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Universal pronouncing dictionary of biography and mythology (Volume 1)

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Universal pronouncing dictionary of biography and mythology (Volume 1)

Universal pronouncing dictionary of biography and mythology (Volume 1)

Source : Internet Archive

Universal pronouncing dictionary of biography and mythology (Volume 1)

Universal pronouncing dictionary of biography and mythology (Volume 1)

Source : Internet Archive

Results : NICOLAS

Page 125

AUou, t'loo', (Charles Nicolas,) a French archaeologist, born in Paris in 1787, wrote an Essay on the

Page 135

Amanton or Amanthon, t'm6N'16N', (Claude Nicolas,) a judge at Dijon, in France, and a writer on biography and local

Page 162

Annot, t'no', (Pierre Nicolas,) a French writer, born in 1762, died in 1823.

Page 165

Anthoine, (FRANgois Paul Nicolas,) a French general and politician, born in 1720. He was elected in 1789

Page 210

Rime," (1604.) Arriquibar, Sr-re-kee'bi R, (Don Nicolas,) a Spanish merchant of Bilboa, who about 1770 composed a work of some

Page 287

Balechou, bt'li'shoo', (Jean Joseph Nicolas,) a celebrated French engraver, born at Aries in 1715. His full-length portrait of

Page 300

Memoires." Barbier-Vemars, bt R'be-i'vi'm SR', (Joseph Nicolas,) a French philologist, born at Louvres in 1775. He aided in the compilation

Page 311

BARRETO Barras, de, (Paul Francois Jean Nicolas,) Count, one of the first five Directors of the French Republic, was born

Page 322

Bassenge, bt's SNzh', (Jean Nicolas,) a Flemish poet, born at Liege in 1758. He published, in conjunction with

Page 329

Baudot, bo'do', (Auguste Nicolas,) a French general, born at Rennes in 1765, served under Moreau and Kleber,

Page 341

See M. Nicolas, Notice sur la Vie, etc. de L. A. de la Beaumelle," 1852 ,

Page 343

Beauregard, (Jean Nicolas,) a French Jesuit and popular preacher, born at Metz in 1731 , died

Page 344

Beauvallet, (Pierre Nicolas,) a French sculptor, born at Havre in 1749, studied under Pajou. Among his

Page 344

Preaux, bo'vi' deh p Ri'6', (Charles Nicolas,) a French physician and writer, born at Orleans in 1745. As a member

Page 347

pron. bt'zhai R' bi'kai R',1 (Leonard Nicolas,) Comte de Mons, a French general, born at Obernheim in 1770. He was

Page 359

Bellavene, bi'lt'vin', (Jacques Nicolas,) Baron, born at Verdun in 1770, was appointed by Napoleon in 1812 inspector-general

Page 360

Bellin, bi'l^N', (Jacques Nicolas,) a French hydrographer and engineer of the marine, born in Paris in 1703.

Page 386

legitimist party, a son of Pierre Nicolas, noticed below, born in Paris on the 4th of January, 1790. He studied

Page 391

Bescherelle, bish'r SK, (Louis Nicolas,) an eminent French grammarian and lexicographer, born in Paris in 1802. He was

Page 404

- Varennes,) be'95' vt'r Sn', (Jacques Nicolas,) a French Jacobin, born at La Rochelle in 1756. As a member of

Page 404

Billerey, b^I'ri' or be'ye-ri', (Claude Nicolas,) a French physician, born about 1667 at Besan90n, where he was professor of

Page 406

of Eminent Scotsmen." Binninger, bin'ning-?r, (Jean Nicolas,) born at Montbelliard in 1628, was physician to the Duke of Wiirtemberg.

Page 420

Blouet, bloo'i', (Jean FR.ANqois Nicolas,) a French journalist and lit Uratatr, born at Metz in 1 745,

Page 436

Bonamy, (Pierre Nicolas,) a French historical writer, born at Louvres in 1694 , died in 1770.

Page 463

Bouilly, boo'ye', (Jean Nicolas,) a French dramatist and miscellaneous writer, born in the department of Indre-et-Loire in

Page 463

Bouillet, (Marie Nicolas,) a French lexicographer, became inspector of the University of Paris, where he was

Page 471

Boyer, (Jean Baptiste Nicolas,) a French physician, born at Marseilles in 1693, was conspicuous for his skill

Page 532

Bnzot, bti'zo', (Fran<,ois Leonard Nicolas,) an eminent French Girondist, born at Evreux in 1760, was an advocate Ijcfore

Page 535

Cabat, kt'bt', (Louis Nicolas,) a skilful French landscape-painter, born in Paris in 181 2. He produced in

Page 615

Cere, si'ri', (Jean Nicolas,) a meritorious French naturalist, born in the He de France in 1737, finished

Page 629

des Frangais." Chantreau, sh^N't Ro', (Pierre Nicolas,) a French litterateur, born in Paris in 1741. Besides other works, he published

Page 696

Cochin, ko'shi N', (Charles Nicolas,) a skilful French artist, born in Paris in 1688. He engraved with Cocceji,

Page 697

Cochin, (Charles Nicolas,) an eminent French designer and engraver, born in Paris in 1715, was the

Page 701

died in 1690. His brother, Jacques Nicolas, born in Paris in 1654, became Archbishop of Rouen. He was admitted into

Page 742

Corvisart-Desmarets, kor've'z JR' di'mt'r^', (Jean Nicolas,) an eminent French physician, born in Champagne in 1755. Having attended the lectures

Page 753

from his sons Antoine and Noel Nicolas, he waa sometimes called Coypel le Poussin." Died in 1707.

Page 761

Nouvelle Biographic Generale." Crevaux, kreh-v6', (Jules Nicolas,) a French traveller, born at Lorquin, in Lorraine, April i, 1847. He entered

Page 805

correctly Davout, pronounced alike at'voo', (Louis Nicolas,) Duke of Auerstadt and Prince of Eckmiihl, an able and successful French marshal,

Page 812

Delahaye, d'li'h^', (Guillaume Nicolas,) a French map-engraver, born in Paris in 1725, engraved all the works of

Page 815

A," " Biographie Universelle." Delisle, (Joseph Nicolas,) an eminent French astronomer, born in Paris in 1688, was the son of

Page 819

Demeunier, di'muh'ne-i', or Desmeunier, di'muh'ne-i', (Jean Nicolas,) an able French writer, born at Nozeroy in 1 75 1. He was

Page 831

Desmolets, di'mo'li', (Pierre Nicolas,) a learned French compiler, born in Paris in 1678, became a priest of

Page 837

His son, Antoine Nicolas, published " Lives of Architects and Sculptors," (1787,) which is said to be

Page 879

Lelong, " Bibliothfeque Historique." Duchesne, (Antoine Nicolas,) a learned French naturalist, born at Versailles in 1747, wrote a " Manual

Page 880

Ducloz-Dufresnoy, dii'klo' d U'f Ri'nwd', (Charles Nicolas,) a French financier, born at Montcornet in 1734. He was elected alternate deputy

Page 976

:3'vc^', (Charles Nicolas,) Baron, a

Page 1,075

or Funk, [Lat. Fu Nc'ciu.s,] (Johann Nicolas,) a German philologist, born at Marburg in 1693.

Page 1,115

Gendrin, zhfi N'd Ki N', (Auguste Nicolas,) a French physician, born at Chateaudun in 1796. He received the Montyon prize

Page 1,124

luiliani illustri." Gerdy, zhj R'de', (Pierre Nicolas,) a French physician and surgeon, born at Loches (Aube) in 1797.

Page 1,167

Gosse, (Louis FRAwgois Nicolas,) a French historical painter, born in Paris in 1787. Among his works

Page 1,215

Guyot, (Joseph Nicolas,) a French jurist, born in Lorraine in 1 728, published, besides other works,

Page 1,256

See Sir N. Harris Nicolas, " Life and Times of Sir Christopher Haiton," 1547 , Lokd Campbell, "

Page 1,279

/^d N're'dw' deh p6N'si', (Pierre Paul Nicolas,) a learned French judge and jurist, born near Ligny, in Lorraine, in 1742.

Page 1,337

des Graveurs." Houohard, oo'sht R',* (Jean Nicolas,) a French general, born at Forbach in 1740. He served in the army

Page 1,345

Huel, Jm'h V, (Joseph Nicolas,) a French philosopher, born at Mattaincourt in 1690 , died in 1769.

Page 1,355

Huot, Ji.s!o', (Jean Jacques Nicolas,) a French naturalist, born in Paris in 1790, published a Complete Manual of

Page 1,358

Huyot, Z/u'yo', (Jean Nicolas,) a French architect, born in Paris in 1780. He jiassed several years in