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Geneanet ‘Save our Graves’ Weekend, May 12-14, 2023

Posted by Jean-Yves on May 1, 2023
Save Our Graves smartphone app in cemetery

On May 12-14, 2023, take pictures of graves in a nearby cemetery.

Since cemeteries are among the most important resources for genealogists, Geneanet has launched the ‘Save our Graves’ project to capture headstones before they are lost.

On May 12-14, 2023, we will need you to photograph as many graves as possible worldwide with the Geneanet mobile app or with your camera.

If you can’t take pictures in a cemetery, you can help to index existing pictures in the Geneanet collaborative database.

How to participate?

1. You have a mobile or tablet

  • Install the GeneaGraves app for Android or iOS,

  • Go to a nearby cemetery, launch the app, select a project or create a new one, then take as many pictures as you wish,
  • Once you’re back home, upload the pictures to your Geneanet account via a Wi-Fi access point. These pictures will be free for every Geneanet member.

2. You don’t have a mobile or tablet

  • Go to a nearby cemetery and take pictures of graves with a camera,
  • Once you’re back home, upload the pictures to your personal computer, then go to

Please click here to see if your nearby cemetery is not already listed on Geneanet.


The PC version is a bit clunky. I have many grave pictures of my local church. Some are multiple pictures and other singletons. So I first uploaded a multiple. After that the program didn’t come back to the entry start and I had to get back via multiple clicks.. I loaded a second multiple and the screen came to a page where it displayed a copy of just one of my first multiple and it said there was one picture – which was obvious. There was a notification I spotted and i clicked that – a second picture appeared! OK ..aftre going round the houses to return to the entry page I downloaded four singletons. This time it asked me to check where the pictures were linked. I said no by
not clicking any of the four pictures and then submitting. I think it humng up then so I left Geneanet realizing it would take many hours to upload all my pictures.

Answer from Geneanet: We are sorry you experienced difficulties. We will be in touch to help you bulk upload your photos. Thank you for contributing!

I cannot download to Samsung Galaxy S9??

Answer from Geneanet: We are aware of this issue and are working to upgrade our app for the latest version of Android. Unfortunately, the patch will likely not be available before our Save our Graves weekend. It is possible to upload photos from your phone to your computer, and from there to Geneanet. We apologize for the inconvenience.

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