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The tree comparison tool has been updated!

Posted by Jean-Yves on Nov 29, 2023

A few days ago, we announced the launch of Hints to allow you to easily find missing information in your online tree. This new feature was accompanied by another major development: the complete overhaul of the “Match Your Family Tree” section. Discover a brand new service… which is really two!

The “Match Your Family Tree” section allowed you to compare your family tree to Geneanet’s entire database in order to find missing information and cousins. The principle hasn’t changed, but the tool has been completely redesigned, both on a technical level and the look & feel, to make your life easier. You can now find Hints (in the “Search” menu) and find cousins ​​(“Search for Relatives” in the “Community” menu).

Finding Hints

Hints are directly visible in your online tree when you navigate from profile to profile, but you can also find them with the “Hints” item in the “Search” menu.

The column to the left lets you configure your searches or view the selected criteria if a search is already in progress. You can filter this search, to restrict it to a username for example, using the “Advanced options” link. In the central section you will find the individuals in your tree for which there are clues. Click on each profile to access it. The information written in blue is the most important: this is complementary data, not available in your family tree. All you have to do is verify the information to complete your ancestor’s profile. Simple and efficient!

Finding cousins

With the “Search for Relatives” feature, available in the “Community” menu, you can find in just a few clicks your relations among Geneanet members or celebrities! Your family tree is analyzed and compared with all of Geneanet’s trees and the celebrity trees at Geneastar to automatically detect your cousins.

Just like with hints, the left hand column lets you select criteria for your search. Next, click on the profile for each of your tree’s individuals for whom we have found possible cousins. The next screen lists the Geneanet trees of members which mention your ancestor. All you have to do is click on “View hints” to determine the relationship.

Thanks to our tools which detect hints and relatives, it’s never been easier to do your genealogy. With a few clicks, find new information about your ancestors, break your brick walls and grow your family tree!

These features are reserved for Premium members of Geneanet. If you aren’t one yet, now’s the time to discover the advantages of this subscription!


I am brand new to this site and need some help navigating it. I have uploaded my tree from Ancestry. Its a mess . Im hoping this site can help

Answer from Geneanet: Our forum, monitored by support, is a friendly place to get help. It’s true that Geneanet has been around for a quarter century and has a rich variety of collections. We are working on simplifying our site.

I have the Premium services and still ca not get ahead!!!!!

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