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Sketches of Virginia : historical and biographical

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Sketches of Virginia : historical and biographical

Sketches of Virginia : historical and biographical

Source : Internet Archive

Sketches of Virginia : historical and biographical

Sketches of Virginia : historical and biographical

Source : Internet Archive

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Page 15

Inscription on a Tomb-stone - William Hoge -Robert White - Samuel Glass 18-24

Page 16

- * James Mitchel - Moses Hoge -John M'Cue-Adam Rankin-Samuel Carrick - Samuel Houston -Andrew M'Clure -John D. Blair. 105-113

Page 18

to the Assembly-His visit to Mr. Hoge -His visit to Philadelphia - Graham's Attachment to the Youth -His Trial Sermon

Page 24

John HogeOf Dr. Alexander-Sketch of John B. Hoge -Of James H. Fitzgerald 586-596

Page 24

of Synod -The Preaching of John B. Hoge-Of Dr. Alexander-Sketch of John B. Hoge -Of James H. Fitzgerald 586-596

Page 28

Rutherford, William M'Mahon, Meredith Helmes, George Hoge and.John White. These, in turn, administered the oath to Morgan Morgan and David

Page 32

church here , and then William Hoge had his residence on that little rising ground near by us to the

Page 33

pastor of this church was John Hoge, a relative of him that gave this land for the place of worship,

Page 33

Robert Wilson's, in company with Mr. Hoge, the minister. They appear to have been acquaintances. Under Mr. Hoge, the churches

Page 34

of that limestone pyramid lies William Hoge, buried in the [Om

Page 35

George, the third son of William Hoge, was one of the first bench of Magistrates in Frederick County, lived a

Page 35

chosen Amboy for his home, Mr. Hoge sought Miss Hume in marriage. In a few years he removed to the

Page 37

at the very grave of William Hoge, from whom have descended so many honorable families, and so many ministers of

Page 46

Brown, G. A. Baxter, and Moses Hoge, and form one of the triad at Hampden Sidney, with Rice and Alexander.

Page 84

with the exception of Mr. John Hoge of Frederick County, all the Presbyterian ministers south of the Potomac, in connection

Page 90

became the second wife of Moses Hoge, D.D., and has left a memory in the churches which is blessed.

Page 122

38th. Of Moses Hoge, the 38th member, there is a short memoir in Sketches of Virginia, and

Page 125

obtaining the services of Rev. John B. Hoge, who continued their pastor about four years. Mr.

Page 148

to preach the gospel. Messrs. Moses Hoge, Adam Rankin, and John M'Cue exhibited parts of trial at the same meeting

Page 152

especially Drury Lacy, and Dr. Moses Hoge.

Page 199

I became aco^ainted with Mr. Moses Hoge, a very worthy minister, in Shepherdstown." On Sabbath having preached at Shepherdstown and

Page 199

Dr. Jennings, the successor of Mr. Hoge. Going across to Winchester, they proceeded to Newtown, and met their young friend

Page 200

Episcopal stone church, near Charlestown. Mr. Hoge preached from the words -Thou therefore endure hardness as a good soldier of

Page 202

Alexander Feely and James Perry. Mr. Hoge opened the meeting with a sermon on the words, The kingdom of heaven

Page 229

the extensive contiguous congregations of Moses Hoge, William Hill and Nash Legrand. From his narrative, told in all the simplicity

Page 229

felt himself under obligations to Mr. Hoge, for the benefit derived from intercourse in his family, and that he left

Page 231

of Solomon Hoge, brother of Moses Hoge, and became acquainted with the father, of whom he says -J know not

Page 231

County, at the house of Solomon Hoge, brother of Moses Hoge, and became acquainted with the father, of whom he

Page 232

pious man. His visits to Moses Hoge, of Shepherdstown, were more and

Page 232

Prince Edward, and closed by Mr. Hoge. On Saturday, Oct.

Page 233

He thought the views of Mr. Hoge in regard to the influence of the Holy Spirit in conversion were more

Page 294

Amos Thompson, without charge , Moses Hoge, Shepherdstown , Nash Legrand, Cedar Creek and Opecquon , William Hill, Winchester, William

Page 318

of June, 1807, the Bev. Moses Hoge, of Shepherdstown, Virginia, was unanimously chosen to succeed Mr. Alexander .

Page 319


Page 326

in Winchester were, Nash Legrand, Moses Hoge, William Williamson, and John Lyle. These were all good men and true to

Page 327

Moses Hoge, the nearest neighbor of Mr. Hill, while residing in Charlestown, held his position

Page 328

and removed to Hanover Presbytery. Moses Hoge listened to the invitation from Hampden Sidney College, and in the year 1807

Page 328

death of John Lyle, and John B. Hoge went to Martinsburg. These men worked in harmony for a series of

Page 337

to become pastor in Petersburg, Samuel D. Hoge, son of the Moderator, passed some of his trials as candidate ,

Page 337

16th, 181*.!, Messrs, Moses Hoge, James Mitchel, Conrad Speece, John H. Rice, William S. Reid, and Joseph Logan

Page 347

the manuscripts of the late Moses Hoge, D. D. The design of the association in purchasing the press was admirable,

Page 355

To-morrow I hope to hear Mr. Hoge again at College. I have been much disturbed during the last week, particularly

Page 378

The death of Moses Hoge, President of Hampden Sidney College, and Professor of Theology of Synod of Virginia,

Page 378

and of course they considered Mr. Hoge a proper person to receive any proceeds of the funds and be employed

Page 379

the ministry, such men as John B. Hoge, Andrew Shannon, James C. Willson, John D. Ewing, Jesse H. Turner, and

Page 379

Turner, and Charles Kennon, Samuel D. Hoge, Wm. S. Lacy, and Samuel Mc Nutt, John Kirkpatrick, and Walter S.

Page 379

their excellencies, and rejoiced that Mr. Hoge was his successor in the College.

Page 380

school, already in operation under Mr. Hoge, the Presbytery of Philadelphia were preparing a memorial to the Assembly. In the

Page 381

of Theology, and unanimously elected Moses Hoge, the President of Hampden Sidney, and acting teacher of theology for the College

Page 381

to Princeton in July, and Mr. Hoge was chosen the Synod's Professor of Theology in October of the same year,

Page 382

the exemplar of his mind. Mr. Hoge knew well the difficulties and peculiar perplexities of his situation, and while he

Page 383


Page 384

death the church lamented , John B. Hoge, the splendid orator, taught in the college for a length of time

Page 384

endowments to sustain their efforts. Mr. Hoge was remarkably happy in his assistant instructors throughout his whole presidency. He asked

Page 385

were too numerous and varied. Mr. Hoge's great powers of body gave way in the year 1819, overwhelmed by his

Page 386

374 DEATH OP BEV. MOSES HOGE, D. D. that as a student of his said of him - "the

Page 387

Jesse Turner, Benjamin Rice, John B. Hoge, John M'Lean, John Kirkpatrick, Matthew W. Jackson -with elders, Samuel D. Rice,

Page 395

and weight. He had urged Mr. Hoge to hold on, and encouraged him in his wonderful self-denial and multiplied labors.

Page 398

John B. Hoge, pastor of the church on Shockoe Hill, and successor of Mr. Blair,

Page 400

his venerated predecessor, Dr. Hoge, John B. Hoge had lately removed from Winchester Presbytery to the Church on Shokoe Hill,

Page 556

the course of the Commissioner, Mr. Hoge, who took his seat in the Assembly over which Dr. Plumer presided. These

Page 557

Z. Sheetz, Robert Turner, and Moses Hoge, 16. Whereupon, the Rev. John Lodor arose, and addressing the Moderator, said, that

Page 598


Page 603

full house assembled to hear John B. Hoge on his first appearance in the pulpit, in Fredericksburg, after his return

Page 603

and wisdom in earthly things, Moses Hoge, the Synod's professor and President of Hampden Sidney College. His two sons, John

Page 605

Samuel Wilson, D. D. John B. Hoge died of consumption, on the 31st of March, 1826, and lies buried

Page 606

gathered by Rev. John Blair, Mr. Hoge was removed to Richmond, and became their pastor , having been released from