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Geneanet ‘Save our Graves’ Weekend, May 24-26, 2024

Posted by Aliénor on May 10, 2024
Save Our Graves smartphone app in cemetery

On May 24-26, 2024, take pictures of graves in a nearby cemetery.

Since cemeteries are among the most important resources for genealogists, Geneanet has launched the ‘Save our Graves’ project to capture headstones before they are lost.

On May 24-26, 2024, we will need you to photograph as many graves as possible worldwide with the Geneanet mobile app or with your camera.

If you can’t take pictures in a cemetery, you can help to index existing pictures in the Geneanet collaborative database.

How to participate?

1. You have a mobile or tablet

  • Install the GeneaGraves app for Android or iOS,

  • Go to a nearby cemetery, launch the app, select a project or create a new one, then take as many pictures as you wish,
  • Once you’re back home, upload the pictures to your Geneanet account via a Wi-Fi access point. These pictures will be free for every Geneanet member.

2. You don’t have a mobile or tablet

  • Go to a nearby cemetery and take pictures of graves with a camera,
  • Once you’re back home, upload the pictures to your personal computer, then go to

Please click here to see if your nearby cemetery is not already listed on Geneanet.


I am the official archivist for St. John’s Wood Church, St. John’s Wood, London and am currently engaged in researching the graves in our now disused churchyard to find who was buried here. Have tracked down the long-lost register with over 800 names of previously lost souls, but haven’t yet started photographing them. Is there a timeline?

Answer from Geneanet: Save our Graves is an ongoing project! We create weekends like this to raise awareness of our project – Susan Doyle whom we interviewed this week became aware of Save our Graves through a previous weekend last year. Save our Graves is about grave photos, but we would be thrilled to publish images of your burial register. You can send them via SwissTransfer or WeTransfer to archivalrecords [at] , we will put them up credited to your Geneanet account and volunteers will index the names!

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We spent a month in Italy last summer. My husband’s Grandfather was born in Talamello, Italy. We spent time in one of the four cemeteries. We took pictures of as many gravestones as we could. The app does not let me upload older photos from my phone. I will work on the ones I have, but it may take me a while.

Answer from Geneanet: The Geneagraves app is handy when you are actually in the cemetery, but for photos already taken, it’s easier to upload them in a batch through the site (which you can also access from your phone, if that is easier for selecting the photos). As a Premium member, you can open a Ticket Contact for assistance (the link is at the bottom of the main Help page). Thank you for your contributions!

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