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A new feature at Geneanet: hints!

Posted by Jean-Yves on Nov 13, 2023

Perhaps you know about Automatic matches, those small red check marks visible on your tree which signal new information is available about your ancestors. We have completely revamped this service to help you save even more time: make way for hints!

Say goodbye to automatic matches and hello to hints! Perhaps you have already noticed them on your tree: compass icons visible on some of your ancestors who are missing information such as date and place of birth, marriage, death, or parents’ names… These compasses are hints!

Whenever you see these hints showing on your online tree, that indicates Geneanet has found information to complete your own genealogy. By clicking on the compass, you will see all of the hints relating to your ancestor.

How to read hints

At the upper left of the results page, you will see the number of hints that we offer for a given ancestor. At the upper right, you can filter your list of hints to display, for example, only hints about your ancestor’s forbears, or those about his birth, his death, or his descendants. A final filter allows you to display only hints with media (photographs, archival documents, historical press clippings, etc.).

The source of each hint is shown at the top left, while a button on the right allows you to exclude results that are not relevant for you. Each clue contains data that allows you to determine whether it is indeed your ancestor or just a possible namesake. The information written in blue is the most important: this is the data absent from your family tree. All you have to do is verify what’s in a hint to complete your ancestor’s record. Simple and efficient!

Briefly, hints are…

  • Faster to read: the layout has been completely redesigned with access by individual and no longer by event. Information from the same source is thus combined and duplicates removed.
  • More complete: you have all the information you need to verify at a glance that the results refer to your ancestor and not a homonym.
  • More relevant: the most complete and reliable results are shown at the top of the list. Simple!
  • More reliable: the algorithm has been reworked to remove even more false positives (particularly homonyms).

Hints are for Geneanet Premium members only. If you aren’t one yet, now’s the time to discover all the advantages of this subscription!

In the wake of our automatic matches becoming hints, our tree comparison feature has also been renewed. Soon, we will share news with you about this fabulous tool in the service of your genealogy. Stay connected!

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