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Share the results of your genealogy research through your family book!

Posted by Jean-Yves on Dec 7, 2023

With Geneanet, you can generate your family book automatically from your family tree. It’s easy to do and you can download the result for free! Here’s how.

A book of ancestors going back 7, 10, 13, 16 generations… 50 generations (!), a book of descendants, a book of your immediate family (your recent ancestors and cousins)… A number of options are available to design the family book that suits you and to share your genealogy research with your loved ones!

Here’s how to obtain your family book depending on your situation.

  1. Your tree is at Geneanet
  2. Your tree isn’t at Geneanet yet

1. Your tree is at Geneanet

  • Go to your tree, then to the profile page of the individual who will be the starting point of your book: yourself or one of your children if you wish to print a book of ancestors; your ancestor if you are interested in a book of descendants.
  • Click on the tree menu “Print and Lists” then on “Printable family book”.
  • Select the type of book you want from the dropdown list: “Ancestry – 7 generations”, Descendancy – All generations”, etc.
  • Configure your book choices: language, age display format, author.
  • Accept the terms of service and click on the “Create your book” button.

You’re done!

You will receive an e-mail with a link (valid for 72 hours) to access your e-book on the website of our partner Patronomia. You can download the PDF for free (the pages are watermarked if you are not a Premium member) and order one or more printed versions if you wish.

2. Your tree isn’t at Geneanet yet

  • If you have created your tree with software on your computer or at another online site, don’t worry. All you have to do is import your GEDCOM file to Geneanet with 1 click.
    • If you want to illustrate your family book with portraits, and you have documents and photos attached to your tree in software on your computer, think about downloading and installing our helper software Geneanet Upload.
    • If you experience issues exporting or importing your GEDCOM, view our help pages.
  • If you haven’t yet created a digital version of your family tree, you can do that at Geneanet. It’s free for an unlimited number of individuals!

Once your tree is created at Geneanet, follow the instructions above to obtain your family book.



A member has created a family tree on Geneanet which shows many of my family descendants/ancestors. I left a message a year ago regarding correcting errors in the tree but there was no reply. So, how would I go about creating a family book? The member’s research is incredible and would love to create a book. Thank you.


Have you any Records available from East Prussia, County Heiligenbeil, now in the Kaliningrad Oblast 1820-1940

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