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Geneastar: New Famous Family Trees Added in September 2023

Posted by Jean-Yves on Oct 3, 2023

Have you ever heard of Geneastar? Geneastar is a Geneanet website that focuses on the genealogy of famous people.

Some new famous family trees have been added to Geneastar in September 2023:

If you have a famous genealogy in your family tree, you can submit it to Geneastar at:

The person must have a Wikipedia page and a portrait (photo, painting, engraving), and the family tree must contain at least 5 generations of ancestors on at least one branch.

If you are a Premium member, you can automatically match your family tree to the Geneastar database to find some famous relatives. Simply go to and click “New Search” in the “Famous people” section.

Browse all famous family trees

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Why is it only Americans that are on the list?? Do you not have any famous “trees” for non Americans?

Answer from Geneanet: Don’t let this month’s batch of English speakers fool you! There are over 17,000 trees from countries throughout Europe and the world. If you browse by category — for example, Sciences — you will see nearly 1400 scientists from many countries.

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