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Offer a Beautiful Ancestry Chart To Your Family and Friends!

Posted by Jean-Yves on Sep 5, 2023

On Geneanet, you can download (in PDF) and print ancestry and descendancy charts for free!

The interface allows you to select the type of chart (classic, fan), the number of generations and the content, and it automatically displays a preview of the chart.

Offer a beautiful ancestry chart to your family and friends!

Go to the page of an individual in your Geneanet family tree, then click ‘Prints and Lists” and “Illustrated Family Tree’ in the menu bar at the top of the page.

Select the theme and the content of your chart:

– Ancestry or descendancy
– Classic or fan chart
– Number of generations
– Date format: yyyy, dd/mm/yyyy, mm/dd/yyyy or yyyy/mm/dd
– First name then last name or last name then first name
– Format of date and place of birth, marriage and death
– Blank boxes
– Profile picture
– Chart title
– etc.

Click ‘Download the PDF file’ to save the PDF file to your personal computer.

You can now print your ancestry chart and share the PDF file with your family and friends.


Folks, these are great charts! I just did a fan chart out to 10 generations. The pdf file was about 400kb and I took my thumb drive to FedEx Print shop. They have those large format copiers with 36″x48″ stock paper. It printed out beautifully high quality with no pixelization in about four minutes right from the thumb drive plugged into the copier. The descendancy charts with boxes around the names also look wonderful in preview and could be printed similarly as long as you don’t go to too many generations.

Well Thats Christmas covered

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