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Results of our “Save our Graves” weekend

Posted by Jean-Yves on May 29, 2024

Many of you participated in our “Save or Graves” weekend, many thanks to all of you! Spotlight on this project and its participants around the world.

Tombstones and the names, dates, and other inscriptions on them will disappear someday. This is often sooner rather than later in Europe, where crowded cemeteries and churchyards lease expired grave plots to other families every day. To save this essential heritage and enable everyone to locate the tombs of ancestors, Geneanet launched in 2014 the “Save our Graves” project. The goal? To photograph the headstones and inscriptions on them, then to put them online at Geneanet where they are indexed and freely available to all. Thanks to you, more than 6 million graves have been saved!

Since together we are stronger, we asked you, from May 24th through 26th, to participate in our “Save our Graves” weekend. Thousands of you answered our call, and more than 106,000 photos of graves from France, Germany, Belgium, Austria, Netherlands, Italy, Switzerland, Spain, United-States, Slovenia, Sweden, Great-Britain and more were uploaded to Geneanet. Bravo and thank you to all of our participants!

Special thanks to cnl2000, perudi and ingried from Austria, to colibri, wvandencruijce, debiscop, marchy86, pacito1, saelen3, patty64, lverbeeck and mnauts from Belgium, to ogueydavidmailcom from Switzerland, to hannelorehesse, gferl, mseiberling, guenter, rabebeulahne2021, haposch, lenihelene, w3traveller, and cnl2000 from Germany, to bonuseventus from Spain, to rjkr9999 from Great-Britain, to wbraig from Italy, to averbrugge, roelofvanbeek, wiel57, mmommers and janoudegeerdink from Netherlands, to lbmh48 from Sweden, and to cpetrini1, lonewalker32008, ohjoyes and shigles from the United States.… for their participation!

Cemetery list by country

Were you unable to participate last weekend? Rest assured, the project continues throughout the year. This page has the the relevant information:

You can also, from your home, participate in indexing uploaded grave photos, by selecting “Graves” in our collaborative indexing tool:

If you are an active participant in the “Save our Graves” project, or if you have made a major discovery thanks to it, let us know in the comments, mentioning where you have been taking photos.

Perhaps you haven’t previously participated in “Save our Graves”? Watch our video about it:

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