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How to request your removal from a Geneanet tree

Geneanet hosts family trees created by its members. For more information, visit our Terms & Conditions page.

At Geneanet, we respect the privacy of yourself and your family members. You and your minor children have the right to be removed from any Geneanet tree; it is not necessary to be a Geneanet member to make this request of a tree owner. Use the webform accessible from the contact page of a tree owner, at the link “Know your rights if your name appears in this family tree”. Be sure to inform us by checking the “Send a copy to Geneanet” box before submitting your message, so we can take action if the request is in order (i.e., for yourself and not on behalf of someone else) and the tree owner does not respond. This will also help us verify that you do not appear in other trees at Geneanet. If you are a Geneanet member, you may also send a private message directly to the tree owner; however, in this case, be aware that we won’t be informed about the issue, which may be problematic if the member does not respond.

Every tree at Geneanet has a contact page for the owner such as this one:

To access this page, from any page on the tree go to the tree’s homepage by clicking on the black button at upper left with the home icon and the name of the family tree owner. Alternatively, in the page footer of any page on the tree, click on the word “owner” in the text shown:

Geneanet family trees are powered by Geneweb 7.0. In accordance with the legal provisions, you can ask for the removal of your name and the name of your minor children. Deceased persons are not concerned by this provision. Major children and living persons must directly contact the owner of this family tree.

Click on “Know your rights if your name appears in this family tree.” Note that under certain conditions, this link may not appear on the member’s contact page. In that case, go to the homepage of the tree by clicking on the red “View Family Tree” button, then click on “View their contact page” below the username of the tree owner. The contact page will then reload with the link present.

Be sure your request concerns yourself or your minor children. Anyone else must make their own request.

Next, click on “Contact the Geneanet member”:

Enter your name and e-mail and make your request politely and clearly. Important: check the box “Send a copy to Geneanet”, as this will enable us to centralize requests, to follow up if the tree owner does not react in a timely manner, and to check if you appear on other trees at Geneanet. Finally, complete the captcha, which avoids this webform from being used by spammers to send unwelcome automated messages.

Our support will be in touch with you to confirm you have been removed from the tree.

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