Cooper, Edward H., Coppee, F. E. J., Corelli, Marie , Cotes, Mrs. E.

Page 1,272

H . T. Buchnill, Sir John Charles, M.D.

Page 1,278

J. W. R. Dallas, Rev. Alex. R. Charles .' Dallas, G. M j July 10, Dallen, Giles , Oct. 26,

Page 1,284

Fraser, Rev. Donald, M.A., D.D Frederick Charles (Prince) Frederick William, Crown Prince of Germany Frederick William I. of Hesae-Cassel Freeman,

Page 1,298

Hon. W. N Massingberd, Rev. Francis Charles

Page 1,315

First Emperor of Germany William, Frederick Charles (see Wtirtemberg, King of) William III., King of the Netherlands William, Duke of