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How To Search the Geneanet Genealogy Library?

Genealogy Library Search

Start your search with the basic search engine, or click on “more search criteria” for advanced search. Premium members can use wildcards in a name or keyword search: ? (question mark) to match one letter, or * (asterisk character) to match one or more letters. You can search name variants, and you can exclude one or more last names, first names, places, etc. from your search.

Search filters

After a first search, these efficient filters let you select some collections only. Refine your search if you wish.

Search results

In the search results list, you can see:

  • A blank thumbnail or the cover of the document,
  • An icon ‘P’ for results which are reserved for Premium members, an icon ‘€’ for fee-based results, and no icon for free results,
  • The title of the document and an abstract with your search terms,
  • More information is displayed when passing the mouse on the results.

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