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The records of Aboyne, MCCXXX - MDCLXXXI

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The records of Aboyne, MCCXXX - MDCLXXXI

The records of Aboyne, MCCXXX - MDCLXXXI

Source : Internet Archive

The records of Aboyne, MCCXXX - MDCLXXXI

The records of Aboyne, MCCXXX - MDCLXXXI

Source : Internet Archive

Results : STUART

Page 266

who married Bessie, sister of Robert Stuart of Laithers, with issue : -William, married to Margaret Forbes of Brux ,

Page 375

Mr. William Johnstoun of Monkeigie Walter Stuart of Blairtounc William Leith of Harthill John Gordon of Rothmeyis Abram Rige of

Page 376

no correspondence with any of Charles Stuart's partie." The letter is unsigned, as it was sent by the Laird of

Page 464

Moray, first wife , Princess Annabella Stuart, second wife , Elizabetli Hay, third wife.

Page 496

Huntly, in 1 510 married Margaret Stuart, the illegitimate daughter of King James

Page 497

of Huntly had to pursue Margaret Stuart, his mother, Elizabeth Hay, the widow of the second Earl, and Elizabeth Gray,

Page 498

her gallant guardsman, the handsome Harry Stuart of Avondale, whose elevation to high office shortly followed.

Page 499

her divorce from Angus, married Harry Stuart of Avondale, which forced her to retire from the political arena. The Douglas

Page 503

the decreet of the Lords, Margaret Stuart, Lady Gordon, renounced the lordship, and to compensate her she had a life-rent

Page 523

into a coalition with Lord James Stuart against them.

Page 525

but instead of these Lord James Stuart, Lord Ruthven, and the Master * Cecil MSS. at Hatfield. -^ Scottish State

Page 525

On the following day Lord James Stuart-the bastard son of James V.-and the most treacherous and unscrupulous of men, wrote

Page 526

The secret meetings of Lord James Stuart, Argyll, and Athol roused a suspicion in his mind that they had designs

Page 527

only the interference of Lord James Stuart which prevented the slaughter, before her eyes, of the priest who celebrated mass

Page 528

with the intrigues of Lord James Stuart. The Earl at this time was treated coolly by the Queen, and, offended

Page 530

Erskine, the uncle of Lord James Stuart, the false enemy of his family. Apprehending danger, he refused to entrust himself

Page 536

of the marriage of Lord James Stuart with the daughter of Earl Marischal. He married Elizabeth Gordon, § relict of

Page 569

Mary Stuart was a dangerous prisoner, for notwithstanding her rigid confinement, she possessed an influence