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How to create a manual alert?

Receive a weekly email summary about a particular ancestor and grow your family tree!

If you are a Premium member, you benefit from Automatic alerts, generated regularly based on the people in your tree. You will receive an alert if a new document with your ancestor is indexed at Geneanet, or if your ancestor is added to someone’s tree.

However, all members can manually create custom alerts, as many as you wish, whether you have a tree or not. The principle is to configure a search of your ancestor and set it as an alert. To avoid false positives, be sure to include one or more first names (set to include variants or not) and add extra data such as a place and date range.

Go to , or menu “Search” then “Your alerts”, or click on your profile in the upper right corner, then select Newsletters, then select the Email Alert tab, then click on Configure alerts.

Click on “Create new alert”.

Fill in the “Create a new manual alert” form, then click “Save”.

It’s possible to restrict search to hits from a single Geneanet member (a cousin for example), or conversely, to exclude a Geneanet member (for example, someone researching a different person with the same name).

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