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RootsTech 2023, the grand return!

Posted by Sean Daly on Mar 4, 2023
RootsTech and Geneanet logos

RootsTech 2023 marked the return of the world’s largest genealogy show after the break imposed by the pandemic. Here are some images from the event.

RootsTech is back, and Geneanet was there! At our booth: discoveries and emotions for two and a half days. One visitor was amazed to discover half-siblings in a Geneanet tree. Another one got in touch with a previously unkown cousin, with the prospect of exchanging family photos. And one young American woman broke down in tears when she found a Belgian tree that revealed her grandfather’s entire family!

Sponsored by FamilySearch in Salt Lake City, Utah, RootsTech is the largest genealogy event in the world
“Big” is the word of the day!
Visitors, most but not all American, came to us with numerous questions
You’ve been warned!
Questions? We have answers!
Just because it’s morbid doesn’t mean it’s not untrue !


I would like to know the parents of Daniel Grandjean, Nauchtel, Switzerland about the year 1636.

Answer from Geneanet: It’s best to ask questions like these in our forums.

I would like to know if we can discover where Joseph Marie Michel, born 1871 went to school? He arrived in Australia 1887, we have not discovered the name of the ship

Answer from Geneanet: Perhaps our article “Resources for Australian genealogy” will be helpful.

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