Swedish research at Geneanet: the genealogy of Ivar Johansson

Posted by Sean Daly on Jan 31, 2024

How do you start genealogical research on Geneanet? What search criteria should you use when tracing your Swedish ancestors, and what results can you expect? Using a concrete case, the reconstruction of the genealogy of Olympic wrestler Ivar Johansson (1933-1971), discover how to optimize your searches on Geneanet and easily trace your family history!

First step: obtain initial genealogical information

Ivar Valentin Johansson

Through a Wikipedia search, we learn that Ivar Valentin Johansson was born on January 31, 1903 in the parish of Kuddby, Sweden. This is the starting point of our genealogical investigation. We now need to confirm this information, and obtain the names of his parents.

In Geneanet’s search engine, we therefore enter the first facts available to us:

  • Last name: Johansson
  • First names: Ivar Valentin
  • Place: Kuddby

We discover two documents concerning Ivar Valentin Johansson, confirming his birth on January 31, 1903 in Kuddby. The Swedish birth index, digitized and indexed at Geneanet, provides us with the first and last names of his parents, Karl Peter Johansson and Regina Eleonora Lindkvist. A section of Geneanet dedicated to family names, completely free to access, also allows you to find out more about the name Lindkvist and its geographical distribution over time.

Birth register of Ivar Valentin Johansson

With the information provided by this first archival document, we can continue our investigation. We are now looking for information on the marriage of Karl Peter Johansson and Regina Eleonora Lindkvist, the parents of Ivar Valentin, and the search by couple, accessible to Premium users of our site, will be very useful for this.

Second step: verify the basic information of the family tree

We noticed, during our initial research, that the surname Lindkvist was sometimes misspelled in archival records. In order not to take the risk of missing certain results, and since the first names Regina Eleonora are quite original, we can try omitting the name Lindkvist in the search engine. To avoid missing results, Geneanet Premium users can also use wildcard characters during their searches (enter a “?” to replace a letter and a “*” to replace several letters). On certain documents the family names are abbreviated; to find Larsdotter you will therefore have to enter Larsdr for example.

Let’s return to our genealogical investigation. We run the following query:

  • Last name: Johansson
  • First names: Karl Peter
  • Spouse first names: Regina Eleonora

We find their marriage in the Swedish marriage index, dated December 19, 1897 in Stockholm. With the same search, we also find the births of all their other children.

Karl Peter Johansson and Regina Eleonora marriage register

Third step: go back to previous generations

The two archival documents that we found previously indicate the date of birth of the spouses, which greatly facilitates subsequent research. We now know that Regina Eleonora Lindkvist was born on September 7, 1875, which allows us to launch the following search:

  • Last Name: Lindkvist
  • First names: Regina Eleonora
  • Event: Birth – September 7, 1875

If you do not know the exact date of an event, it is possible to search within a range of years. Here, we could have entered in the event field “birth between 1870 and 1880” for example.

The Swedish birth index provides us with Regina Eleonora Lindkvist’s birthplace, Svennevad, and the first and last names of her parents, Karl Peter Lindkvist and Lovisa Albertina Allard. She is also mentioned in the family trees of Geneanet members yhellman and axevik, freely available on our site, which give us a number of clues about her maternal ancestry.

Regina Eleonora Lindkvist birth register

Fourth step: build your genealogical research

We now have all the information necessary to continue this genealogical investigation, and you have all the keys to launch your own research on Geneanet! Watch out for homonyms however, because they can be numerous and misleading: progress from certificate to certificate by cross-checking your information, to be confidant that you are adding good data to your tree.

Complementing the birth, marriage and death registers, another collection is available on Geneanet, called “utvalda indexerade husförhörslängder”. There you will find the household examination rolls, clerical registers, for the counties of Värmland, Älvsborg and Kalmar during the years 1880 to 1893. These rolls are ideal for finding the complete composition of a family in that timeframe.

With Geneanet, it is possible to go back step by step through the generations to discover your family history. The numerous criteria of our advanced search engine allow you to find millions of archival documents and family trees, which you can then use to progress in your genealogy.

The first generations of the family tree of wrestler Ivar Johansson are now viewable on Geneastar. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you find information to enrich it, and tell us in the comments if you would like to read other practical cases of genealogical research on our blog!

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