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Upload a Genealogical Index to Geneanet

You want to collaborate and to share your indexing works with as many people as possible? This page is for you!

Data shared by Geneanet members can be family trees, collaborative indexes, postcards, pictures of graves and also genealogical indexes.

What is a genealogical index?

A genealogical index is a list of persons entered in a spreadsheet (such as Excel or OpenOffice). Usually, we talk about a genealogical index when a complete series of data has been indexed, for example all the marriages in the same place. These data often come from pages of registers available online, or in a local repository you have visited (such as a church or town hall).

Why index genealogical data?

Indexing last names, first names and other data useful for genealogists is saves valuable time for your research, and for others too! Indeed, when the index is done, it allows you to:

– Easily find genealogical data and information about a family,

– Easily find the date and place of a marriage, contracted in another parish for example,

– And last but not least, avoids having to read the records one by one.

When you index all records in the same place, you are sure that you will not miss one! Indexing is an investment in your research!

Why upload a genealogical index to Geneanet?

When you upload an index to Geneanet, everyone can read it. The list of uploaded indexes is available on this page.

There are actually 70,000 indexes uploaded by volunteers in France, 1,250 in Luxembourg, and more than 500 in Italy. Viewing these indexes contributed by members is free and always will be.

How to upload a genealogical index to Geneanet?

There is nothing simpler than uploading an index!

Two options are available:

– You can send your index to [email protected] and someone will upload it to your Geneanet account.

– You can upload the index by yourself.

How to upload your index to Geneanet?

First, you must verify that your Excel file complies with the following:

1. All the fields must be separated by semicolons.

2. The header must be clearly defined.

3. The file must be in CSV format.

When all these points are verified, click the menu “Projects” then “Your Sharing”.

Click “Indexes” to upload your index.

Fill in the form (type, date, place, title, description) and select your file.

Step 2 consists of two questions :

– Does the following line contains the name of the fields? Select “Yes”.

– Please select the separator used in your CSV file. “Semicolon” is best.

Then submit.

Step 3 will indicate if the fields have correctly been recognised. You can submit the index if they are.

If you have problems uploading an index or if you have questions, you can send your index by email to [email protected].

Thank you for your contributions!

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