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Samuel Train Dutton, a biography

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Samuel Train Dutton, a biography

Samuel Train Dutton, a biography

Source : Internet Archive

Samuel Train Dutton, a biography

Samuel Train Dutton, a biography

Source : Internet Archive

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Page 13

with much patient labor by Mrs. Dutton, have been naturally my chief storehouse of authoritative information, and the admirable sketch

Page 13

to the surviving members of Mr. Dutton's immediate family, who, by entrusting to me the preparation of this memoir, have

Page 14

of whom were associated with Mr. Dutton in the Horace Mann School , and to Miss Susan Olmstead, Secretary in

Page 15

Appendix: List of Mr. Dutton's More Important Publications 278

Page 17

Mr. Dutton at Graduation, 1873 17

Page 19

His father, Jeremiah Dutton, was a man of granite character, like the soil that nourished him. The

Page 22

was an admirable helpmeet for Jeremiah Dutton, she was in many respects his complement. In her own way she was

Page 22

of the wellknown writer, Mrs. Adeline Dutton Train Whitney, indicates. Mrs. Whitney, whose home was at Milton, Mass., spent her

Page 23

Rebecca Hammond Train, Mother of Samuel Train Dutton.

Page 25

seamstress and mother's helper for Mrs. Dutton and like an elder sister to the younger children. She says, It was

Page 25

16, 1849, and was christened Samuel Train Dutton.1

Page 29

ance upon Mrs. Dutton, chanced to see the young man entering the yard, and, thinking to avert

Page 35

necessity chiefly concerned with i Mr. Dutton's phrase was "hooked."

Page 36

York Tribune, John Heald, Samuel T. Dutton, and Thomas P. Wickes of the class of '74. Dutton was also

Page 38

Samuel T. Dutton in 1873.

Page 40

Antiques and Horribles in which Sam Dutton harnessed and bestrode a Jersey cow, and rode it through the village in

Page 44

the future against financial worries. Mrs. Dutton was always his helpmeet in deed as well as in word.

Page 45

to the high school under Mr. Dutton's supervision. It was not Mr. Dutton's own teaching that drew them. He was

Page 46

Mr. North, the father of Mrs. Dutton, in a family letter under date of April 29, 1877:

Page 47

left to right: Edward, Mary, Mrs. Dutton, Mr. Dutton, Hammond, standing in rear: Silas and Samuel Samuel T. Dutton About

Page 47

right: Edward, Mary, Mrs. Dutton, Mr. Dutton, Hammond, standing in rear: Silas and Samuel Samuel T. Dutton About twelve years

Page 47

Samuel T. Dutton At New London, N. H. Samuel T. Dutton About the time of

Page 47

in rear: Silas and Samuel Samuel T. Dutton About twelve years old.

Page 49

ministry, I don't know." When Mr. Dutton had supervised the Eaton School district for four years, Mr. Parish's retirement from

Page 50

to us." This was also Mr. Dutton's gospel. He agreed also with Dr. Harris that not only literature but all

Page 51

After the battle was over, Mr. Dutton reviewed the conflict briefly in a letter, dated October 9, 1878, thus:

Page 52

system of New Haven, when Mr. Dutton took charge of it, had been marking time and had almost forgotten to

Page 53

in maintaining itself. In 1885 Mr. Dutton and others tried to make the Hopkins School the Classical Department of the

Page 54

the introduction of vocational instruction. Mr. Dutton gave his most serious thought and careful investigation to the then new demand

Page 55

up a rather haphazard training. Mr. Dutton described the practice merely to condemn it : The practice has been repeatedly

Page 56

the training school enterprise was Mr. Dutton's earnest desire to introduce kindergartens in New Haven. They were distinctly a novelty.

Page 57

but patient effort triumphed and Mr. Dutton was proud of the sympathetic and intelligent cooperation secured among his primary teachers.

Page 58

the book." The years which Mr. Dutton spent in South Norwalk and at the Eaton School were precisely the years

Page 59

who places discipline before teaching." Mr. Dutton had learned at South Norwalk the value of social support for school work.

Page 60

Among the speakers whom Mr. Dutton brought to these public meetings was Henry Ward Beecher. After his speech was

Page 61

from outside of New Haven. Mr. Dutton was already widely acquainted in his profession. He had an almost unerring scent

Page 62

in the high school, and Mr. Dutton. These three assembled in Mr. Colby's office, agreed that each one should prepare

Page 63

in the old Law Chambers, Mr. Dutton spoke on New Ideas in Education," pleading for some of the radical changes

Page 64

own indebtedness. Yet he and Mrs. Dutton were such careful managers that they were able to accomplish all this, to

Page 64

and strict economy, but to Mr. Dutton his mother's wishes were sacred, and neither he nor his wife had any

Page 65

and it was never forgotten." Mr. Dutton's activities in New Haven brought him invitations to other fields. The school publishing

Page 67

the instruction of this class Mr. Dutton created out of his wide acquaintance a sort of faculty of assistants, each

Page 68

Edward Everett Hale appealed to Mr. Dutton for his opinion. The latter wrote a letter to the Boston Transcript, defining

Page 69

public function, or how absorbed Mr. Dutton himself might be in meeting people of social standing, at no time did

Page 70

Germany and France. In Paris Mr. Dutton and Mr. Lincoln had the joint pleasure of selecting suitable pictures and decorations

Page 70

Mr. Dutton was one of a party of friends that went to Europe, in company

Page 71

Crane, Judge James Dunbar, Samuel T. Dutton, Miss Martha Hopkins, and Mrs. Henry M. Whitney. The membership of the

Page 73

In Mr. Dutton's report for 1896, in addition to a picture of the handsome high school

Page 74

and frills" in the schools. Mr. Dutton, however, was strong in the support of the Education Society and of the

Page 75

Education Society were placed within Mr. Dutton's reach by the nearness of Brookline to Boston. Eager as he always was

Page 76

The marriage of Mr. and Mrs. Dutton had been childless.

Page 76

excellent and well-known lineage, and Mr. Dutton

Page 77

due legal form, Maude and Lillian Dutton, and a new family life began, which, as all who came and went

Page 77

themselves to Naas, Sweden, where Mr. Dutton had expected to "observe" for only a week or so. Perceiving that the

Page 78

beginning of September, 1898, therefore, Mr. Dutton waved good-bye to his family from the steamboat dock in New York, and

Page 78

and it was determined that Mrs. Dutton and the girls should spend the whole scholastic year of 1898-1899

Page 79

days. Do you wonder," wrote Mr. Dutton to his wife, "that I envied him?" On the following Thursday and Friday

Page 80

for publication, and wrote to Mrs. Dutton that the president of the Macmillan Company wanted him to follow that book

Page 81

in inspection, Dean Russell invited Mr. Dutton to consider an appointment as Superintendent of the Horace Mann Schools, the model

Page 82

the offer, and by June Mr. Dutton's letters show that his mind was practically made up. He wrote to Mrs.

Page 82

himself as earnestly desirous that Mr. Dutton should accept the offer, and by June Mr. Dutton's letters show that his

Page 82

made up. He wrote to Mrs. Dutton, June 7, 1899:

Page 83

occurred on June 27th, and Samuel T. Dutton and Elihu Root were the honorary M. A. class of that year.

Page 83

presented a formal invitation which Mr. Dutton promptly accepted. He and his household therefore bade farewell to Brookline in September,

Page 83

of Master of Arts, Mr. Samuel Train Dutton, who was graduated at Yale in 1873. Mr. Dutton after holding the

Page 84

training, and the domestic arts. Mr. Dutton has made special endeavors to unite the family, the church, and the different

Page 85

In September, 1900, Mr. Dutton faced a task at Teachers College, different from every other new work that

Page 86

of rapidly growing schools. To Mr. Dutton a school was a failure unless its daily life was happy. To that

Page 87

could not be eliminated, but Mr. Dutton did not fail to emphasize and illustrate clearly the serious danger that the

Page 88

free school in which, as Mr. Dutton said, students of Teachers College were permitted to render assistance, "not only in

Page 89

garden. About the time when Mr. Dutton retired from Teachers College, the Speyer School was made a part of the

Page 90

as the students did-or could. Mr. Dutton's acquaintance with people of distinction, already large when he came to New York,

Page 91

the material for this volume Mr. Dutton was aided by one of his student-associates, Dr. Jesse D. Burks, during 1903

Page 92

the production of this book Mr. Dutton enjoyed the collaboration of another one of his advanced students, Dr. David Snedden.

Page 93

in schools, and another introduces Mr. Dutton's favorite topic of school and society. The later issues of the work contain

Page 94

In 1904 Mr. Dutton had to complete plans for the further education of his daughters. The elder

Page 94

his daughters. The elder daughter, Maude Barrows Dutton, who was graduated in 1903 from Smith College, had displayed decided literary

Page 95

and fall of 1904 Miss Maude Dutton was busily engaged upon two school reading books to be called the World

Page 95

did in December, and that Mr. Dutton should try to complete his college and school work by the end of

Page 96

DUTTON tion of these books Mr. Dutton collaborated with his daughter, and they were published under his name as editor.

Page 96

of Sarah Mott and Maude Barrows Dutton are joined upon the title page with that of the editor. The

Page 97

But Mr. Dutton had, as usual, the full courage of his convictions. He brought together a

Page 98

About the time that Mr. Dutton was launching the Round Table into the full tide of success and was

Page 99

and possibilities of that institution. Mrs. Dutton, who was present, had heard Dr. Patrick tell her story in Boston some

Page 99

about between Dr. Patrick and Mr. Dutton a meeting, which proved to be the starting point of the latter's lifelong

Page 100

president of Union Theological Seminary. Mr. Dutton recognized the opportunity for a great service. He engaged at once with Dr.

Page 100

Rev. Dr. James Dennis, Samuel T. Dutton, Robert Erskine Ely, Titus B. Meigs, George A. Plimpton, Oscar S. Straus,

Page 101

close to Mr. Dutton's heart. His educational experience and position and acquaintance in this country made him

Page 102

a little toward the expenses." Mr. Dutton also became intimately concerned with the welfare of two New England schools of

Page 103

During the spring and fall Mr. Dutton spent each week-end at Wallingford. He thus kept the school intact and energized

Page 104

endowment acting as honorary pallbearers. Mr. Dutton wrote to his wife, I find that Mr.

Page 105

Edwin Mead, with whom Mr. Dutton had been closely associated in the foundation of the Twentieth Century Club of

Page 106

Straus was elected president and Samuel Dutton, secretary. A little later, Dr. Jefferson became chairman of the Executive Committee. The

Page 107

due to the efforts of Mr. Dutton, who threw all his soul into the work, and served as secretary and

Page 108

responsibility for the whole undertaking Mr. Dutton was chairman and Dr. Ely was secretary. Mr. Carnegie presided at the meetings.

Page 111

Dutton's committee, of which Mr. Dutton was helmsman, pilot, and captain. Dr. Ely, Mr. Dutton's closest associate in this

Page 114

as heavily burdened as Europe." Mr. Dutton's success with the New York Peace Congress and his appearance at The Hague

Page 115

in 1907. Two years later Mr. Dutton became one of its Directors, and he was its Honorary Secretary to the

Page 116

exchange professorships. In this society Mr. Dutton was actively interested and he enabled its officers to hold their monthly meetings

Page 117

sufficiently show why in 1908 Mr. Dutton felt that it was necessary for him to relinquish much of the work

Page 118

Mr. Holt to consult Professor Samuel T. Dutton and Mr. Edwin D. Mead. This advice was followed. At a subsequent

Page 120

Albert Smilev, Edwin Mead", Samuel T. Dutton, Hamilton Holt." President Butler communicated this letter to Mr. Carnegie, and early

Page 121

Carnegie were very close to Mr. Dutton's mind and heart during that winter. Mr. Ginn was full of questions and

Page 122

is not unlikely that, as Mr. Dutton said, Mr. Carnegie had already determined in his own mind to do something

Page 123

Dr. Butler, Dean Kirchwey, and Mr. Dutton represented Columbia. Among the others present were John H. Finley, Woodrow Wilson, Robert

Page 123

many distinguished names." Mr. and Mrs. Dutton and their daughter Lillian sailed from New York on June 3, 1909. They

Page 123

the Lord Mayor of Chester, George Dutton.

Page 124

love. With Mrs. Carnegie's permission, Mr. Dutton proposed a toast to our host, which drew forth an appreciative response.

Page 126

his native place. He wanted Mr. Dutton to see the schools there, and the town which Mr. Carnegie loved, and

Page 127

H. D. Peirce, through whom Mr. Dutton had an hour of conversation with the King.

Page 129

Bosphorus. I met Dr. and Mrs. Dutton at the Stamboul customhouse and it was their first introduction to the anomalies

Page 129

educational. In the three countries Mr. Dutton was guest of honor at fifteen dinners and luncheons.

Page 130

and pleasant, and Dr. and Mrs. Dutton enjoyed it very much indeed during the few weeks of their visit. He

Page 133

Constantinople, and the presence of Mr. Dutton's friend, Mr. Straus, all helped to introduce Mr. Dutton without delay into the

Page 134

to enter Columbia University and Mr. Dutton maintained close relations with them as an adviser, friend and oft-times a genial

Page 135

of international peace in which Mr. Dutton and some of his associates had been so long trying to interest Mr.

Page 136

Mr. Dutton, by Mr. Carnegie's invitation, submitted to him a list of names of men

Page 137

peace movement had received, congratulating Mr. Dutton as one of "the men behind the Carnegie Foundation," and adding: Some of

Page 138

from his friend's let-ters that Mr. Dutton had, in the fall of 1911, tentatively decided to withdraw three years later

Page 139

scholar of unusual attainments, and Mr. Dutton found this service most profitable. After it was completed, Dr. Butler took occasion

Page 140

DUTTON this federal relationship, and Mr. Dutton became, in addition to his position in the State Society, the representative director

Page 142

defined as a business vocation. Mr. Dutton was an executive by intuitive knowledge, rather than by the mechanical application of

Page 143

his letter to President Butler, Mr. Dutton said :

Page 144

in due course of time, Mr. Dutton became the first professor emeritus upon the rolls of Teachers College.

Page 145

had been the intention of Mr. Dutton to go to Europe

Page 146

the last week in July, Mr. Dutton accepted Dr.

Page 147

Mr. Dutton wrote, with Mr. Hirst's approval to M. Prudhommeaux in Paris, the European secretary

Page 148

hope seems to have been Mr. Dutton's. The others were skeptical.

Page 151

evening of August 28th, and Mr. Dutton clearly describes the dilemma in which they immediately found themselves.

Page 154

representing all the contending parties. Mr. Dutton talked with American missionaries, and visited various mission schools. One was a French

Page 155

the thing to cover." Finally Mr. Dutton found a guide and interpreter, Mr.

Page 157

English persistence succeeded better than Mr. Dutton had feared. Under date of September 8th, he wrote to Mr. Dutton, still

Page 158

that I wanted to see." Mr. Dutton was greatly and most agreeably surprised by the action of the Greek Government

Page 164

was satisfied from personal observation. Mr. Dutton was the author, as had been previously agreed, of the seventh and last

Page 165

During Mr. Dutton's stay in Sofia he found time to visit (Sept. 17, 1913) the girls'

Page 166

This requirement," remarks Mr. Dutton, "can be easily met, as the Constantinople College for Women and the Institute

Page 167

conjunction with these practical achievements, Mr. Dutton summed up the best results of his labors on the Balkan Commission and

Page 172

Sincerely yours, (Signed) Samuel T. Dutton." These carefully considered and statesmanlike suggestions were made, it will be observed,

Page 172

Prince. If the forces that Mr. Dutton outlined could have been functioning in the Balkans in the spring of 1914

Page 173

of Education in Massachusetts, sent Mr. Dutton a copy of his latest annual report, in which the commissioner had outlined

Page 176

during this last year of Mr. Dutton's active supervision. This was always the aim of Mr. Dutton's best hope and

Page 177

Mr. Dutton was completely surprised, and so overcome that he replied with great difficulty. His

Page 179

Mr. Dutton had expected to go to Europe in the summer of 1914 to attend

Page 180

sanitation. In the plans of Mr. Dutton and Dr.

Page 181

all associated. This conference," wrote Mr. Dutton in cordial approval, "marks an advance in the educational situation in the Near

Page 182

a result of the situation." Mr. Dutton carried the question to Rustem Bey, the Turkish Ambassador at Washington. The latter

Page 183

Mr. Dutton had as usual selected a company of new professors and instructors in the

Page 184

in the spring of 1915, Mr. Dutton was asked by the Red Cross to accept from it a commission to

Page 185

chairman, Mr. Crane, treasurer, and Mr. Dutton, secretary.

Page 186

160 SAMUEL TRAIN DUTTON Mr. Dutton's attention, and Dr. Lynch's editorial and secretarial duties were always insistent and increasing.

Page 187

missionary from Asia Minor, whom Mr. Dutton asked to lead in raising a specified sum from one of the larger

Page 188

Mr. Dutton had his trials also in the relief organization with those who naturally gravitated

Page 190

to right : Mr. Morgenthau, Mr. Dutton, Mr. Dodge.

Page 191

the work of the Committee. Mr. Dutton was a member of the committee which, headed by Cleveland H. Dodge, went

Page 192

SAMUEL TRAIN DUTTON countrymen. When Mr. Dutton became a leader in the nation-wide movement for succoring Armenians and Syrians, some

Page 193

efforts of Madame Grouitch, whom Mr. Dutton had met in Belgrad in 1913, a meeting of citizens was called in

Page 194

following order, by Henry Clews, Samuel T. Dutton, Joseph Silverman, John Wesley Hill, and James G. Beemer. Mr. Dutton became

Page 194

Mr. Dutton attended some of these conferences, but was too much engrossed with his other

Page 195

national distinction. Over there is Sam Dutton crying, 'Peace! Peace!' and over here is General Macomb, crying, 'Johnny, get your

Page 195

secretaryship, and in September, 1916, Mr. Dutton became his successor. After this date, Mr. Dutton's time and strength were divided

Page 196

During the fall of 1916 Mr. Dutton elaborated and initiated plans for the development of the World Court League. The

Page 197

may be accepted as embodying Mr. Dutton's view of reconstruction, devised to base peace upon justice:

Page 198

renewed its ruthless submarine warfare, Mr. Dutton promptly coneluded that the entrance of the United States into the war had

Page 199

summer and fall of 1917 Mr. Dutton was chiefly busied with the financial problems of the World Court League, of

Page 200

President Wilson's inspection was mainly Mr. Dutton's work.

Page 201

upon related topics reveal in Mr. Dutton's thought an absorbing interest in this revival of a buried civilization. So engrossed

Page 203

the burden." With this statement Mr. Dutton submitted two maps, one showing the Greater Armenia of the Armenians' dream, and

Page 204

Mr. Dutton felt confident that the Administration was in agreement with his own views. In

Page 205

date of April 24, 1918, Mr. Dutton reviewed the whole situation in a letter to Senator Wadsworth of New York,

Page 209

there be any doubt of Mr. Dutton's entire thought, it is well to add here a few sentences that he

Page 210

Writing to Mr. Dutton, Shukri said :

Page 211

work attained an unprecedented magnitude. Mr. Dutton had obtained in the winter of 1915-17 the consent of the Rockefeller Foundation

Page 212

speak during the intermission, and Mr. Dutton, with the experiences of the conference still warm in his memory, made a

Page 213

1918, what was very nearly Mr. Dutton's own conviction.

Page 214

Kellogg, Wm. B. Guthrie, and Samuel T. Dutton." In January, 1919, the idea of this telegram was the basis of

Page 214

League. This was done with Mr. Dutton's hearty approval. The joint committee was organized and incorporated as a separate society

Page 215

Nations Union." This was probably Mr. Dutton's last utterance for publication. It should be noted that neither Mr. Dutton nor

Page 216

Mr. Bingham was already assured. Mr. Dutton was also fortunate in gaining the attention of some of the officers of

Page 219

At about the same time Mr. Dutton sent to the Press an admirable statement of the history, achievements, and purposes

Page 222

Mr. Dutton now endeavored to realize the second of the purposes that he had outlined

Page 223

department. The best memorial to Mr. Dutton's labors for the races of the Near East entered upon its career of

Page 224

a raw and blustery Saturday. Mr. Dutton had been greatly overworked in the preparation for this departure, and was, in

Page 225

[taking] at the present time." Mr. Dutton's reply expresses gratification at "the broad view which you hold in regard to

Page 226

passed in pleasant intercourse and Mr. Dutton seemed to be improving. He arranged to return to New York on the

Page 227

been colleagues and associates with Mr. Dutton in his life-work were assembled as pall bearers. Dr. Raymond C. Knox, chaplain

Page 228

much interested, and to associate Mr. Dutton's name with their benefaction.

Page 228

Samuel Train Dutton was physically a man of medium height and weight. The tones of

Page 230

Mr. Dutton entered into no athletic diversions in the form of games. His life was

Page 232

Mr. Dutton was himself entirely free from any disposition to pose. He was always simple

Page 233

remember rightly there was a Thomas Dutton in that group. Some of their descendants emigrated to New Hampshire, Vermont, and

Page 233

information about the Dutton lineage. Mr. Dutton's answer was so characteristic that it may be reproduced here almost verbatim.

Page 233

one I knew was Hon. George Dutton, a friend of Gladstone, who was the mayor of the city, and also

Page 233

city, and also his son, Harry B. Dutton, who has also been both a high sheriff and mayor of the

Page 233

My dear Miss Dutton :

Page 234

will be glad to." To Mr. Dutton, Christianity was a mode of life. He sought to make it a daily

Page 235

ideals." From the moment when Samuel Dutton seized his Yale diploma and betook himself to South Norwalk to be a

Page 235

In both respects Mr. Dutton stood out not only as a leading exemplar but also as a conspicuous

Page 236

To Mr. Dutton no theory, no method had the appearance of finality. Intent upon the spirit

Page 237

T. U., some of them Mr. Dutton's own friends. It almost attained success, but was finally killed by Mr. Dutton's

Page 238

York University Law School, and Samuel T. Dutton, who made public schools into community centers. Perhaps these men became true

Page 240

Mr. Dutton's personality was a strong factor in our school assemblies. He read the Bible

Page 243

Columbia University and befriended there: Samuel T. Dutton surely has tributes paid to him by abler hands, but none can

Page 243

of the Turkish students whom Mr. Dutton brought to Columbia University and befriended there: Samuel T. Dutton surely has tributes

Page 244

societies and organizations with which Mr. Dutton had been closely associated.

Page 244

memorial service in honor of Samuel Train Dutton was held in the auditorium of the Horace Mann School in the

Page 245

to the memory of Dr. Samuel Dutton. It is safe to say of him that in the whole wide range

Page 246

Since Mr. Dutton's sad death I have been trying to define the secret of his uniqueness,

Page 247

to do his own best. Mr. Dutton idealistically always said the best. The world, alas ! is now almost wholly

Page 248

by the thousands-the spirit of Samuel T. Dutton has gone out, and will continue to go out to all the

Page 248

the call was presented to Mr. Dutton, however, to become Superintendent of the Horace Mann School and Professor of School

Page 255

and the services of Doctor Samuel Train Dutton, who died March

Page 260

thinks of the career of Samuel Dutton. A poor farmer's boy, born in the last days of homespun among the

Page 264

In both of these movements Mr. Dutton was generally recognized as a pioneer thinker and leader. As superintendent of schools,

Page 264

dear friend, that gallant gentleman, Samuel Train Dutton." Professor David S. Snedden, State Superintendent of Education in Massachusetts :

Page 267

him familiarly and heartily as Sam Dutton.

Page 267

Mr. Chairman, and friends of Samuel Train Dutton:

Page 268

and in their ultimate career, Samuel Train Dutton and Hollis Burke Frissell,

Page 269

Mr. Chairman, ladies and gentlemen: Samuel Dutton didn't quite run away from the New Hampshire farm to enter Yale University

Page 269

all respected him for it. Sam Dutton attended the first prayer meet-ing of our class that we had in freshman

Page 271

man would have said that Samuel T. Dutton would not make a strong treasurer-his manner was too quiet, he was

Page 275

have been written of Dr. Samuel Train Dutton. I remember some months ago attending a reception which he gave at

Page 276

of those students wrote to Mrs. Dutton upon hearing of Dr. Dutton's death, 'The peoples of the Near East needed

Page 279

but without popular acclaim. Professor Samuel T. Dutton was a leader in education and

Page 284

and career of men like Samuel T. Dutton. More than ever, our American society is to be influenced and shaped

Page 285

his interests and achievements. That Samuel Train Dutton

Page 287

surroundings of sense and sight? Sam Dutton-one of my close friends in college! I have been looking at his photograph,

Page 287

My dear Mrs. Dutton:

Page 288

of knowing such men as Sam Dutton and Burke Frissell, to mention only two among those who have gone before

Page 288

My dear Mrs. Dutton:

Page 289

affection, 'Yours Lillian Rogers." Mr. Dutton regarded Miss Rogers as one of his best teachers in the Brookline schools,

Page 289

Dear Mrs. Dutton:

Page 291

My acquaintance with Mr. Dutton began in New Haven as early as 1879 and soon ripened into friendship.

Page 292

264 SAMUEL TRAIN DUTTON Mr. Dutton's removal from New Haven to Massachusetts and my own to New Hampshire -both

Page 293

I knew Mr. Dutton very well when we were in college.

Page 295

adopted by organizations with which Mr. Dutton was connected.

Page 295

Turkey, upon the death of Samuel Train Dutton, LL.D.

Page 296

tribute to the late Dr. Samuel T. Dutton'was passed at the Annual Meeting of the Massachusetts Branch of the Constantinople

Page 296

Samuel Train Dutton, born an educator, because born with a sense of the brotherhood of

Page 297

My dear Mrs. Dutton :

Page 297

'Memorial Minute on Samuel Train Dutton, LL.D.

Page 298

copy of these Minutes to Mrs. Dutton, who was his partner in thought and deed.' Very sincerely, W. Henry Grant,

Page 298

My dear Mrs. Dutton:

Page 299

Mrs. Samuel T. Dutton, "c/o Dr. Frederick Lynch, Spuyten Duyvil, N. Y. Dear Madam:

Page 300

death of the late Professor Samuel T. Dutton, the Relief Committee for Greeks of Asia Minor sustain a great loss,

Page 301

their colleague and friend, Dr. Samuel Train Dutton, has left this mortal life.

Page 302

sorrow at the death of Samuel T. Dutton, who for several years served as a representative of the Society in

Page 303

their fellow trustee and friend, Samuel Train Dutton, who died March 28, 1919.

Page 304

In the death of Dr. Samuel T. Dutton, the Japan Society has lost an enthusiastic and devoted member, and the

Page 305

of the death of Dr. Samuel T. Dutton. The tidings of his sudden passing from earth have given us all

Page 305

ask you to convey to Mrs. Dutton and to your wife this expression of the great appreciation by the officers

Page 306

New Education, a conversation with Samuel T. Dutton (also in a pamphlet reprint).

Page 306

APPENDIX Mr. Dutton's More Important Publications

Page 307

Mr. Dutton's annual reports as city superintendent of schools in New Haven, 1881-1890, and as

Page 307

Hunting and Fishing" (collab. of Maude Barrows Dutton and Sarah M. Mott). 2: In Fields and Pasture" (collab. of Maude

Page 307

Trading and Exploring" (collab. of Maude Dutton Lynch and Agnes V. Luther).