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Universal pronouncing dictionary of biography and mythology

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Universal pronouncing dictionary of biography and mythology

Universal pronouncing dictionary of biography and mythology

Source : Internet Archive

Universal pronouncing dictionary of biography and mythology

Universal pronouncing dictionary of biography and mythology

Source : Internet Archive

Results : NICOLAS

Page 103

Allou, i'loo', (Charles Nicolas,) a French archaeologist, born in Paris in 1787. He wrote an Essay on

Page 112

Amanton or Amanthon, f'm&N't AN', (Claude Nicolas,) a judge at Dijon, in France, and a writer on biography and local

Page 115

Houssaye, im'lo' deh IS hoo'si', (Abraham Nicolas,) a French historical writer and translator, born at Orleans in 1634. He was

Page 137

Annot,i'no', (Pierre Nicolas,) a French writer, born in 1762 , died in 1823.

Page 140

Anthoine, (Francois Paul Nicolas,) a French general and politician, born in 1720. He was elected in 1789

Page 183

Rime," (1604.) Arriquibar, Jr-re-kee'ba R, (Don Nicolas,) a Span-

Page 233

History, etc." Azara, de, (Don Jose Nicolas,) a brother of the preceding, distinguished as a writer, diplomatist, and patron of

Page 256

Balechou, bi'la'shoo', (Jean Joseph Nicolas,) a celebrated French engraver, born at Aries in 171 5. His full-length portrait

Page 268

Barbier-Vemars, bi R'be-4' vi'mt V, (Joseph Nicolas,) a French philologist, born at Louvres in 1775. He aided in the compilation

Page 278

Barras, de, (Paul Franqois Jean Nicolas,) Count, one of the first five Directors of the French Republic, was born

Page 288

Bassenge, b S'so Nzh', (Jean Nicolas,) a Flemish poet, born at Liege in 1758. He published, in conjunction with

Page 294

Baudot, bo'do', (Auguste Nicolas,) a French general, born at Rennes in 1765, served under Moreau and Kleber,

Page 298

Bavoux, ba'voo', (Evariste,) son of Francois Nicolas, noticed below, was a deputy in 1852 to the legislative body. He was

Page 305

a year. Died '" >775-See M. Nicolas, Notice sur la Vie, etc de L. A. de la Beaumelle." 1552, Charles

Page 306

Beauregard, (Jean Nicolas,) a French Jesuit an popular preacher, born at Metz in 1731 , died

Page 307

Preaux, bo'vi' deh p Ra'6', (Charles Nicolas,) a French physician and writer, born at Orleans in 1745. As a member

Page 307

Beauvallet, (Pierre Nicolas,) a French sculptor, born at Havre in 1749, studied under Pajou. Among his

Page 310

pron. bi'zhaiit' b&'kai R', J (Leonard Nicolas,) Comte de Mons, a French general, born at Obernheim in 1770. He was

Page 318

Ballu, beh-ll N' deh bt'lii', (Jacques Nicolas,) a French scholur, born in Paris in 1753, became professor of Greek in

Page 321

Bellavene, bNicolas,) Baron, born at Verdun in 1770, was appointed by Napoleon in 1812 inspector-general

Page 322

Bellin, b&'la N', (Jacques Nicolas,) a French hydrographer and engineer of the marine, born in Paris in 1703.

Page 345

legitimist party, a son of Pierre Nicolas, noticed below, born in Paris on the 4th of January, 1790. He studied

Page 346

Regne de Louis XV." Berryer, (Pierre Nicolas,) a French jurist and eloquent pleader, born at Sainte-Menehould in 1757, was the

Page 350

Bescherelle, b Jsh're V, (Louis Nicolas,) an eminent French grammarian and lexicographer, born in Paris in 1802. He was

Page 362

Billerey, bei'ri' or be'ye-r V, (Claude Nicolas.) a French physician, born about 1667 at Besancon, where he was professor of

Page 362

(or - Varennes,) be'yo' vi'ren', (Jacques Nicolas,) a French Jacobin, born at La Ro chelle in 1756. As a member

Page 364

of Eminent Scotsmen.*' Binninger, bin'ning-er, (Jean Nicolas,) born at Montbelliard in 1628, was physician to the Duke of Wurtemberg.

Page 376

Blouet, bloo'A', (Jean Francois Nicolas,) a French journalist and litterateur, born at Metz in 1745, wrote on agriculture,

Page 391

Bonamy, (Pierre Nicolas,) a French historical writer, born at Louvres in 1694, died in 1770.

Page 417

Bouillet, (Marie Nicolas,) a F'rencn lexicographei, became inspector of the University of Paris, where he was

Page 417

Bouilly, boo'ye', (Jean Nicolas,) a French dramatist and miscellaneous writer, born in the department of Indre-et-Loire in

Page 424

Boyer, (Jean Baptiste Nicolas,) a French physician, born at Marseilles in 1693, was conspicuous for his skill

Page 456

bii Ssh' deh If nuh'vel', (Jean Nicolas,) a French geographer, a relation of the preceding, born at Neuville-en-Pont in 1741,

Page 480

Buzot, bii'zo', (Francois Leonard Nicolas,) an eminent French Girondist, born at Evreux in 1760, was an advocate before

Page 483

Cabat, ki'b3', (Louis Nicolas,) a skilful French landscape-painter, born in Paris in 181 2. He produced in

Page 559

Cere, si'ri', (Jean Nicolas,) a meritorious French naturalist, born in the He de France in 1737, finished

Page 567

Chamfort, sho N'fo R', (Sebastien Roch Nicolas,) a successful and satirical French author, born near Clermont in Auvergne in 1741,

Page 572

CHAPMAN Chantreau, shi N't Ro', (Pierre Nicolas,) a French litllnitatr, born in Paris in 1741. Besides other works, he published

Page 614

S'm&Nzh', or Clemangis, kla'mo N'zhess', (Mathieu Nicolas,) a French theologian, was born at Clamenges, near Chalons, about 1360. He was

Page 639

died in 1690. His brother, Jacques Nicolas, born in Paris in 1654, became Archbishop of Rouen. He was admitted into

Page 666

Coomans, ko'mans or ko'mfi.N , (Jean Baptists Nicolas,) a Belgian writer, born at Brussels in 1813. He edited the Journal

Page 676

Corvisart-Desmarets, kor've'za V di'm S'ri', (Jean Nicolas,) an eminent French physician, born in Champagne in 1755. Having attended the lectures

Page 686

from his sons Antoine and Noel Nicolas, he was sometimes called Coypel le Poussin." Died in 1707.

Page 733

Davout, pronounced alike d S'voo', (Louis Nicolas,) Duke of Auerstadt and Prince of Eckmiihl, an able and successful French marshal,

Page 739

Delahaye, d'li'hj', (Guillaume Nicolas,) a French map-engraver, born in Paris in 1725, engraved all the works of

Page 742

Niceron, Memoires," Biographie Universelle." Delisle, (Joseph Nicolas,) an eminent French astronomer, born in Paris in 1688, was the son of

Page 746

Derneuuier, da'muh'ne^', or Desmeunier, d&'muh'ne-a', (Jean Nicolas,) an able French writer, born at Nozeroyin 1751. He was secretary of Monsieur

Page 757

Desmolets, dj'mo'li', (Pierre Nicolas.) a learned French compiler, born in Paris in 1678, became a priest of

Page 801

M^moires," Lelong, Bibliotheqtte Historique." Duchesne, (Antoine Nicolas,) a learned French naturalist, born at Versailles in 1747, wrote a " Manual

Page 802

Ducloz-Dufresnoy, dii'klo' du'f Ri'nwa', (Charles Nicolas,) a French financier, born at Montcornet in 1734. He was elected alternate deputy

Page 822

Bergemont, du'zo'shwa'deh binzh'md N', (Joseph Francois Nicolas,) a French litterateur, born at Toul in 1761. He edited several journals between

Page 891

Fabvier, ft"ve-A', (Charles Nicolas,) Baron, a French general, born at Pont-a-Mousson in 1782. He served with distinction

Page 952

Contamine, fooit'ne-a' deh IS 1Nicolas,) a French bishop, born at Gex in 1760. By the influence of Cardinal

Page 975

Gerierale." Fririon, f Re're'o N', (Francois Nicolas,) Baron, a French general, born in Lorraine in 1766. He distinguished himself in

Page 981

Funck or Funk, [Lat. Func'cius,] (Johann Nicolas,) a German philologist, born at Marburg in 1693.

Page 1,018

Gendrin, zh S.N'd Ka N', (Auguste Nicolas,) a French physician, born at Chateaudun in 1796. He received the Montyon prize

Page 1,027

Italiani illustri." Gerdy, zhe R'de', (Pierre Nicolas,) a French physician and surgeon, born at Loches (Aube) in 1797.

Page 1,065

Gosse, (Louis Francois Nicolas,) a French historical painter, born in Paris in 1787. Among his works are

Page 1,108

Guyot, (Joseph Nicolas,') a French jurist, born in Lorraine in 1728, published, besides other works, a

Page 1,146

See Sir N. Harris Nicolas, "

Page 1,166

N' deh po N'si', (Pierre Paul Nicolas,) a learned French judge and jurist, born near Ligny, in Lorraine, in 1742.

Page 1,219

des Graveurs." Houchard, oo'sht R'," (Jean Nicolas,) a French general, born at Forbach in 1740. He served in the army

Page 1,235

Huot, Au'o', (Juan Jacques Nicolas,) a French naturalist, born in Paris in 1790, published a Complete Manual of

Page 1,238

Huyot, /ni'yo', (Jean Nicolas,) a French architect, born in Paris in 1780. He passed several years in

Page 1,263

Jaley, zht'li', (Jean Louis Nicolas,) a skilful Krench statuary, born in Paris in 1802. Among his works are

Page 1,392

Lecat, leh'k3', (Claude Nicolas,) an eminent French surgeon, born in Picardyin 1700. He settled about 1733

Page 1,395

Ledoux, leh-doo', (Claude Nicolas,) a French architect, lx>rn at Dormans in 1736. The most remarkable monuments of

Page 1,408

Nouvelle Biographie G^nerale." Lenourry, leh-noo're', (Denis Nicolas,) a learned French monk, born at Dieppe in 1647. He devoted many years

Page 1,457

Loriquet, lo're'kj', (Jean Nicolas,) a French Jesuit and historical writer, born at fipernay in 1760. He published

Page 1,532

Marjolin, m SR'zho'la N', (Jean Nicolas,) a French writer and surgeon, born in 1780, died in 1850.

Page 1,535

Frkiier, (Marquard.) Marquet, ma Vk^', (Francois Nicolas,) a French botanist, and physician to Leopold, Duke of Lorraine, was born at

Page 1,613

Poets." Monmerque, mos'me Vka', (Louts Jean Nicolas,) a French litterateur, born in Paris in 1780. He wrote many articles for

Page 1,629

Moreau, (Jacob Nicolas,) a French writer, born at Saint-Florentin in 1717, was appointed historiographer of France

Page 1,640

Mouchet, moo'shi', (Francois Nicolas,) a skilful French painter of history and portraits, was born in Franche-Comte in

Page 1,679

Nicollet, ne'ko'l^', (Joseph Nicolas,) a French astronomer and explorer, born in Savoy in 1786, or, as some

Page 1,684

Nivelle, ne've V, (Gabriel Nicolas,) a - French Jansenist, born in 1687, was the author of

Page 1,686

Noel, no'el', (Alexis Nicolas,) a French landscapepainter and designer, born near Paris in 1792, was a pupil

Page 1,689

Normand, iior'uion', (Alfred Nicolas,) a French architect, born in Paris in 1822. He obtained a medal of

Page 1,712

Nouvelle Biographie Generale." Ordinaire, or'de'n&R', (Claude Nicolas,) a French naturalist, born at Salins in 1736, published a Natural History of

Page 1,720

Ossat, d. Osselin, os'la V, (Charles Nicolas,) a French Jacobin and lawyer, born in Paris in 1754. He became in

Page 1,728

See Pace, (Richard.) Pache, pish, (Jean Nicolas,) a French revolutionist, born in Paris in 1746. He was controller of the

Page 1,731

S'yo' deh md N'tt'bai R', (Jean Nicolas,) a French painter, born at Troves in 1771. He wrote a Complete Treatise

Page 1,797

Pia, pe'I", (Philippe Nicolas,) a French chemist, born in Paris in 1721. He introduced reforms in public

Page 1,801

Italiani lllustri." Pigoreau, pe'go'r S', (Alexandre Nicolas,) born in Paris in 1765, published a " Dictionnaire des Romanciers," or a

Page 1,801

Nouvelle Biographie Generale." Pigeau, pe'zho', (Eustache Nicolas,) a French jurist, born near Senlis in 1750. He published

Page 1,859

Quatremere -Roissy, ktt K'maiu' Rwa'se', (Jean Nicolas,) a French writer of biography and tales, born in Paris in 1754, was

Page 1,871

Ransonnette, rds'so'n St', (Charles Nicolas,) a French engraver, born in Paris in 1797. He engraved plates for several

Page 1,872

Rapetti, ra-pet'tee, (Louis Nicolas,) a distinguished jurist and biographer, born at Be Vgamo in 1812. He wrote

Page 1,877

Razout, r S'zoo', (Jean Nicolas,) a French general, born at Paris in 1772. He distinguished himself as general

Page 1,908

Robert-Fleury, ro'bai R' fluh're', (Joseph Nicolas,) a popular French historical painter, was born at Cologne in 1797. He was

Page 1,910

de, deh ro'be'ld N', ? (Esprit BENofr Nicolas,) an engineer and writer on metallurgy, etc., born at Turin in 1724.

Page 1,916

"great service to science." Rolle, (Pierre Nicolas,) a French writer, born at Chatillon-sur-Seine in 1770, was author of " Researches

Page 2,101

Tardieu, (Jacques Nicolas,) a son of Nicolas Henri, noticed below, was born in Paris in 1716,

Page 2,187

Vaudrey, vo'd R^', (Claude Nicolas,) a French general, born at Dijon in 1784. He was a colonel in

Page 2,188

Vauquelin, (Louis Nicolas,) an eminent French chemist, born near Pont-l'Eveque (Calvados) in May,

Page 2,206

Vincent, (Francois Nicolas,) a violent French Jacobin, born in Paris in 1767, belonged to the faction

Page 2,234

Izaak Walton," by Sir N. Harris Nicolas, 1836.