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Geneanet DNA features will be discontinued

Posted by Jean-Yves on Nov 20, 2023

Three and a half years since the launch of Geneanet DNA, it’s time to take stock. We have made the difficult decision to end this feature set which unfortunately hasn’t had the success we had hoped for.

Backup your data before the DNA service disappears! Read our tutorial here.

Geneanet DNA was launched in February 2020, ahead of its time, with a strong ambition: to build a free, universal DNA database, enriched with family trees.

Free, in order to facilitate for all the search for one’s origins, in accordance with Geneanet’s mission.

Universal, by offering the possibility to upload DNA from multiple companies so you could find even more genetic cousins.

Enriched with extended family trees to help Geneanet members identify their common ancestors, a key differentiator compared to other market players.

A number of innovative features were developed with these goals in mind (haplogroup identification, a chromosome browser, triangulation, etc.).

However, over the last several years, we have not seen the success we had hoped for and we have therefore made the difficult decision to stop Geneanet DNA in order to concentrate on more promising Geneanet features and services, better aligned with requests from our members. Despite this, we are proud to have helped you, over nearly four years, to find cousins around the world with the many features we offered.

And now? Two dates to keep in mind:

  • November 20, 2023: from this date forward, it will no longer be possible to upload a third-party DNA file to Geneanet. You will however continue to benefit from Geneanet DNA features, such as cousins in common. We invite you to download your cousins list to your computer before the removal of the service. For more details, see this explainer article.
  • December 20, 2023: The Geneanet DNA section, the features and the associated data (DNA cousins list, raw data from your DNA provider) will be permanently deleted.

We are sad at the closing of this chapter of the history of Geneanet. But we are enthusiastic as we write new chapters to come, overflowing with discoveries, with new collections and services, with sharing and mutual assistance. Chapters written with you and for you.

We understand and share your disappointment. As there are a number of similar comments, we will be closing comments on this post. Thank you for your understanding.
We remind you that no features reserved for Premium members have been impacted by the pending closure of our DNA service.


Smells like Privacy Rules Again – a reaction to the issues experienced by 23andme!. Never mind, for most DNA doesn’t stand for Deoxyribonucleic acid, it stands for Do Not Ask and/or Do Not Answer. Shame to lose yet another Chromosome Browser.

Disgusting attitude by your new masters. I hope ANCESTRY appreciate that this is a BIG mistake!!! I wonder how long will survive at this rate. We’ve already lost the functionality of an early gem at World Connect. Members should protest vigorously.

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