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Cahokia records, 1778-1790 (Volume v.2)

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Cahokia records, 1778-1790 (Volume v.2)

Cahokia records, 1778-1790 (Volume v.2)

Source : Internet Archive

Cahokia records, 1778-1790 (Volume v.2)

Cahokia records, 1778-1790 (Volume v.2)

Source : Internet Archive

Results : GERMAIN

Page 100

lo, 1780, another French agent, Jean de St.-Germain, was at Kaskaskia. He claimed to have come directly from France and

Page 207

made to the Court by Madame Germain, widow, praying that she be permitted to withdraw from the office of surrogate

Page 502

Magistrals PIERRE Brisson demandeur Contre Charles Germain deflfendeur Le demandeur demande au deflfendeur la Somme de Soixante dix livres pour

Page 503

Magistrats Pierre Brisson, Plaintiff, vs. Charles Germain, Defendant.

Page 505

Whereupon the Court condemned M. Germain to receive and take the joists, which shall be accepted by arbitrators as

Page 532

Charles Germain demandeur Contre M*" Dumoulin Le demandeur demande la somme de Cent livres pour

Page 535

Charles Germain, Plaintiff, vs. M. Dumoulin, Defendant.

Page 588

Extraordinaire a la demande de Charle Germain, aux temoins f I ordre a M*" trotier I

Page 588

Charles Germain I ordre a Louis p*" sequestre le Chelval in [sic]

Page 589

Specially at the prayer of Charles Germain.

Page 591

session at the prayer of Charles Germain, vs. Louis Gaud.

Page 591

M. Germain said that he claimed from Louis Gaud his horse which the savages had

Page 593

knowledge of the bargain of Charles Germain and Louis Gaud, and he said that he had knowledge, since he was

Page 594

marche Entre louis gaud Et Charles Germain a dit. qu Etant present Ches Louis gaud le jour que Germain y

Page 595

bargain between Louis Gaud and Charles Germain and he said that he was present at Louis Gaud's the day that

Page 633

M. Germain, traveler 65 " " M. Joseph Giroux 47 10

Page 806

century. He was son of Charles Germain, and married Catherine, daughter of Ignace Grondine, October la, 1783.