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Geneanet in 2023: a look back at a rich year

Posted by Jean-Yves on Jan 22, 2024

2023 is over! Now is the time to take stock of this year and recall our key new developments… some of which you may have missed.

Great developments which will accelerate your genealogical research

Let’s highlight the main changes to the site, among many:

Hundreds of millions of records added

2023 has been a fruitful year! We have enriched our database with several hundred million individuals across Europe, particularly in France, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Austria, Hungary, Slovakia, Romania, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Belgium and the Netherlands, and those are only the main ones.

Here are the details of the main updates by country.

Complete indexes of 12 French départments (counties), more than 150 million individuals.

A thousand Spanish surname etymologies added.

Added over 300,000 prayer cards referencing over a million people.


  • Update of vital records indexes bringing the collection to more than 84 million individuals.
  • Added the index of employees of the Dutch East India Company (one million individuals).
  • Nearly a million indexed death notices published online.
  • Added 140,000 indexed documents from the Delpher library, bringing the collection to 16 million individuals.

4000 parish registers (i.e. 1.2 million images) of the canton of Vaud published online.

Online publication of 31 million indexed vital records certificates.

Online publication of 26 million indexed vital records certificates.

Online publication of 14 million indexed vital records certificates.

Online publication of 3 million indexed vital records certificates.

Online publication of 19 million indexed vital records certificates.

Online publication of 4 million indexed vital records certificates.

Online publication of 38 million indexed vital records certificates and censuses.

Online publication of 23 million indexed vital records certificates and censuses.

Online publication of 75 million indexed vital records certificates and censuses.

Finally, we added over 100,000 European origin surname etymologies.

Excellent progress thanks to the Geneanet community

Every year, we are happy to count on your enthusiasm, to exchange with you and to come and meet you. We had the opportunity to meet some of you at Rootstech, in Paris, or at the Swedish national genealogy convention. We have also strived, throughout the year, to support you in your research through our newsletters, our blog tips, our genealogy news monitoring, and our how-to articles.

We have also launched or continued numerous projects intended to facilitate genealogical research for the entire community. And many of you responded! The year 2023 was marked by the progress of numerous collaborative digitization and indexing projects around the world. Let’s list some in particular:

  • The indexing of the military muster roll registers of more than 1.2 million European soldiers of Napoleon’s army, a project praised by the French and Spanish media!
  • The indexation of the Moscow file concerning several hundred thousand people who emigrated to France.
  • Digitization and indexing of millions of notarial deeds in Paris.
  • The indexing of numerous Spanish electoral lists.
  • The indexing of all the civil status registers of the province of Turin in Italy from the beginning of the 19th century.
  • The continuous enrichment of our Geneastar site which now has over 18,000 genealogies of famous people.
  • The collaborative family tree launched in 2023 in tribute to the 83 Dutch fishermen victims of the Paesens-Moddergat disaster of 1883, which now numbers more than 1,200 people.
  • The good progress of the “Filles du Roy” collaborative family tree (from whom some 20 million Americans and Canadians are descended), with more than 120 genealogists contributing.
  • The continuation of the General Slocum collaborative family tree, created to honor the mainly German victims of this disaster which occurred in New York in 1904, with the discovery of a number of previously unpublished and fascinating documents.
  • The publication of a number of little-known documents about Bernadotte, a Marshal of Napoleon’s Empire who founded today’s Swedish royal dynasty.
  • Continuing indexing of the New York City Geographic Birth Index and the US Navy Muster Rolls.
  • Without forgetting the massive — and international — contribution to our Save our Graves project which made it possible to reach the milestone of 6 million graves photographed and indexed. A special thank you for their exceptional support of this project to our major contributors: bonuseventus from Spain, chateau17 and cl1949 in France, sebadera and colibri75 in Belgium, ogueydavidgmailcom in Switzerland, m2javorn1 and janapa in Slovenia, stressless from Germany, levander in Sweden, trudek from the Netherlands, kjwhite in the USA, just3thoughts and sjdeez In Australia.

Overall, nearly 32 million individuals have been indexed on Geneanet via these collaborative projects, thanks to a colossal effort involving 35,000 people!

Let’s take this opportunity to remind you that the fruit of these projects is made freely available to all according to an essential principle which makes Geneanet unique: everything that is contributed online by members remains accessible, freely, to all members of Geneanet.

Thank you all for your support and contributions!

Thank you for helping us to democratize genealogy and the search for our origins!

If you missed most of these news items during the year, consider subscribing here to our newsletter (news and tips) and to our focus (collections updates and collaborative projects).


You all did a good job !

Great job. Thank you.

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