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Download, Print and Share Your Geneanet Family Tree as a List

Posted by Jean-Yves on Apr 3, 2024

On Geneanet, you can download, print and share your family tree in a number of charts and lists.

An option allows you to generate a table with all the information about your ancestry, or the ancestry of any individual in your family tree.

Go to your family tree then click “Prints and Lists > Ancestry > Charts & lists” in the menu bar.

Select the “Table” option, the number of generations and the information to be displayed.

Click the button “Download PDF” to download, print and share your family tree!


Marianne MILLER (bluebird42)  

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If I download my Ancestry info to Geneanet, will the info still also be in my Ancestry account or will it all be gone?

Answer from Geneanet: When you export a GEDCOM file from Ancestry (your tree data – images and documents are not exported), you can upload that file to Geneanet or any other platform or software. Your Ancestry tree is not affected in any way. Do however be sure in your Geneanet tree settings that Ancestry indexing is turned off — otherwise, you will receive circular hints to your own tree on the Ancestry side!

Is this only for premium members? I’m missing the option “Ancestry” on the Prints and List menu.

Answer from Geneanet: Strange, the print options are available for all members. Are there ancestors in your tree for the current person you have selected? Ask questions in our forums!

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