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A simpler and more intuitive interface to customize, configure, and manage your family tree

Posted by Jean-Yves on Jan 15, 2024

The customization, configuration, and management options of your family tree have been changed considerably to be simpler and more intuitive.

Your family tree settings

The customization and configuration of your family tree are now grouped under a single menu item called “Family Tree Settings”.

These options, which you already know, are:

  • Privacy
  • Family tree theme
  • Data display
  • Data entry options
  • Family tree root person and owner
  • Statistics
  • Maintenance

All of your family tree’s customization and configuration options are now available on a single page!

Discover the new Family Tree Settings page

Family tree management menu

The management menu of your family tree has been revised and simplified for an improved user experience.

This is how it was before:

And this is how it looks now:

Here are the details of this new menu:

  • Tools
    • Inconsistencies
    • Search Tracker
    • Unknown Ancestors
    • Possible Duplicates
    • List of Places, Sources and Occupations
    • Personal Notes
    • Date Converter
  • Family Tree Data
    • Map
    • Family Events
    • Statistics
    • Family Book
    • Archival Documents and Pictures
  • Add a Family
  • Help
  • Family Tree Settings
  • Upload a GEDCOM file
  • History
  • Export
  • Restore

Note that your personal data has not been impacted by these changes.

We will be back later concerning some of these options…




Do these changes prevent someone else’s tree from being automatically added to my tree? I believe it would be helpful to have the option to invite family members to contribute to my family tree, as it could prevent errors and duplication of relatives.

Answer from Geneanet: Nothing can be added to your tree automatically. And, it’s easy to invite a trusted friend or relative to work on your tree – in the Community menu, click on Contacts, then the red button “Invite to view/edit your family tree”.

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