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Save our Graves: Cemeteries added to Geneanet in March 2023

Posted by Jean-Yves on Apr 4, 2023
Save Our Graves smartphone app in cemetery

Because cemeteries are one of the most important resources for genealogists, Geneanet has launched the project “Save our Graves” to capture graves before they are lost.

More than 5 million graves are already available!

Here are the cemeteries added in March 2023:


United States

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You can also participate in the preservation of cultural heritage with Geneanet by taking photos of graves. It’s easy with the GeneaGraves mobile app!

Thank you!

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You’d think that this would help but it just adds another splinter collection to the existing freely accessible crowd sourced grave recording sites. Why not just collaborate with an existing site?

Answer from Geneanet: We have nearly 5.5 million graves with photos, throughout Europe where the American sites have little or no presence. One could argue that there could be a single website for genealogy, a single supplier of computers, and so on; we feel Save our Graves has advantages other sites don’t — for example, we don’t have a concept of anyone “owning” a grave record.

I included about 50 pictures from the Norden (Germany) Jewish cemetery in July, 2022. If you have any other pictures from Norden, please advise.

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