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Departure of Geneanet President Jacques Le Marois

Posted by Jean-Yves on Apr 11, 2023

After many years at the service of genealogists, I am stepping down as President and CEO of Geneanet.

Since co-founding the Geneanet site nearly 27 years ago, I am very proud of what it has become.

Geneanet now hosts more than 1.8 million family trees in more than 25 countries, and offers rich content and features to genealogists, supported by a team of 35 people based in Paris.

Geneanet is based on a hybrid model. It is both a company with employees, customers and a complete and attractive “Freemium” offer. It is also an extraordinary community of members who actively participate in helping and sharing.

Geneanet is millions of contributors who share their trees and above all volunteer to participate in our many projects: digitization of archival registers, Save our Graves, collaborative indexing, Postcards collection, historical and geographical collaborative trees, the “Now and Then” project, to name just a few among our many projects.

The paradox of Geneanet’s model is that our Premium subscribers not only pay for Premium services and content, but also support all the services and content we offer for free as well as all our collaborative projects activities.

So, I would like to thank all our members, whether they are free or premium, contributors or not. It is thanks to your faithful support that Geneanet exists.

I would also like to thank the whole team of Geneanet employees. They are all very attached to what makes the spirit of Geneanet. I am also grateful to Ancestry for supporting our model with the many collections we have been able to add to our Premium offering.

What’s next?

On the Geneanet side, continuity is assured. Christophe Becker, Geneanet’s Director of Operations for the past 20 years, will become the new President. He is one of Geneanet’s key people and I have full confidence in him to continue to improve and develop, with the whole team, the Geneanet we love, at the service of all genealogists.

On my side, in the short term, I will finally be able to devote my time to the development of a cause that is particularly close to my heart: the creation of a foundation for the study and development of Biotherapies. I invite you to visit the website to learn more.

Thank you!

Jacques Le Marois
Co-founder and former president of Geneanet


Thank you for your many years of service in helping to unite individuals and families with their ancestors and their descendants.
Good luck and best wishes with your future interests.

Thank you for your time, effort and service

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