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Geneanet DNA: how to backup your data

Posted by Jean-Yves on Nov 20, 2023

On December 20, 2023, the entire Geneanet DNA section of our site will be permanently deleted. In order to backup the analysis of your DNA matches, we invite you to download before this date your list of DNA cousins (including your notes) and the data concerning the matching chromosome segments of your DNA cousins. Here’s how to do it.

Geneanet DNA will be removed on December 20th. Learn more about this decision here.

In the DNA menu, click on “View DNA matches“. You can export the full list of detected cousins, or filter this list to see only the most pertinent matches. To do that, click on the “Filter” button to the upper right, then select your criteria and validate. For example, you can restrict the list to cousins with at least one segment greater than 10 cM and with at least one segment composed of more than 1000 SNP.

Next, scroll to the lower left of your match list and click on “Export to CSV file format”. You will have two options; clicking on either will launch the download.

Each file will be copied to your computer and you will be able to read them whenever you wish with a spreadsheet program (Excel, LibreOffice Calc, etc.). If you wish to save this data over the long term, be sure to keep these files in a safe place, as it will no longer be possible to download these files again after the permanent closing of Geneanet DNA on December 20, 2023. If you have uploaded more than one DNA file to Geneanet DNA, you will need to export the CSV files for each one.

Before the deletion of Geneanet DNA, remember to also note your haplogroups (detected from 23andMe DNA files and recent files from Ancestry and MyHeritage). They are shown on your DNA dashboard, available from the menu item “Geneanet DNA home page“.

We are sad to close this chapter of the history of Geneanet, but we are eager to write the next chapters with you. Thank you for your loyalty.

Feel free to comment on the wonderful finds you’ve made with Geneanet DNA!

We understand and share your disappointment. As there are a number of similar comments, we will be closing comments on this post. Thank you for your understanding.
We remind you that no features reserved for Premium members have been impacted by the pending closure of our DNA service.


I only use the dna data
Will never have a reason use this site again once you delete it

What is the reason to exist, Geneanet, except for the DNA matching? This is incredibly unhelpful to genetic genealogists from the USA trying to find their DNA connections in Europe.

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