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Save our Graves: Cemeteries added to Geneanet in December 2023

Posted by Jean-Yves on Jan 4, 2024
Save Our Graves smartphone app in cemetery

Because cemeteries are one of the most important resources for genealogists, Geneanet has launched the project “Save our Graves” to capture graves before they are lost.

More than 6 million graves are already available!

Here are the cemeteries added in December 2023:


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You can also participate in the preservation of cultural heritage with Geneanet by taking photos of graves. It’s easy with the GeneaGraves mobile app!

Thank you!

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I have never been able to find a grave – headstone for any of my ancestors in the Pyrenees. I know some of them must have Headstones. I agree with what you say about FAG, on Ancestry. However, many people are “too willing,” to transfer ownership of the departed. Also, many of my Ancestors in the U.S. have no Headstones! I would like to see the Headstones of my ancestors that were born, and died in the Pyrenees, I now know I am 48% Basque.


What about all the graves at Find A Grave ( Is there an easy way to transfer from Find A Grave to Geneanet?

Answer from Geneanet: Although Findagrave is, like Geneanet, part of the Ancestry group of companies, there are no plans to transfer grave information in either direction. Findagrave has odd policies which encourage “grave collectors” to claim “ownership” of graves; often, these “collectors” snap up the newly departed, which is very upsetting to family members who can’t even upload a grave themselves if it has already been “taken”. Findagrave also allows registrations of graves with no photo and no information other than name and date. Geneanet is more focused on genealogy (we ask photographers to be respectful of grieving families, and to not photograph the most recent graves) and preserving images of graves that may be removed due to expired concessions: a photo is required, and all uploaded photos are placed in the queue for volunteers to transcribe. Duplicate photos are not an issue at Geneanet although of course, we do ask volunteers to check first if a cemetery has been photographed.

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