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Universal pronouncing dictionary of biography and mythology

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Universal pronouncing dictionary of biography and mythology

Universal pronouncing dictionary of biography and mythology

Source : Internet Archive

Universal pronouncing dictionary of biography and mythology

Universal pronouncing dictionary of biography and mythology

Source : Internet Archive

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Page 10

Mary Stuart ," where the poet, with the obvious intention of obliging his countrymen to

Page 75

in 1772 to the Pretender Charles Stuart, a grandson of James II., from whom she was separated in 1780.

Page 94

(wife of the Pretender, Charles Edward Stuart,) who inspired his wayward heart with a lasting passion. (See Albany, Countess of.)

Page 94

Mary Stuart," "

Page 99

which are the Parting of Charles Stuart and Flora Macdonald," and The Murder of Regent Murray." He was elected academician

Page 152

Arabella Stuart. See Stuart.

Page 236

devoted to the cause of Mary Stuart, was executed in 1586 for having conspired against the life of Queen Elizabeth.

Page 328

which are " Memoirs of Elizabeth Stuart, Queen of Bohemia ," "

Page 369

Black'ie, (John Stuart,) a Scottish classical scholar and writer, born in Glasgow in 1809. He produced

Page 369

in French, The Martyrdom of Mary Stuart," (1588,) and several Latin works. Died in 1613.

Page 414

this object without difficulty. (See Mary Stuart.) The principal nobility having taken arms against him, he escaped to the Orkneys,

Page 424

Biographia Britannica." Boyd, (Hugh Stuart,) an English writer and Greek scholar. He translated into English some of the

Page 456

Dictionary of Eminent Scotsmen Buchan, (John Stuart,) Earl of, born in 1380,1

Page 477

Bute, (John Stuart,) Earl of, a British statesman, born in Scotland in 1713. He became in

Page 503

he proclaimed at Sanquhar that Charles Stuart had forfeited the crown.

Page 576

Charles I., (Charles Stuart,) King of England, the third son of James I. and Anne of Denmark,

Page 582

Histoire des Francais." Charles Ed-ward Stuart, called the Pretender, born at Rome in 1720 or 1721, was a

Page 587

See Mignet, Histoire de Marie Stuart," Brant&mk, M^moires." Chasteler, du, dii shat'li', (Jean Gabriel,) Marquis, an eminent general in

Page 615

of his granddaughters, Mary and Anne Stuart, became queens of England. His celebrated History was published in 1702. His majesty

Page 635

Clotilde" and Maria Stuart." Coccopani, kok-ko-pa'nee, (Giovanni,) an Italian artist, born at Florence in 1582, was versed

Page 655

wrote a " Life of Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots," (1624.) Died in 1640.

Page 678

Monuments of Cairo," (1827.) Costello, (Louisa Stuart.) a popular authoress, was born in Ireland in 1815. She wrote, among other

Page 725

History of [Queen] Mary Stuart," (1850,) and poetical versions of Job and the Psalms of David.

Page 726

Darn Tey, (Henry Stuart,) Lord, a Scottish noble, born in England about 1545, was the son of

Page 726

ix., x., Mignet, Histoire de Marie Stuart." Darondeau,dt'rd.N'd6',(STANl SLAS.) a French painter of genre and religious subjects, born about 1800,

Page 726

responsibility of this crime, see Mary Stuart.

Page 730

was succeeded by his nephew, Robert Stuart, or Robert II.

Page 733

warrant for the execution of Mary Stuart, which she signed. After the execution (1587) she disowned the act, and threw

Page 735

1804. Among his works are Mary Stuart departing from France," and The Death of Moliere." Died in 1850.

Page 789

in the time of Queen Mary Stuart.

Page 833

marriage of Edward with Mary Stuart.

Page 843

in right of his wife, Mary Stuart, Elizabeth retaliated by ^ sending an army to Scotland, which drove the French

Page 844

Frederick of Bohemia and Elizabeth Stuart of England, was born in 1618. She received lessons in philosophy from Descartes,

Page 844

was executed in 1587, see Mary Stuart.

Page 932

him in 1586 to attend Mary Stuart at her execution , but she declined to listen to his exhortations. He

Page 959

1558 he married the beautiful Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots, and on the 10th of July,

Page 1,022

Sophia, the youngest daughter of Elizabeth Stuart, Queen of Bohemia, who was a sister of Charles I. of England.

Page 1,022

of 1745 the Pretender Charles Edward Stuart landed in Scotland, and raised a formidable rebellion. His army took Edinburgh, and

Page 1,125

his office about 1554. After Mary Stuart became a captive in England, he was the chief of a party which

Page 1,173

It was acrimoniously criticised by Gilbert Stuart when it first appeared, but was commended by Hume. Died in 1790.

Page 1,263

over his vouthful mind. Captain James Stuart held the second place in the king's esteem. Lord D'Aubigny was created Duke

Page 1,281

during the Fronde." and " Mary Stuart leaving Scotland." Died in 1537.

Page 1,339

was the one antagonist whom Mary Stuart could not soften nor Maitland deceive , he it was that raised the

Page 1,350

Letters, Instructions, and Memoirs of Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots," (7 vols., 1844.) La Barbinais le Gentil, IS ba R'be'n

Page 1,366

zeal for the cause of Mary Stuart induced her to make an attempt against the life of Queen Elizabeth. Her

Page 1,392

was much admired. His drama Marie Stuart" (1820) had a great success, and is called his capital work. In 1828

Page 1,408

LSn'ox, (Matthew Stuart,) Earl of, a Scottish nobleman, was the father of Lord Darnley. In 1544

Page 1,421

the Delaware," John Knox and Mary Stuart," "

Page 1,431

of law in earnest, with John T. Stuart as his partner. In November, 1542, he married Miss Mary Todd, daughter

Page 1,488

Culloden, (1746,) the Pretender Charles Edward Stuart became a fugitive, and was hunted from place to place by the king's

Page 1,491

to London, where he married Catherine Stuart in 1789. His fluent elocution, admirable temper, and refined manner3

Page 1,538

History of Mary Stuart," and a Latin poem entitled "

Page 1,543

so many noticeable qualities as Mary Stuart : with a feminine insight into men and things and human life, she

Page 1,544

but Mary preferred her cousin Henry Stuart, Lord Darnley, (a son of the Earl of Lennox,) whom she married on

Page 1,544

Froude, "refused positively to name Mary Stuart her successor, knowing that she would be signing her own deathwarrant." These words

Page 1,544

The Scottish Estates sent Lord James Stuart, Mary's half-brother, to invite her to Scotland and to offer her the free

Page 1,544

Vie de Marie Stuart,' 3 vols., 1743: Gentz, Marie Stuart's Leben." 1709, Sc HUHTZ ''

Page 1,589

II.," (1845,) His tory of Mary Stuart," (1851,)

Page 1,590

Chalmers, General Biographical Dictionary." Mill, (John Stuart,) an eminent English philosopher and economist, son of James Mill, author of the

Page 1,627

Moray, Eari. of. See Murray, (James Stuart.) Moray or Murray, mur're, (Sir Robert,) one of the founders of the Royal

Page 1,650

," Mignet, " Histoire de Marie Stuart." Murray, (Johan Anders,) a Swedish physician and botanist, bom at Stockholm in 1740,

Page 1,650

Murray or Moray, (James Stuart,) Earl of, often called Regent Murray, born about 1533, was a natural son

Page 1,673

New'ton, (Gilbert STUART,)a distinguished painter, of English extraction, born at Halifax, Nova Scotia, in 1794. He

Page 1,709

1858," and " Mary Stuart's Farewell to France." Onesiciite. See Onesicritus.

Page 1,787

Phelps, (Elizabeth Stuart,) an American writer, a daughter of Professor Moses Stuart, D.D , was born

Page 1,787

writer, a daughter of Professor Moses Stuart, D.D , was born at Andover, Massachusetts, in 181 5. She published a

Page 1,842

Pretender, The Second. See Charles Edward Stuart.

Page 1,863

Marie Stuart" and Joan of Arc." In

Page 1,890

in 1722. In company with James Stuart, he went to Greece about 1750 and spent two years in exploring and

Page 1,899

1612, was a nephew of Ludovic Stuart, noticed below.

Page 1,906

injurious influence of Rizzio over Mary Stuart, says,

Page 1,910

names of Edward Robinson and Moses Stuart," says R. W. Griswold,

Page 1,975

(" Die lungfrau von Orleans,") Mary Stuart," and The Bride of Messina," (Die Braut von Messina.") He was associated with

Page 2,006

James by his marriage with Arabella Stuart, who was a cousin of the king. In the civil war he fought

Page 2,012

Charles Stuart, Memoirs of G. Sharp," New York, 1836.

Page 2,031

Skinner, (John Stuart,) an American journalist and agricultural writer, born in Maryland in 1788. In

Page 2,032

Maria Stuart," and other dramas. Died in 1851.

Page 2,080

1575, was a daughter of Charles Stuart, Duke of Lennox, (a brother of Lord Darnley,) and was a cousin german

Page 2,080

afterwards made Marquis of Hertford. Arabella Stuart was a woman of superior talents and high spirit.

Page 2,081

Stti'art de Rothe'say, (roth'sa,) (Charles Stuart,) Lord, a distinguished British diplomatist, grandson of Lord Bute, was born in 1779.

Page 2,106

1786. In 1812 he succeeded Moses Stuart as pastor of the First Congregational Church at New Haven, and in 1822

Page 2,180

law for a time under Gilbert Stuart, he visited Europe, where he spent several years, and produced his

Page 2,255

dated October 6, addressed to Mr. Stuart, he says,

Page 2,277

II., Prince of Orange, and Mary Stuart, a daughter of Charles I. of England, and was styled Prince of Orange