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Matches and comparisons: what is changing

Posted by Jean-Yves on Sep 15, 2023

Matches and comparisons have a new name! Don’t worry, none of the features you use are disappearing, and work as before: these are just technical and look & feel improvements. Here’s a quick overview of the changes.

On the Geneanet site

  • “Search > Match Your Family Tree” is split into two parts:
    • The part “In your ancestry” remains in the same place and has been renamed. It’s in “Search > Hints“.
    • The “Relationships” and “Famous people” entries have been moved and renamed. There are now available in “Community > Search for Relatives“.
    • In both cases, the possibility to refine search by restricting to medias, ancestors, etc. remains available.

In Trees

  • The Matches menu has been renamed Hints. These replace only the Automatic matches (Premium feature)
  • As for All matches, these have been renamed and moved to the menu “More > More hints”
  • The small compass icon in the boxes of your Family Tree view has changed colors, the feature works just as before.

No features have disappeared, they are either identical in every way or have been improved on a technical level or look & feel.

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