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Universal pronouncing dictionary of biography and mythology

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Universal pronouncing dictionary of biography and mythology

Universal pronouncing dictionary of biography and mythology

Source : Internet Archive

Universal pronouncing dictionary of biography and mythology

Universal pronouncing dictionary of biography and mythology

Source : Internet Archive

Results : CHARLES

Page 45

Nouvelle Biographie G^nfirale." Abbatucci, (Jacques Pierre Charles,) a French lawyer, born in Corsica in 1791, was a grandson of Carlo

Page 63

Adam, S'dfi N', (Adolphe Charles,) a popular composer, born in Paris in 1803, was a son of Jean

Page 95

Albert, d', (Eugen Francis Charles,) composer, born at Glasgow, of French parents, in 1864. He gained high distinction

Page 131

Alvensleben, von, (Philip Charles,) Count, a f'.iplomatist in the service of Prussia, born at Hanover in 1745,

Page 210

Arsenne, t R'sgn', (Louis Charles,) a French painter, born in Paris in 1790, was a pupil of David.

Page 221

Aspre, d', dtsp R, (Constant Ghilain Charles van Hoobrouck-vtn h5'b R6wk,) Baron, a general, born at Ghent in 1754. He

Page 235

Aubry, (Philippe Charles,) a French translator and poet, born at Versailles in 1744, was a teacher

Page 235

Aubry, (Claude Charles,) a French general, bom at Bourg-en-Bresse in 1773. For his services on the

Page 235

Aubry, (Jacques Charles,) a French jurist, born m

Page 240

Augereau, (Pierre Francjois Charles,) Due de Castiglione, (kts'tig'le'on',) a celebrated F"reiich general, born in Paris in

Page 255

" Histoire Universelle." Aviler, t've'li', (Augustin Charles,) a French architect, born in Paris in 1653, studied in Rome, with the

Page 276

Bailleul, bi'yul' or bt'e-yu K, (Jacques Charles,) a French advocate, born near Havre in 1762, was a moderate member of

Page 294

Baquoy, (Pierre Charles,) son of Jean Charles, noticed above, was born in Paris in 1759. His

Page 294

Baquoy, bt'kwy, (Jean Charles,) a French engraver, born in Paris in 1721. He executed the vignettes for

Page 346

artist and an instructor, Beckwith, (John Charles,) an English general and philanthropist, born in 1790. He served on the staff

Page 385

Berthelin, b^Rt'l^N', (Pierre Charles,) a Frencn writer on lexicography, born in Paris about 1720, died in 1780.

Page 386

Berthot, b SR'to', (Clement Louis Charles,) a French writer, born in Haute-Marne in 1758, wr

Page 408

Bis Bon, be's/)N', (Louis Charles,) Bishop of Bayeux, born in the department of Manche in 1742 , died

Page 422

bok'si', written also Bocska, (Robert Nicolas Charles,) a French musician and composer, born at Montmedy in 1789. He studied in

Page 445

Bonnard, (Jacques Charles,) a French architect, born in Paris in 1765, was a pupil of Renard,

Page 488

Brod'rick, (George Charles,) an English lawyer, a son of Lord Midleton, born at Castle Rising,

Page 501

Brunet, (Jacques Charles,) a French bibliographer, born in Paris in 1780, published Manuel du Libraire et

Page 540

Caigniez, kin'ye-i', (Louis Charles,) a French dramatist, born at Arras in 1762, was called the Racine of

Page 552

Cambridge, (George William Frederick Charles,) Uuke of, a British general, son of the preceding, and a cousin of

Page 599

Catalan, kt'tt'lft N', (Eugene Charles,) a French geometer, born in 1814. He acquired distinction as a teacher, and

Page 607

Cavendish, (Frederick Charles,) Lord, an English statesman, second son of the Duke of Devonshire, and brother

Page 608

Cavendish, (William Charles.) See Bentinck.

Page 609

Cayx, k^ (RAmi Jean Baptiste Charles,) a French historian, born at Cahors about 1795. He published a History of

Page 631

CHARLEMA GNE 613 CHARLES Charlemagne, (Jean Armand,) a French author, born at Bourget in 1759. He served against the

Page 632

Spaniards fought for his rival, Philip V. Charles entered Madrid with an army in 1706, but was soon driven out

Page 635

(Carlos) I. of Spain. See Charles V. Charles (or Carlos) II., King of Spain, the son of Philip IV., was

Page 635

Charles (Carlos) I. of Spain. See Charles V. Charles (or Carlos) II., King of Spain, the

Page 638

Charles (Carlo) m., (Ferdinand Joseph Victor Balthasar de Boukbon,) Duke of Parma, the son of the

Page 638

was married about 1851 to Andrew P. Charles, Esq., of London. She jiublished a number of fictitious works, which have

Page 648

Ch^garay, shi'g Tr^', (Michel Charles,) a French advocate, born at Bayonne in 1802. He became a judge of

Page 650

Chen B, sheh-nii', (Jean Charles,) a French physician and naturalist, born at Metz in 1808. He published An

Page 665

Ciceri, s Js're', (Pi Erre Luc Charles,) a French scene-painter of wide reputation, was born at Saint-Cloud in 1782. He

Page 732

Coquerel, kok'r Sl'."(Athanase Laurent Charles,) a French Protestant divine, born in Paris in 1795. He began to preach

Page 781

oil'las, (Alexander Robert Charles,) an English clergyman, first-cousin of George M. Dallas, and a son of Robert

Page 781

Dallas, and a son of Robert Charles, noticed below. After serving as an officer in the army for some years,

Page 782

Dallas, (Robert Charles,) a brother of A. J. Dallas, noticed above, a British author, born in

Page 812

(1860,) etc. ^ Delescluze, d'14'kliiz', (Louis Charles,) a French communist, born at Dreux, October 2, 1809. Early in life he

Page 817

Demeulemeester, d?h-muh'l?h-mas't?r, ? (Joseph Charles,) a Belgian engraver, born at Bruges in 1771.

Page 829

Desnoyer, di'nwi'yi', (Louis Fpji^Ngois Charles,) a prolific French dramatist, born at Amiens in 1806, died in 1858.

Page 858

Dongelberge, de, d?h dong'?l-b8RG'?h, (Henri Charles,) a Belgian historian, bom probably at Brussels in 1593 , died in 1660.

Page 893

Dupin, (FRANgois Pierre Charles,) Baron, a distinguished French geometer and senator, brother of ..ndr^, noticed above, was

Page 894

dii'pi N' d?h lu R, (Jacques Charles,) a French Liberal legislator, born at Neubourg (L'Eure) in 1767. He was a

Page 901

His brother, Henri Charles, born in 1770, wrote a

Page 930

El'son, (Louis Charles,) musical critic and lecturer, bom at Boston, Massachusetts, in 1849, edited the "

Page 934

See Mrs. Charles, Martyrs of Spain," etc.

Page 936

En'gle-field, (Sir Henry Charles,) M.P., an English antiquary and astronomer, born in 1752, was a person of

Page 975

Fahie, foy, (Sir William Charles,) a British admiral, born in 1763 , died in 1833.

Page 984

Farrer, (Thomas Charles,) an English painter, born in London, December 16, 1538. His father would not

Page 986

Fauriel, fo're-gl', (Claude Charles,) an eminent French piiilologist and historian, born at Saint-fitienne in 1772, was a

Page 986

Favart, ft'v Sk', (Antoine Pierre Charles,) a French dramatist and painter, born in Paris in 1784-Favart, (Charles Simon,) a

Page 1,025

Folard, de, deh fo'lt R', (Jean Charles,) a French officer and tactician, born at Avignon in 1669, entered the army

Page 1,049

Francis, (Jean Charles.) See Francois.

Page 1,051

Frangoia, f Rfl N'swl', (Jean Charles,) a French engraver, born at Nancy in 1717. He was the inventor of

Page 1,059

Frederick Charles, (or Friedrich Karl,) Prince of Prussia, a nephew of the king, Wilhelm I.,

Page 1,062

Fre'm Snt', (John Charles,) the Pathfinder" of the Rocky Mountains, an American explorer and general, born at

Page 1,095

Garnier, (Jean Louis Charles,) a French architect, born at Paris in 1825. He gained the great prize

Page 1,096

Gar'r'ett, (Alexander Charles,) D.D., LL.D., was born at Ballymot, county of Sligo, Ireland, November 4, 1832.

Page 1,102

Gaudin, (Martin Michel Charles,) Duke of Gaeta, an able French minister of finance, born at Saint-Denis, near

Page 1,114

Biographic G^n^rale." Genest or Gen§t, (Edmond Charles,) a French diplomatist, born at Versailles about 1765, was a brother of Madame

Page 1,141

Buzareingues, zhe'roo' deh bii'zfri Ng', (Louis FRANgois Charles,) a French physiologist and writer on agriculture, born in 1773 5 ^'^"^

Page 1,201

Gu6rard, gi rt R', (Benjamin Edme Charles,) a French antiquary, born at Montbard in 1797. He was an assistant librarian

Page 1,206

deh gfe'ye-me'no' or g SI'me'no', (Armand Charles,) Comte, a French general and diplomatist, born at Dunkirk in 1774. He served

Page 1,241

Died in 1870. His son, Philip Charles, also an architect, worked in conjunction with his father in several edifices, and

Page 1,242

in conjunction with his brother, Julius Charles, Guesses at Truth." He composed two volumes of Sermons, (1837,) which have been

Page 1,294

Herpin, /^Sr'p^n', (Jean Charles,) a French writer on rural economy, born at Metz in 1798. Died in

Page 1,295

Henries, h Sr'rfez, (John Charles,) a British financier, born about 1780. He became secretary of the treasury in

Page 1,311

a goddess, whose ! Ho'bart, (Augustus Charles,) known as Hobart office it is to watch over those whom Frigga wishes

Page 1,312

Hobbs, (Alfred Charles,) an American lock expert, born at Charlestown, Massachusetts, in 1812.

Page 1,328

Hope, (Thomas Charles,) an eminent teacher of chemistry, born in Edinburgh in 1766, was a son

Page 1,364

and Critical Dictionary." Ineledon,ink'el-d Qn, (Benjamin Charles,) an English vocalist, born in Cornwall in 1764, served several years in the

Page 1,366

Died in 1812. His brother, Pierre Charles, born in Paris in 1746, was also a successful engraver. Died in 1800.

Page 1,380

Jacob de Saint-Charles, zht'kob' d^h s&n shd Rl, (Louis,) a French author and bibliographer, born

Page 1,388

Eminent Scotsmen." Jamet, zh S'mi', (Pierre Charles,) a French writer, born near Sens in 1701. Among his works are Metaphysical

Page 1,429

Jumel, zhii'm Sl', (Jean Charles,) a French ecclesiastic and writer, born in Paris , died in 1824.

Page 1,505

Langlois, (Jean Charles,) a French painter of battles ai"d panoramas, born in Calvados in 1789. Among

Page 1,525

or Le Bnin, leh-bru N', (Anne Charles,) Duke of Piacenza, (Plaisance,) a French general, born in Paris in 1775, ^^^

Page 1,528

Lecocq, leh-kok', (Alexandre Charles,) a French musical composer, born in Paris, June 3, 1832. In 1857

Page 1,541

7, was a brother of Pierre Charles, noticed below. He succeeded Bernard Jussieu as professor of botany in the Jardin

Page 1,558

an anticipation of Harvey." Levasseur, (Jean Charles,) a French engraver, born at Abbeville in 1734. He engraved some works of

Page 1,558

L^vesque, li'vtk', (Pierre Charles,) a French historian and translator, born in Paris in 1736. He became professor

Page 1,563

Liadi^res, le'fde^^i R', (Pierre Charles,) a French littirateur, born at Pau in 1792. He composed several dramas, and

Page 1,580

Lit'olff, (Henry Charles,) an English pianist and composer, Ijurn in London, February 6, 1818. His father,

Page 1,597

Nouvelle Biographie G^n^rale." Lorry, lo're', (Anne Charles,) a French physician, born at Crosne in 1726. He practised in Paris, and

Page 1,609

Lucas, (Jean Marie Charles,) a French economist, born at Saint-Brieuc in 1803. He wrote On the Re-form

Page 1,637

Macready, ma-kree'de, (William Charles,) a popular English tragic a,ctor, born in London in 1793.

Page 1,671

Marechal, (Laurent Charles,) a French painter on glass, born at Metz in i Soi, adorned many

Page 1,698

Mathieu-Mirampal, mi'te-uh' me'rfl N'p IK, (Jean Baptistk Charles,) born at Compi^gne, in France, in 1764, was a deputy to the

Page 1,727

Merivale, (Herman Charles,) an English dramatist, a son of the preceding, was born in London in

Page 1,766

Monnier, (Jean Charles,) Comte, a French general, born at Cavaillon in 1758. He led a division

Page 1,773

hydrogen gas in balloons was M. Charles. Montgolfier died in 1799. (See Charles, Jacques Alexandre.) Montgolfier, (Joseph Michel,) an ingenious

Page 1,778

or offices. He afterwards Moore, (Henry Charles,) author, bom at London , studied law at the Middle Temple, London. He

Page 1,784

Mor'gan, (Sir Thomas Charles.) M.D., an English physician,' born in London about 1783. In 181 1 he

Page 1,787

Mor'phy, (Paul Charles.) a celebrated American chess-player, born at New Orleans in 1837. At the Chess

Page 1,804

Murat, (Napoleon Lucien Charles,) Prince, a French senator, born at Milan in 1803, was a son of

Page 1,820

" Nouvelle Biographie G^n^rale." Naudet, (Thomas Charles,) a French landscapepainter, born in Paris in 1774. He travelled over a considerable

Page 1,843

Art of Poetry." Nisard, (Marie Leonard Charles,) brother of the preceding,, was born at Chatillon-sur-Seine in 1808. He published several

Page 1,886

Oudinot, (Nicolas Charles,) Due de Reggio, (r4'zho',) a distinguished French general, was born at Bar-sur-Ornain in

Page 1,945

de Persigny." Persil, p SR'sil', (Jean Charles,) a French politician and advocate, born at Condom in 1785. He was minister

Page 1,949

Pe'tfrs, (John Charles,) M.D., an American homes opathic physician, born in New York in 1819, published

Page 1,961

Philips, (Francis Charles,) a British novelist and dramatist, was born at Brighton in 1849. Of his

Page 1,969

Pickering, (Edward Charles,) an American astronomer, was born at Boston in 1846. He became professor of

Page 1,971

R'ki N' deh zhfi N'-Dloo', (Claude Charles,) a French antiquary and miscellaneous writer, born at Brussels in 1798. He wrote

Page 2,000

Foncy, p6N'se', (Louis Charles,) a French poet, born at Toulon in 1821, worked as a stone-mason, and

Page 2,000

Poncelin, pd Nss'liw', (Jean Charles,) a French editor and compiler, born in Poitou in 1746, died in 1828.

Page 2,065

Renouard, (Augustin Charles,) an advocate, a son of the preceding, was born in 1794. He became

Page 2,074

Richard, (Joseph Charles,) a French revolutionist, born at La Fleche in 1752, was a moderate member

Page 2,112

Roy, (Pierre Charles,) a French dramatic poet of little merit, born in Paris in 1683 ,

Page 2,124

Ryle, rll, (John Charles,) D.D., an English bishop, born in 1816. He was educated at Eton, and

Page 2,145

into India. (See Gautama.) Sandg, (Robert Charles,) a distinguished American journalist and litt Srateur, born in New York City or

Page 2,194

Sew^ard, (Albert Charles,) an English geologist, born in 1863. He became lecturer on botany at Cambridge

Page 2,216

Simcut, se'm Sa', (Pierre Charles,) a French sculp, tor, born at Troyes in 1806, was a pupil of

Page 2,216

Died' in 1760. His nephew, Nicolas Charles, (169S-1767,) was a painter and engraver.

Page 2,235

Solaiider, so-lin'der, (Daniel Charles,) an eminent Swedish naturalist and physician, born in Nordland in 1736, was a

Page 2,246

Spencer, (John Charles.)" See Althorp, Lord.

Page 2,278

Stuart, (Gilbert Charles,) an eminent American painter, born at Narraganset, Rhode Island, in 1756.

Page 2,291

Swinburne, swfn'bum, (Algernon Charles,) an English poet, born near Henley-on-Thames, April 5,

Page 2,300

TARDIEU 2282 TARRAKANOF Tardieu, (Jean Charles,) an artist, a son of Jacques Nicolas, noticed above, was bom in Paris

Page 2,327

Thompson, tom'spn, (Augustus Charles,) D.D., an American Congregational divine, born at Goshen, Connecticut, in 1812. He has

Page 2,355

Tr6moll16re, t Ri'mo'le-ai R', (Pierre Charles,) a French painter of history, was born in Anjou in 1 703 ,

Page 2,379

V216e, vt'li', (Sylvain Charles,) Count, a French marshal, born at Brienne-le-Chateau in 1773. He served with distinction

Page 2,389

Fenille, v S'r5n' deh feh-n6K, (Philibert Charles,) a French writer on agriculture, was born at Dijon. He published several useful

Page 2,401

painter of battles, son of Antoine Charles, noticed above, was born in Paris in 1789. He studied under his father,

Page 2,435

Wedcott, wol'k Qt, (Mackenzie Edward Charles,) an English divine and antiquarian, born at Bath in 1822.

Page 2,493

Metz, was besieged by Prince Frederick Charles of Prussia, while the king and his son, the crown-prince, pursued Marshal Mc