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Search engine features and options

The new Geneanet search engine has been launched with a more user-friendly interface and some new options so you’ll be sure to find your ancestors in our database!

This is a major change in your searches on Geneanet.

It replaces the ‘Search by Individual’ which is one the key tools of the Geneanet Premium.

Search form

Clearer and more user-friendly, this new serch engine is your new tool for finding ancestors in our collections.


Name variants

You can search name variants and exclude some names from the search.

For example, if you are searching the Bonhams but not the Bonham Carters, enter ‘Bonham’ in the name field and enter ‘Carter’ in the names to exclude.

The red point indicates that these options are active and that they will apply to the search.


Wildcard character

Use the question mark (?) to replace one character in the name or the first name. For example, ‘mari?’ will search for ‘marie’, ‘maria’, etc.

Use the asterisk character (*) to replace two or more characters in the name or the first name. For example, ‘ba*ter’ will search for ‘baxter’, ‘backster’, etc.

Nearby places

You can automatically search in nearby places up to 100 km (62.1371 miles).


Multiple places

New! You can now easily search individuals from multiple places.


Search results list

The search results list has been improved.

Search results from members family trees, archival records, indexes, pictures, etc. are now displayed in the same list.


New! Pass your mouse over the name of an invididual to open a tooltip where you can immediately search for the parents of the individual.


New! Sort results by relevance, name, year and nearby places.


In the left sidebar, you can edit your search and apply filters to the search results list.


You can search only free entries in the Geneanet database.


You can search only individuals with known ancestors and/or descendants.


You can search only entries with sourced information.


Need help?

Go to our forum to ask for help on any topic related to the Geneanet website or if you need help with your family history research.

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