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How to view your Email Alerts?

You can view the latest alert hits by clicking the links given in your weekly email summary, but you can also view the history of these results on Geneanet (past two months).

Go to , or menu “Search” then “Your alerts”, or click on your profile in the upper right corner, then select Newsletters, then select the Email Alert tab, then click on Configure alerts.

All members may create and edit Manual alerts, for example with the full name of a person and a place, or a period of years. Premium members benefit from Automatic alerts, generated regularly based on the people in your tree.

To view previous alerts, select the All, Manual, or Automatic tab, then click on the “Select a period of time” dropdown box to the right:

Previously read alerts will have a black dot; unread alerts will have a red dot. Click on any alert to view the Ancestry, Birth, Death, Pictures and documents, or Other clues matches.

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